What Jewelry To Wear To A Job Interview

Why Jewelry For A Job Interview Matters 

Before going to a job interview, many of us make up their minds about what to wear for the interview. And that is for a reason. Personal job interviews are there for your boss to get to know you better. He or she wants to see if you have the personality that they look for in a new employee at their company.

And yes, personality is from your inside. But the way you present yourself and your appearance does show parts of your character. That may sound superficial, but it is true that a first impression before you even say anything, takes a big part in getting to know a new person and creating an opinion about them. 

And here’s where it’s the jewelry’s part. With well-thought jewelry pieces, you make a great impression and show your possible bosses that you are well-thought too. Of course, not every boss will make their decision to hire you not based on only your jewelry choice. But, wearing the wrong kinds of jewelry can have negative effects for sure.

Ideas For Jewelry To Wear To A Job Interview

Since we figured out, what your thoughts about your correct outfit for your job interview are, including jewelry, we take a look at examples now. I also show you some rules about what kinds of jewelry pieces work well and which don’t in this work environment. 

P.S. Making an effort about choosing the correct jewelry can also have psychological effects. You wear a complete outfit that you thought about in detail and that you know feels comfortable. Maybe, you feel more secure and self-confident, because you know, you’ll make a great first impression.

Wear Work-Appropriate Jewelry

Choosing the right jewelry pieces for your outfit has many parameters. And when it comes to your next job interview, we’ve got to look at several factors as well.

When you applied for a job at a huge marketing firm, you want to dress differently than for a job interview in a small fashion designer production. Of course, I’m exaggerating here but you see my point.

To find out what jewelry works for your job interview, think about what jewelry you would were on a regular day in your potential job. You are a lot in motion and don’t think jewelry would be practical in your job or profession. Then no jewelry for your job interview might be an option.

Wearing jewelry in your job would be appropriate and normal? Then go for it in your interview.  

If you think of wearing jewelry but don’t know which pieces are the best ones, stay here. 

Wear Jewelry That Makes You Look Good 

The center of your job interview isn’t what you’re wearing, it’s your personality and your qualities. If you found a great outfit, your boss probably won’t say anything to it. YOU are the center of your job interview, not your fun new jewelry piece.

By wearing specific jewelry pieces, you can make specific body parts look as good as possible. Pearl stud earrings to a longer face shape or a necklace with a pendant to a v neckline are just examples of good fitting jewelry pieces. Of course, there are more matching necklaces to necklines.

Less Is More

Adding to what we just said, less is more. This is an all time great rule for a job interview. Remember, you and your personality is the interviewer’s focus, not your outfit and your new big necklace. Reduce your jewelry pieces to the minimum. As your clothing outfit is probably going to be simple and plain, the same works with the jewelry. Basic and plain jewelry pieces are welcomed here. But, what jewelry is typically simple and indiscreet?

No distracting pieces. Don’t wear loud and conspicuous jewelry pieces. Big statement pieces that drawn the whole attention to it aren’t good for job interviews.

You may seem unprofessional and you are maybe not even be heard correctly because your interviewer is distracted by your long earrings.

Bright colors, chunky pieces, logo pendants, big motives, special styled earrings or rings, big hoops, asymmetrical pieces or more kinds of jewelry just distract from you and pull the center to them.

You also don’t want to brag about big brands. Wearing expensive brands is alright but showing them off can seem arrogant.

Instead: simple and plain jewelry pieces. Thin necklaces, stud earrings, small hoops, plain rings, small pendants, thin bracelets, neutral colors to no at all or more.

You recognize simple jewelry pieces when they just add a little shine or elegance to your outfit. They round down your look.

No piles of bracelets: Don’t wear tons of bracelets. In a job interview, you talk a lot. Many people communicate with the whole body, saying they use their hands and fingers to concrete their points.

Wearing bracelets over one another, that maybe even make sounds, can be very distracting in this situation.

Instead: thin and maximal two bracelets. Bracelets for an interview should be very simple and clean. A thin ribbon with a pendant, a silver or gold thin bracelet, a loose but small bracelet, a little chunky bracelet or more are good examples of possible bracelets. 

No layered necklaces: Don’t layer necklaces. Although this might be a trend again, layered necklaces can be quickly too much. Your outfit should be simple and plain. And although with two layered thin necklaces, it still might seem simple, we don’t recommend layering several necklaces. Some more conservative interviewers might be distracted by you layering. And it can quickly get too much for the job interview. 

Instead: a single thin necklace. One necklace is the safest choice. With a small, plain necklace chain or a small pendant, you add all you need to add to a plain and sleek outfit. You may find that a bit boring, but yes, job interview outfits are mostly boring. Because they shouldn’t be distracted.

Wear Neutral Colors 

Earrings with a red bell and a snow flake as a bad example to wear to a job interview and earrings with a light blue gemstone as a good one.

As mentioned shortly before, colors are another thing you have to be careful about. It might happen that you want to wear all your favorite pieces to your exciting job interview and end up with blue gemstones, a green chain, and pink colored pearl earrings. A total mix of colors. We want structure in our outfits.

If you wear colored jewelry, tone it down to the bare minimum. Wear maximal two jewelry pieces of color and make sure they match your outfits color. However, the best thing is if you wear a neutral color, if you want some color. Some beige tones or olive or pastel stones or details in a necklace pendant work well for example. The center here is really in detail.

No Political Or Religious Symbols

Although you do can represent yourself throughout your jewelry, leave your political or religious jewelry pieces at home. In your job interview, your interviewer or interviewers make a first impression of you. They want to get to know you and see if you are qualified for the applied job or not.

Your political opinions or religious backgrounds shouldn’t play a role in this decision. Your interviewer might have prejudices towards you if they see your political or religious symbols, before you even get the chance to introduce yourself. Rather stay with neutral and simple jewelry pieces. 

Wear Fine Gold, Silver Or Platinum Jewelry

The gold and the silver necklace as good examples to wear to a job interview

Let’s look at good jewelry materials. For a job interview gold, silver or platinum are the best jewelry materials. Those have in most cases the best quality and look great and elegant.

The silver and gold tones match almost every simple outfit and make your look shine and classy. Don’t worry, gold-plated jewelry pieces are great as well. Your job interview is a good chance to wear your fine and maybe more expensive jewelry. Make sure to wear high-quality jewelry pieces.

For picking your jewelry pieces, avoid bad jewelry materials. Those include for example plastic which is often apart in beaded jewelry pieces. Your outfit should be simple and plain but also elegant. Beaded necklaces or jewelry pieces are often worn in everyday life. In a job interview, you usually don’t wear casual clothes and accentuate that by wearing fine jewelry pieces such as gold and silver ones. 

Wear Engagement Or Wedding Ring

The rings you should wear to your job interview should be simple. Talking actively means talking with your hands, which is why big and noticeable rings should be avoided. In most cases, wedding and engagement rings aren’t colorful and can be plain, since you wear them everyday.

Wearing your wedding or engagement ring gives you the opportunity to show a personal part of your life without seeming obtrusive. 

Optional: Wear A Watch

A simple watch with a brown bracelet as a good example to wear to a job interview

As mentioned before, bracelets are difficult to wear to a job interview. You don’t want to wear too many and don’t want to exaggerate. With a watch, this is less likely to happen. Watches have become a great and stylish accessory, for men and women. Watches can be fashionable and great for work at the same time.

You can play around with different straps and there are a lot of different styles of models out there. At the same time, it’s, in most professions, super work appropriate. I mean, it’s still a clock with the time in it. Watches are a great alternative to bracelets. However, if you don’t have a good watch at home, don’t buy one only for your job interview. 

Ask Friends Or Family For Help

Sometimes we may lose track from what might be an elegant but casual outfit. This necklace fits great, but then also these earrings, and what about this other necklace layered over it …? Styling your outfit for a new job interview can be exciting.

To go back on the ground, ask your friends and families what they think of your outfit. Maybe don’t mention the jewelry in the beginning and they should let you know if something is off or if you look job interview appropriate.

How To Choose What Jewelry To Wear To A Job Interview

Having a new job interview can be exciting. You may be nervous and feel insecure at first, but with some preparations, you can easily feel better. Choosing the correct jewelry pieces is just as important as deciding what outfit to wear. And it can be overwhelming as well.

These are the things you should look out for when deciding what jewelry to wear to a job interview. And remember, the main focus is you, and not your outfit!

  1. Wear work-appropriate jewelry
  2. Wear jewelry that makes you look good 
  3. Less is more
  4. Wear neutral colors 
  5. No political or religious symbols etc
  6. Wear fine gold, silver or platinum jewelry
  7. Wear engagement or wedding ring
  8. Optional: Wear a watch
  9. Ask friends or family for help