What Jewelry To Wear With What Dress 

The perfect jewelry match for your outfit has many factors – your dress is definitely one of them. What jewelry matches my specific dress the best? How do I combine the jewelry pieces? How do I know which pieces work for me? 

These and more questions I’ll answer for you today in the specific guide for finding the best jewelry for your dress. So, what are we waiting for? 

What Jewelry To Wear With A Sequin Dress 
What Jewelry To Wear With A One-Shoulder Dress
What Jewelry To Wear With A Strapless Dress
What Jewelry To Wear With A V-Neck Dress
What Jewelry To Wear With A High Neck Dress
What Jewelry To Wear With A Lace Dress
What Jewelry To Wear With A Velvet Dress
What Jewelry To Wear With Evening Gown – Last Tips

What Jewelry To Wear With A Sequin Dress 

A shiny sequin dress can be an easy but good choice for your night out. Maybe New Year’s eve, your birthday party, or just to get all the attention. Whatever reason you have to wear out your sequin dress, you want to make it look fabulous. And what can help better than jewelry?

The fabric of a gold sequin dress.

For a sequin dress, simple and dainty jewelry works great. Since your dress probably has the focus of your outfit, we don’t want to over-style it with some big jewelry pieces. 

You should leave your necklaces at home, for your sequin dress outfit. They can easily confuse the outfit by having too much on your upper body. Especially with the shiny sequin dress, there is going already a lot. If you can’t hold back your new favorite dainty and thin necklace, and if your dress neckline allows it, it might make a good fit. But, do be warned here. 

The same goes for bracelets. Since these are very close to your dress, you can go easily with that jewelry type. If you want to wear a bracelet, take simple and thin chain bracelets. 

Long gold drop earrings as good jewelry to a sequin dress.
Gold thick hoops as good jewelry to a sequin dress.

If you wear jewelry, go for earrings. Either long drop earrings or big studs can be a great choice. Since the dress is pulling all the attention to your upper body, you might take some of that focus back to your face with some gorgeous. Short hoops can also be a good choice. 

What Jewelry To Wear With A One-Shoulder Dress

A one-shoulder dress is another classic. It is elegant and classy while also being playful and sexy. You know, showing you one shoulder but being mysterious with the other one.

A silver one-shoulder dress.

Since the dress probably covers the part where usually your necklace would be, wearing a necklace is often too much. It can distract from your beautiful dress and the part that is special about it in the first place – the one-shoulder part. If the dress allows it, saying the one-shoulder part is quite low towards your neck, a dainty short necklace or choker can be a cute fit. 

Different from the sequin dress, bracelets can work great with a one-shoulder dress. While many other dresses can have long sleeves, one-shoulder dresses don’t, at least not on both sides.

This gives us the chance to wear some gorgeous bracelets. Bangles or bracelets that are a bit more bougie can round up your gorgeous outfit. 

If bracelets aren’t your thing, don’t worry. Statement earrings make a great match to your one-shoulder dress, too.

Since you have already attention to your neck, hence to your one-shoulder part, nice earrings can accentuate that part even more. Short drop earrings or studs are your best choices here.

While long earrings definitely bring even more attention to your neck, they might be too much if they are pretty long. With a gorgeous big one-shoulder action and statement long earrings, there might not be much neck to see anymore.

So, choose shorter or stud statement earrings to put the focus on your neck while not covering it too much. 

A gold statement bracelet with rhinestones as good jewelry to a one-shoulder dress.

What Jewelry To Wear With A Strapless Dress

With a strapless dress, you can go in two different directions. 

A long statement chain necklace layered with a dainty necklace as good jewelry to a strapless dress.

For the first option, you let your neck and collarbone area shine through a necklace. Here, a big statement necklace or statement pendant is a great option. Maybe a diamond necklace, a chandelier necklace, or a gorgeous gemstone pendant. A thinner necklace is also alright.

Just make sure it doesn’t cross your neckline and has enough space over the beginning of your dress. If you want, you can add matching earrings, gorgeous if they are from the same set. With a statement necklace, you might feel more comfortable. Showing your whole shoulders and over-chest area isn’t for everyone, especially if your hair is up. With a big, or small, necklace you cover this free area. 

If you go for the necklace option, you shouldn’t go too wild with your other jewelry pieces. Some simple earrings, a thin bracelet, and a dainty ring are good but don’t exaggerate here.

Shiny and long statement earrings as good jewelry to a strapless dress.

In the second option, you might think it yourself already, you don’t go for a necklace. With no necklace to your strapless dress you have a gorgeous view, or rather the others, on your neck and collarbone area. Since you don’t have anything to cover the area, such as a necklace, it is fully revealed.

To take more attention to it, however, wear some flashy statement earrings. They can be long or short but wear big and notable ones. With an up-do or falling hairstyle, earrings can add some shine, glitter, or color to the longer part of just skin. 

To add something special, wear gorgeous rings or bracelets that match the earrings. They can compliment your look and the earrings well. However, make sure they aren’t too big statement pieces. Remember that your focus is on the upper body area in this outfit. 

What Jewelry To Wear With A V-Neck Dress

V-neck dresses can be one of the more scandalous dresses on this list. But of course, next to the type of v-neck dress, you can decide how much you want to be scandalous with your v-neck dress – and that by choosing the right jewelry! 

Let’s talk necklaces. Necklaces are generally always a great choice for a v-neck dress. Especially pretty and formed pendants. However, you still have to look and consider your exact neckline first.

If your V-neckline is quite narrowed, a big statement necklace might cross your dress or look too much that’s going on there. If you have a wider v-neckline, either a dainty or a statement necklace can match better.

The wearing or not wearing decision is also the case for the earrings. With big statement earrings on, you might lead the focus a bit higher to your face, distracting from your neckline. You can also wear a big ring for that case for example. Whereas with no earrings on, there is no piece that distracts from your neckline and your necklace. Decide on what you feel the most comfortable and best in! 

What Jewelry To Wear With A High Neck Dress

Let’s go in a completely different direction again. Although high-neck dresses can be as sexy as v-neck dresses, there is still a higher potential that more high-neck dresses are closed and less sexy.

First, we have to come back to the no-necklace rule again. Most gorgeous high-neck dresses have patterns, materials, or cuts that don’t look good if a jewelry piece is sloppily falling over them.

You could only wear a necklace with a relatively simple dress with good over-layerable material, A simple black high-neck dress, for example.

To keep your focus on the upper body, wear gorgeous stud earrings. They can be simple or in a statement way. However, another idea is to compliment a high-neck dress with bracelets.

If your high-neck dress has no sleeves, your arms might feel exposed since there is so much going on in the neck area. Some pretty bracelets can be great here. Being a little fancy, wear an arm ring.

What Jewelry To Wear With A Lace Dress

A lace dress can be covered in laces or just has detailed lace parts. Whatever you have, a lace dress can often be quite sexy, while being elegant. In such a case, jewelry can help a lot to bring out the best of your lace dress and can make you feel comfortable.

The fabric of a white lace dress.

Usually, lace dresses don’t work great with statement jewelry pieces that have special details, big patterns, or lots of colors. Of course, it all depends on your taste and each dress individually, but in most cases, you want to have your lace dress with special and fun details in the center.

This happens through simple and dainty jewelry pieces. A thin tennis bracelet, diamond or pearl studs, or a necklace with a small pendant are good choices. 

Jewelry has this great ability to up or down-dress an outfit. A sexy lace dress can be down-dressed through chunky chain bracelets and necklaces.

And although it might seem like an odd combination, and it probably is, the detailed laces and rustical chains can work well together. With that, you’re taking away a bit of that elegance and sexiness.

What Jewelry To Wear With A Velvet Dress

The fabric of a gold velvet dress.

After having talked about what jewelry types don’t work with certain dresses and what to leave at home, we can now go all in with jewelry to wear with a velvet dress! Yes, you heard me right. With a beautiful and elegant velvet dress, it’s your chance to your favorite jewelry pieces.

With a velvet dress, you can wear all types of jewelry pieces, if it fits the dress’s fit. Especially great are diamonds, rhinestones, or any shiny jewelry. These jewelry pieces accentuate the velvet material so nicely! 

Gemstones with a matching color can also work great. Some good options might be for you a diamond bracelet, shiny earrings, or a necklace with a colored gemstone pendant surrounded by rhinestones.

As you might have figured now, statement jewelry pieces are a good fit for a velvet dress. Whether it’s a big chandelier or pearl necklace, long hanging earrings, a bundle of bracelets, or some big rings, with a velvet dress, you have some amazing jewelry options. 

However, don’t exaggerate. Stick to one, at most two, statement pieces per look.

What Jewelry To Wear With What Color?

Don’t think, we forgot this aspect. Of course, your dress color plays an important role in choosing your matching jewelry. Some colors, such as dark blue or red, look amazing with gold jewelry. And some colored dresses, like rose pink or light blue, work well with silver jewelry. Check out our guide for finding the perfect jewelry for your dress color.

What Jewelry To Wear With Evening Gown – Last Tips

Maybe you found now the perfect jewelry piece for your dress, or maybe you haven’t. But don’t worry! I lastly want to show you some tips that may help you find your matching jewelry – and that for any occasion.

  • Matching Hairstyle: Of course, next to jewelry, there are also other aspects you have to consider for a pretty outfit. Your hairstyle is one of them. Remember just this: If you have a pinned-up hairstyle or your hair is away from your face, amazing earrings can be an important jewelry piece here. In general, with a pinned-up hairstyle, your neck and your cleavage are more in the focus and follow your necklace or earrings.
  • Where Do You Want Your Focus? As just in the tip before as well as in the specific guidelines, you should think about how you want your outfit to be. What should your jewelry do? Should it compliment your outfit easily? Should it be special and pop out? What body parts should be focused on in your outfit?
  • The more special the dress, the simpler the jewelry. Yes, this is a rule of thumb that you should remember. Of course, your personal preference plays here a big part. But, in general, the more colorful, shiny, and detailed your dress is, the daintier your jewelry should be.
  • Clutch: Having mentioned your hairstyle earlier, a clutch can also be a great accessory for your going-out outfit. When picking your jewelry pieces, you can also think about what clutch or little bag you’ll carry and how it fits all well together.
  • Ready For A Night Out: It’s possible that you wear your dress with your jewelry on a date or for a special occasion. And because of that, you have to consider some aspects when wearing jewelry for a night out.

Jewelry can make you feel more comfortable and confident in your look. Especially if it’s a dress outside your comfort zone or that you’ve never worn before. With jewelry pieces that you know and love, and more have a connected memory to, you might feel better and saver in your whole outfit.