How To Untangle Necklaces

Whatever you do, you can never really avoid it fully: knots in your necklace. Being on the road or changing your necklaces regularly can be reasons why your necklaces get tangled. Especially when you’re in a hurry, having tangled necklaces is displeasing.

Luckily there are some tricks to solve this problem. Because, untangling your necklaces isn’t as difficult as you might think. Read and see in this post, how to untangle your necklaces with no skills in advantage. So, grab your necklace tangle and get ready to get some amazing free necklaces out of it!

#1 How To Untangle A Single Knot In Your Necklace Chain

Untangling a single knot creates the base of untangling necklaces. With the methods shown here, you can untangle piles of tangled necklaces. For the best results, you need a flat underground, e.g. a cleaned table, and you should have some space. You might need to move around a bit on your underground.

Adding to that you should have two sharp objects. Toothpicks work great, as also paper clips or basically anything that you can hold easily in your hands and has a sharp tip.

Two knots in a thin silver necklace chain
Robbing with your index finger and your thumb to loosen a knot.
Robbing with your index finger and your thumb to loosen a knot.

1. After you put your necklace openly on your underground you have to loosen the knot. Do that by robbing the knot in between your thumb and your index finger. Be here gentle.

Two toothpicks to untangle a knot in a necklace.

2. Take now your two sharp objects, I’m using here two toothpicks. Stab now into the knot and try to find a hole in it. You know you found it when the toothpicks touch the ground and not the chain. Move the sticks in the opposite direction to another to extend the knot.

Two toothpicks to untangle a knot in a necklace.

3. Pull them so far apart that the knot untangles itself. If it gets stuck on the way, untangle the chain with your fingers.

#2 How To Untangle Several Knots In A Necklace

Although you already know the basics of how to untangle a knot in a necklace chain, there are some more tips when it comes to piles of knots in one chain. You need here also two sharp objects, e.g. toothpicks, and a flat underground.

An example of several knots over another in one necklace chain.
Robbing with your index finger and your thumb to loosen a knot.

1. Repeat the first step. Rob the knot between your fingers and try to loosen it up. It’s possible that the knot is too tight in the beginning but it’s still an important step to make.

Two toothpicks to untangle a knot in a necklace.
Two toothpicks to untangle a knot in a necklace.

2. Stab your toothpicks into the middle of the knot first. Move and wobble the sticks to open up the knots. Try to watch out for what knot loosens up first and focus on that knot after. Repeat those steps as often as necessary.

Two toothpicks to untangle a knot in a necklace.

Don’t mind shaking your toothpicks a bit. Especially when your necklace has a pile of knots. At the same time, don’t let all your aggression out. They are still fine necklaces that might get broken.

#3 How To Untangle Multiple Necklaces

Having piles of tangled necklaces in your jewelry box can be  motivating. Still, untangling these necklaces is worth it most of the time. Just as untangling a single knot, tangles in multiple necklaces can be solved with some easy tricks. And a lot of patience. 

Several kinds of necklaces in tangle.
An example of untangling several necklaces with your hands.
An example of untangling several necklaces with your hands.

The very first step is to go through the tangle with your fingers. Try to find a necklace that you can loosen or that is already loose and apart from the rest. Pull that necklace out and focus on it. Try to look where the necklace begins and untangle the knots connected with this necklace first. Repeat this as often as necessary

A loosen tangle of necklaces.
Two toothpicks to untangle a knot in a necklace.

When the knots are a bit looser, spread out the necklaces, as shown in the upper picture. That helps you to see each necklace clearer and to untangle them individually. Use here your little sharp objects to untangle them. Take a look back at this article to revise how to untangle knots on one necklace.

Tips On How To Untangle Your Necklaces

  • Open each clasp you can open. The tangle is easier to handle if your necklaces are open.
  • If you’re stuck in untangling your necklaces, repeat the first step. By robbing the knots between your fingers, the knots can loosen again. 
  • Another method is to hold with one stick the knot on one side and move and open the knot with the other stick. 
  • Twirling your sharp object can also help.
  • As said earlier, make sure to have enough space on your desk. It’s easier to untangle when you can really open the knots by moving and shaking the sticks a lot. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Untangling knots in necklaces can be an annoying task. But, after a start and some minutes to get into it, untangling necklaces can work well. It actually can be quite fun. See it as a logical riddle. You can watch your favorite show or listen to your music or a podcast while working on your tangles. This also helps to not feel unmotivated quickly, since you do need a lot of patience. 

However unmotivated you get, remember that you can get some great and wearable necklaces out of your work. 

The best possible is to not get your necklaces tangled in the first place. As said earlier, necklaces often find a way to get tangled, but we can try our best to avoid that. And it‘s not as difficult as it sounds. There some easy tricks on how to store necklaces without tangling.