Should I Wear Silver Or Gold Jewelry?

Jewelry is luxury. Something that’s special, that has a specific background, and what we just adore wearing. But since there is such a big range of possible jewelry pieces, we want to find the pieces that bring out the best in us. 

In this article, I’ll guide you through finding the perfect jewelry for your skin tone, and checking if you should wear silver or gold jewelry.

Next to finding matching jewelry to your skin tone, you should pick your jewelry to match colors and your clothes.

What Is My Skin Tone?

Before looking at possible matching jewelry pieces, we need to do some preparation. Since you wear jewelry directly on your skin, the shades of your skin should match well the jewelry pieces that you wear. In most cases, you have your skin and your jewelry directly next to one another. 

With that, you have the chance to bring out the best of your skin through the right jewelry. But first, let’s take a look at how to find out your skin tone and undertone. 

There is an easy hack. Make sure you have natural light and go near a window. Look at the veins on the inner side of your wrist. What colors do the veins have?

  • If you see greenish veins, you have a warm undertone
  • If you see blue/purple veins, you have a cool undertone.
  • If you see both colors or you’re not really sure, you probably have a neutral tone.
A drawing of what colors the veins of different skin tones have.

People with warm skin tones often get tanned easily in the summer, while people with cool skin tones get red and have sunburns in the sun.

Dark Skin Tones  

The myth that dark skin people have always warm undertones has been outdated for a long time. While in many cases dark skin tones have warm undertones, they can also have cold undertones. Do our trick with the veins to find out.

However, on darker skin, it might not be so easy to see, that’s why a white shirt can help you. Put on a white shirt and see if your skin has …

  • a rosy, red, or blue glance, then you probably have cool undertones. 
  • a yellow or orange glace, then you probably have warm undertones
  • not any color touch or shimmer, then you probably have neutral undertones.

Silver Or Gold Jewelry – Skin Tone Matters

Now that you found out your skin tone, hopefully, let’s look at the matching jewelry. We differentiate here into the same three categories as before, cool, warm and neutral skin tones.

Cool Skin Tone Jewelry

The perfect jewelry for a cool skin tone is silver jewelry. Or rather silver-looking jewelry. Platinum, titanium, stainless steel, sterling silver, or silver-plated jewelry looks great on a cool skin tone.

It’s the cool grey silver shades in the silver jewelry that are a perfect match to a cool skin tone. 

Next to silver-looking jewelry, white gold is another good-working jewelry metal for a cool skin tone. White gold, as you can probably imagine, is gold-colored but has a cooler undertone and looks colder. A great match for your cool skin tone. 

Another good choice is rose gold jewelry. If you have red undertones, which is often the case for pale and cool skin tones, rose gold pieces can accentuate your skin.

However, not everyone with a cool skin tone likes wearing rose gold. The metal might make your jewelry look even colder. 

But of course, many jewelry pieces aren’t just made out of metal but include other materials, such as gemstones or pearls. Here, matching colors to your jewelry are necessary to think about.

For cool skin tones white, black, blue, dark red, or baby pink gemstones or colored details are perfect. White or rose-tinted pearls can also look amazing on your cool skin. 

Warm Skin Tone Jewelry

Let’s continue with our warm skin tone folks. Warm skin tones go great with gold jewelry. In contrast to white gold, a yellow gold tone is a gold that we see a lot of times, and that is a perfect match to warm skin tones. Here, either gold-plated or gold-filled pieces work fine. 

Next to gold jewelry, copper and brass are also opportunities for you. Brass has also a gold-looking shine, while copper has a red/orange shade. In contrast to rose gold, copper has a warm undertone and so matches great with warm skin tones.

However, you should be careful with copper and brass jewelry. The metals are more likely to tarnish after a short time. Read here more about why copper and brass tarnish and what to do to prevent them from tarnishing.

Of course, you can wear many gemstones and pearls great together with warm skin tones. White, black, red, dark blue, green, or pink are great colors that match well with gold jewelry and your warm skin tones. Especially if the colors are bright and powerful, the jewelry and its colors pop out through the warm skin tone and just harmonize with your skin tone. 

Yellow diamonds, or rhinestones, as well as white or yellow pearls, have a similar effect.

Five rings in silver and gold to a neutral skin tone.

Neutral And Olive Skin Tone Jewelry

Now, we want to look at people with neutral and olive skin tones. Neutral or olive skin tones match great with every jewelry metal. Yes, you are the lucky ones. 

You can try out the different metals and colors and see which one you like the best for your outfit and for yourself. 

Since you can both silver and gold jewelry perfectly, why not mix them? Wearing silver and gold at the same time has been a trend for years and neutral or olive-skinned people have the perfect genetic opportunity to wear these different metals altogether. 

What Jewelry Should I wear? 

Still don’t know what jewelry works best for you? Take a look at these other aspects that matter when choosing your jewelry:

  • Outfit: Next to your skin color, the colors you wear in your outfit play a big role. A red dress looks amazing with gold jewelry, light blue is great with silver, as well as there are other good jewelry and color matches. While our outfit colors play a part, we can also find our perfect jewelry pieces through our neckline, at least to find out the perfect necklace. Check out our short guide for choosing your necklace for your neckline.
  • Height: For larger people, bigger or Statement pieces are fitting and work great. Petit and shorter people can go with smaller and daintier pieces. 
  • Eye Color: Blue eyes are accentuated through blue gemstones, potentially a blue shade that is similar to the eye color. Next to blue, you can also wear pink colored-jewelry pieces for a great contrast. People with brown eyes can wear warm-colored gemstones, such as red and orange. For a bigger contrast, wear blue gemstones. Green gemstones complement a lot with hazel eyes. 

And remember: Choosing a jewelry metal or jewelry piece is never fixed. Switch around different styles and colors and see which ones complement you the best and which don’t.

Silver Or Gold Jewelry – Last Tips

Okay, after having talked about what jewelry you should wear according to your skin tone, I want to remind you of something. Jewelry is fun. Jewelry is more than an accessory. It’s there to spice up your outfit and make it unique and special. 

While wearing jewelry that compliments your skin tone is great, it surely isn’t the only aspect to think about when picking the right jewelry piece. And yes, there are also more components than the hair, eye, and outfit colors. 

  • Warm Or Cool Outfit: As we learned earlier, silver jewelry has cool undertones, and gold has warm undertones. With that knowledge, you can either adapt the jewelry to your skin tone or adapt your outfit to the warmth of your jewelry. Let’s take a simple black dress as an example. With silver jewelry, you get a colder and cooler look, while gold jewelry makes it more elegant and warm. 
  • Seasonal Changes: The same works with choosing the jewelry pieces along the seasons. Yellow gold jewelry to an outfit for the summer can accentuate the warmth and shine of the sun. Silver jewelry matches the cold and snow in the winter seasons.