How To Know What Color Jewelry To Wear

Finding the perfect jewelry piece to your outfit can be difficult. How do I know if silver or gold jewelry works better? Or do I need even a jewelry piece? 

Not knowing what outfit matches to what kind of jewelry is totally normal. That’s what I’m here for. Today we’re going to focus on the colors of your outfit and by end of this article, you’ll know what jewelry to wear with what colors.

1. White: What Jewelry To Wear With A White Dress
2. Black: What Jewelry To Wear With A Black Dress
3. Red: What Jewelry To Wear With A Red Dress
4. Light Blue: What Jewelry To Wear With A Light Blue Dress
5. Dark Blue: What Jewelry To Wear With A Dark Blue Dress
6. Green: What Jewelry To Wear With A Green Dress
7. Pink: What Jewelry To Wear With A Pink Dress
8. Tips To Consider When Finding Matching Jewelry

What Jewelry To Wear With A White Dress

Jewelry works just amazing with white clothes.

Since white is a very pure color it can go well with gold or silver jewelry. It can be sort of a canvas where you can play around and be creative. Especially with plain and simple white outfits, you can add the jewelry with glitter, pearls, diamonds, different materials, and details. However, don’t exaggerate. With this much freedom, you can easily lose track and your outfit might be too full with jewelry.

So, while a white dress can be the opportunity to wear every piece of jewelry you want, always in mind that your jewelry pieces should also work together. By that it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t match silver with gold jewelry or pearls with diamonds, just be aware that those should look together on their own. 

Another way of wearing jewelry to a white dress is to add a pop of color. This works great whether you wear an all-white outfit, like a white dress, or just a part of your outfit is white. If it’s monochromatic, a necklace with a colored stone, colorful statement earrings, or a set of matching jewelry pieces with color in it are a perfect fit.

For an outfit with for example a white top and a pink skirt, add earrings or a necklace with a pink color on it. Adding a color-matching jewelry piece to your outfit finishes your look perfectly. Of course, you can add jewelry pieces with color that maybe don’t match your clothing’s color but fits well in the color scheme.  

The color white is often connected with cleanness and elegance which can be accentuated with fine and simple jewelry. You can go with the “clean girl” aesthetic with a white shirt or dress and minimalistic gold jewelry pieces. Make sure here, to not wear too many pieces at once, since it should look minimalistic and “clean”. 

Small silver hoops and a golden necklace as good examples to wear to a white dress.
Silver earrings with a purple stone and a purple necklace with a silver and purple pendant as good examples to wear to a white dress.

What Jewelry To Wear With A Black Dress

Very similar to a white outfit, you can wear almost everything in a black dress. Both gold and silver can be worn with black. 

When it comes to color there are some things to consider before choosing your jewelry. On the one hand, you can work with so many colors when looking for colored jewelry to match. Especially on casual occasions, colorful fashion jewelry pieces dress down your outfit and look great. However, you should watch out for pastels, and washed-out colors. Those aren’t the best fit. Wearing jewelry that matches your shoe or pants colors creates a really great effect and can fit you. 

If you wear a simple black dress, for example, you can easily dress up your outfit with the right accessories. Play around with statement pieces with pearls, diamonds, or just gold or silver metal. Still, you should also be careful here. If your dress has got ornamentation or laces, don’t exaggerate with your jewelry, since it’s still just an accessory. 

Classic outfits: Very common and sort of “classics” became these looks: 

  • A plain black dress, e.g. a pencil dress or a long one, with a pearl necklace only
  • Little black dress with silver hoops 
  • All black outfit with a chunky necklace
Big silver hoops as a good example to wear to a white dress.

What Jewelry To Wear With A Red Dress

For picking your jewelry for a red dress, you’ve got to look at the dress and skin shades.

If your clothing is in a warmer red color as well as your skin has warm undertones, you should add gold jewelry. This combination works great for summer dresses or casual looks. A darker red dress can be worn on a cooler skin tone with silver jewelry. You see this look often at formal events and it just gives you an elegant touch. 

Contrarily to white and black dresses, you don’t have too that much freedom when picking your jewelry. Yes, you can wear colored pieces. Jewelry pieces with a red stone in them or little red details can be the cherry on top of your look.

If your outfit is combined with several colors you can also add jewelry that matches the color scheme. But be careful here. Too many colors, especially bright color shades, can look too much on your outfit and bring disharmony to your appearance. If taking colored pieces, make sure that the colors are just in detail and that your outfit isn’t overfilled with colors. 

Let’s look at the amount of pieces to wear at once. While simple white and black outfits can be loaded with jewelry, you’ve got to be careful when wearing red. When your red is very bright and intense, don’t wear too many pieces at once. Wear thin necklaces, small earrings, or light bracelets.

With a bright top or dress in red your outfit can look quickly overloaded. With a lighter or darker red that is more washed out, you can go a bit further. Of course, it depends always on the clothing you wear, but in general, with a washed-out red, you can wear thicker and more pieces. 

Tip: Red is a great color for setting highlights. Those can be small aspects of your outfit. A black dress or a tee shirt-jeans-combination can be spiced up by red heels, a red purse, red lipsticks, or jewelry pieces with a little red detail. 

A silver necklace with a heart pendant as a good example to wear to a dark red dress.
A golden necklace with a heart pendant as a good example to wear to a bright red dress.

What Jewelry To Wear With A Blue Dress

Your first impression might be that the color blue works best with silver jewelry. 

And it does work great. However, we’ve got to distinguish between light and dark blues. Your outfit’s style and what you want to represent also play a part in choosing gold or silver jewelry. 

What Jewelry To Wear With A Light Blue Dress

In most cases, blue is a cold color and has a cold undertone. That’s why silver jewelry, with also a cold undertone, works just great. Especially light blue dresses or tops can be worn well with silver jewelry. Jewelry pieces with diamonds and gemstones, or with something glittery, are a perfect fit with light blue dresses. Thinking of cinderella, you can add also black jewelry, but you must consider this on your specific outfit. 

Nevertheless, you don’t have to be upset about not wearing your gold jewelry anymore. White gold or colder shades of gold jewelry can spice up your blue outfit with an extra sort of color.

A combination of blue and white in a dress can look great with silver jewelry but also gold with a white top. Your actual cold outfit, because of the blue, can be warmed up with gold jewelry to a maybe summer outfit. 

Silver Earrings with light blue gemstones and a silver necklace with a snow flake pendant as good examples to wear to a light blue dress.

What Jewelry To Wear With A Dark Blue Dress

A darker blue shade such as navy blue works obviously great with silver jewelry. As well as the light blue outfit, your navy blue outfit looks more elegant with silver jewelry and especially with gemstones, diamonds, or pearls. A long navy blue dress with a silver necklace with diamonds is the perfect example. 

When it comes to matching a blue dress with accessories you can always go with silver jewelry. The cold undertone that both colors have just works great together. Still, you can also try gold jewelry. For a warmer look, add gold jewelry or some colors to your pieces.

But, here you have to be more careful and whether or not you take gold jewelry always depends on your skin tone, outfit pieces, jewelry metal, and style. Mixing gold and silver jewelry is also a great way to warm up your look when wearing blue. 

When talking about blue outfits, we cannot forget blue jeans. Wearing blue jeans with a top is basic and iconic at the same time. Here, you can basically wear any jewelry metal and style and have to adjust your jewelry pieces to your top or/and jacket and other outfit pieces. 

Since blue can be pastel or bright, you can wear big but also simple jewelry pieces.

A chunky gold necklace as a good example to wear to a dark blue dress.

What Jewelry To Wear With A Green Dress

A green outfit is a perfect example of wearing gold jewelry.

In most shades, green has a warm undertone such as gold has one. Whether it’s a light or dark green, olive, emerald, lime, or basil green you can never go wrong with wearing gold. A green dress gives you also the chance to add a jewelry piece that has a matching stone in it, such as an emerald gemstone. Darker or colder green colors such as dark green, mint, or turquoise can also be worn with silver jewelry. 

For finding the perfect jewelry for your green outfit you have to consider the green shade as well as the jewelry piece itself. In many cases, adding a green piece to your outfit can be an eye-catcher. Especially when it’s a bright green color, you don’t want to have too much, so a simple or light jewelry piece is the best.

When you add jewelry with green in it, make sure that it’s mostly in small details and that you either have your highlight in your outfit at your jewelry pieces or one clothing part.

Three thin gold necklacles as good examples to wear to a green dress.

What Jewelry To Wear With A Pink Dress

Luckily, both silver and gold jewelry pieces can be worn in a pink dress.

The first thing that might come to your head when thinking of matching jewelry metals is rose-gold. Rose-gold is an alloy and made out of gold and copper which is where it gets its pink shade in it. When wearing pink, rose-gold jewelry is a very good match.

However, you’ve got to be careful here to not overaccessorize your look and have too much pink and one color. But, rose-gold jewelry pieces are perfect if your outfit is just in one part pink, such as a white skirt and a pink top. 

Silver is a great choice when you either want to accentuate the cold tone in your baby pink dress or if you cool down your very bright pink dress, for example. Gold jewelry works best with bright pink shades and strong colors. 

A pink outfit gives you the possibility to add small pieces that have pink in them, such as a pendant for example. You can also wear jewelry in other colors such as blue or white. With other colors involved, the focus on your maybe strong pink part of the outfit isn’t that strong since there are other colors. 

Three gold rose necklace with heart and key pendants as good examples to wear to a pink dress.
Small silver hoops and a silver necklace chain as good examples to wear to a baby pink dress.

Occasion Matters

Choosing what jewelry to wear is affected by many parameters. One is matching the outfit colors. Another is the occasion. Whether it’s a formal party, casual wear, a date night, or work, the jewelry you wear varies on what occasion you’re going to. And that dependence should be.

So, before leaving the house and having found a perfect outfit with matching jewelry, ask yourself this question: Is my look occasion appropriate?

Maybe you are looking for jewelry to wear to your next job interview or you are invited to a wedding? Tips on what jewelry to wear to these and more events you can find here.

Tips To Consider When Finding Matching Jewelry

To wrap up this jewelry and colors guide, I will tell you some very helpful tips for finding matching jewelry pieces for your outfit. 

  • bright colors in outfit → simple, lighter jewelry (example: bright green with a thin necklace)
  • jewelry pieces that color match your main outfit color always work great, colors can be in pearls, gemstones, pendants earrings (blue top with earrings with blue pearls)
  • don’t overaccessorize 
  • what exact jewelry piece works with what specific outfit color is always individual
  • when there are several colors in the outfit: try to match the one with the focus on it (blue jeans, white jacket, and pink shirt → focus on pink)