What Jewelry To Wear To A Wedding As A Guest

Weddings are happy and cheerful events. It‘s just obvious that we want to look beautiful and feel comfortable at the same time. But, with all the big range of possible jewelry pieces to wear, it can be difficult to find the matching pieces. 

Today, I want to show you ways and jewelry pieces that can be great wedding guest jewelry and just make your outfit perfect. 

What You Can Wear For A Wedding

Being invited to a wedding gives you the chance to wear something more extravagant. And not just your dress. I’ve got here some great ideas on how to spice up your wedding outfit with good jewelry pieces.

A gold chunky necklace over a black dress as an example of good wedding guest jewelry.

#1 Simple Dress And Statement Jewelry Piece 

You can never go wrong with the little black dress. Or any other simple dress. The advantage of these dresses is that you can either dress them down with sneakers or dress them up. The latter works great with fine jewelry pieces.

A big pearl necklace, long colorful earrings, or a matching set of earrings, necklace, and bracelet with diamonds are just some examples. Since you maybe don’t wear big statement pieces every day, a wedding is just the perfect day to wear them. Don’t miss that chance!

A  silver and gold necklace and diamond earrings as examples of good wedding guest jewelry.

#2 Simple Dress With Different Jewelry Materials

Just as you can wear a simple dress with one statement piece, you can also spice up your outfit with several pieces. Wear here different kinds of materials. This works great for example when you layer different materials and kinds of necklaces.

Adding different kinds of jewelry materials makes your outfit special. This includes mixing silver with gold pieces, gems and pearls, chunky and thin necklaces, and whatever you else can find. 

Butterfly-shaped earrings in white, green and pink as examples of good wedding guest jewelry.

#3 Light Colors

A lot of weddings take place in summers or springs. Warm seasons. Wearing colorful and warm colors in your jewelry is just a perfect fit. The colors can be in detail in little stones or pendants, or in necklace chains.

Two gold necklaces and a pearl necklace as examples of good wedding guest jewelry.

#4 Diamonds, Gemstones, Pearls

As said before, go full statement pieces for a wedding if you want. Diamonds, gemstones, and pearls are often a part of fine jewelry pieces. They spice up your jewelry pieces and make them unique. You can look really elegant with a pearl necklace and a diamond bracelet can make you feel so classy. Experiment with those materials.

A blue plastic ring as an example of good wedding guest jewelry.

#5 Colorful Pieces

Yes, we talked about warm colors and colorful jewelry pieces before. But, weddings are, mostly, a happy event which is why a pop of color is just great in your accessories. Don’t shy away from colorful and bright colors.

If you’ve got a simple outfit in white or black bright colorful jewelry pieces can make your outfit special and wedding appropriate. The same works for a bright colorful outfit piece that you make pop out with an additional jewelry piece in the same color.

A fashion diamond earring as an example of good wedding guest jewelry.

#6 Long Earrings

Many people wear an up-do hairstyle. It totally makes sense with a beautiful dress to have pinned-up hair, but it just gets perfect with a piece of long earrings. You can add some rings or necklaces or just wear your outfit with your earrings.

A bracelet with triangles under a purse as an example of good wedding guest jewelry.

#7 Matching Purse

A purse is just necessary for a wedding. Having all your emergency supplies in one place and always near you. But it can be more than just a useful tool.

Wearing necklaces means matching your outfit but also matching your other accessories. You can play with your purse‘s color or style and so create harmony between all your accessories.

#8 Wedding Jewelry Inspiration

You‘re still unsure about your jewelry choice for your wedding guest outfit? Don’t worry. Dress for the wedding has some great jewelry ideas that could inspire you. 

Don‘t want to buy new jewelry pieces? With some of our tricks you can easily rewear your old jewelry pieces. 

What Jewelry To Wear To A Wedding As A Guest – Last Tips

Those tips are helpful, for sure. But it’s not everything you have to consider when finding the right jewelry for a wedding. 

Since you‘re going to a wedding, you can probably be sure that there‘s going to be a party at night. You have to pick jewelry pieces that you can wear all night and can move and dance with. Unless you just want to sit all night. To find those pieces, there are some easy tricks to help you choose your jewelry pieces for going out.

Your necklaces shouldn’t be too heavy and maybe don’t wear too many pieces at once. If you really want that one heavy necklace, pick an outfit where you can take off your jewelry if necessary and still have a complete outfit.

What do I mean by that? Some outfits, like simple dresses, can look boring or not wedding appropriate when you wear no jewelry to them. If you think about taking off your jewelry at the night, wear a dress or outfit that shines without the jewelry pieces. 

One last tip: It might be that the wedding company celebrates outside the country or at a place where you sleep in a hotel or in a different place. And of course, when traveling you don‘t want your necklaces to damage or get tangled. In that case, we have some great hacks on how to travel with necklaces.