How To Choose What Necklace To Wear

Finding jewelry that matches your outfit can be overwhelming. Especially picking a necklace that perfects your outfit, your mood, and your accessories. Luckily we put together this great guidebook for choosing what necklaces to wear to what outfit. 

What Necklace To Wear With What Neckline?

Necklines are the most important thing when it comes to choosing one’s necklace. Choosing the correct one can make such a difference to your outfit. Let me show you why:

A silver necklace with a snowflake pendant as a great example of a necklace with a v neckline.

V Neckline

Having a v-shaped neckline can give you many opportunities for a great necklace. A necklace with a pendant, not too big and not too small, can fall in the V shape and so mimics your shirt or dress. It’s very important here to have enough space in your cleavage. Your necklace should not overlap your neckline and should be in proportion to the edges of your neckline. So, try to avoid too wide necklaces or asymmetric ones.

A long purple necklace as a great example of a necklace with a boat neckline.

Boat Neckline

Your necklace should be longer than your neckline when you have a boat neck. The length balances the wide boat neckline and so creates harmony. Asymmetric necklaces work here well, as also multi-strand ones do. Try to go for thinner chains to make the look more elegant.

A silver necklace with a heart circle pendant as a great example of a necklace with a crew neckline.

Crew Neckline

Necklaces for a crew neckline should be either longer or shorter than the neckline. You can wear a short chain or collar or a necklace with a pendant that is longer than the neckline, e.g. a coin pendant or a locket. Avoid here chokers or very long necklaces. Better stick to symmetrical necklaces or try a statement bib necklace that actuates your upper body.

A chunky gold necklace as a great example of a necklace with a collared shirt.

Collared Shirt

This one‘s kind of hard. A necklace can be worn on a collared shirt in two ways: over and under the collar.v When the collar is open, you can wear a statement or medium to a long necklace that falls into the created v-neck in the center. If you want it more casual, you can try to bottom up the collar and wear the necklace above.

A silver necklace with a round pendant as a great example of a necklace with a square neckline

Square Neckline

As well as the collared shirt, you have several optional styles you can pick from. On the one hand you can go with short layered necklaces to fill in the space of the square. It can look delicate if your necklaces are so short that they don’t touch your neckline.

On the other hand, which might include the option before, you can pick between angular or rounded – shaped necklaces. While angular necklaces compliment your angular neckline, a round pendant brings a contrast but also harmony to it, since it rounds down the squared neck

A plain black choker as a great example of a necklace with a shoulder top or strapless neck.

Shoulder Top/Strapless Neck​

Similar to the crew neckline, you should wear a necklace that is longer or shorter than the neckline. Short necklaces or chokers work well with off-shoulder tops or strapless necks since they very much accentuate the neck. But long necklaces with a pendant can work well with your neckline too. Since you‘re already showing off your neck, try to focus on one body point with your necklace.

Some necklines don’t work well with necklaces. Halter and one-shoulder tops can go great without any necklace. But, don’t be sad to have to go without any jewelry. Big or statement earrings can look great with those necklines and tops.

What Necklace To Wear With What Clothes?

Next to the neckline, the clothes you wear are the second most important thing to consider. As mentioned earlier, your necklace can balance out your clothing. Saying, that when you have an angular top you can wear a round pendant. This works with your whole outfit.

Wearing a simple, solid-colored outfit can be spiced up with a statement necklace or bold colors or patterns. The same works the other way around. Colorful clothing or bold prints with a monochromatic, simple necklace. As well as specific colors in your clothes work well with specific jewelry metals.

But, since a necklace is an accessory to your outfit, you can easily match certain aspects of your outfit. If you wear glasses with gold lines in them, wear a golden necklace. If your shoes are emerald green, wear a necklace with an emerald stone in it. There are many ways how to make your jewelry a necessary part of your outfit.

The gold shining necklaces and bracelets are a great example of matching jewelry.

What Necklace To Wear With What Jewelry Pieces?

Don’t you think I forgot this one. Of course, when looking at the perfect necklace for your outfit, you have to think of other jewelry that you wear. You can make it easy and buy and wear jewelry sets, so you have always matching earrings and rings on your necklace.

But, we can‘t have that with every necklace that we own. You have to make your thoughts. You can ask yourself the following questions to choose the matching jewelry pieces for your necklace.

  • Do I need other pieces of jewelry or is it enough with this necklace? (You don’t want to over-accessorize your outfit)
  • Is my necklace statement piece bold, to match it with simple jewelry pieces, or is it simple and light, to match it with fun pieces?
  • Do the necklace and the other jewelry have a similar style? Do I like them together? Are they complementing each other?

What Does The Occasion Say?

When it comes to outfits and necklaces should be considered always with the occasion you’re getting ready for. A simple elegant necklace can gently accessorize your casual look. A big pearl statement necklace could dress up your look. Before choosing your final necklace, have this question in mind: Is this occasion appropriate? 

I must say here, there are no rules. You can come with sneakers to a wedding or wear high heels for your daily walk. It’s totally up to you. However, it’s still a question to keep in mind. 

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Choosing The Best Necklace For Your Look

Finding cute necklaces is easy, but finding ones that work amazingly with your outfit and style is hard. From looking at your neckline, you can easily pick out what length your necklace should have. After that, try to create a balance and harmony between your necklace and your clothing. Simple and light works almost always great with bold and loud. Take a look if a part of your outfit matches directly your necklace. 

Quite the same you can say for choosing other jewelry pieces for your necklace. Whatever you choose, play with your outfit and your necklace! Try out several ideas and looks, mix and layer necklaces, do something new and have fun with it.