My SheIn Jewelry Review: Cheap Flop or Hidden Treasures?

In my first ever jewelry review, I’ve gotten 8 different jewelry pieces from SheIn. In the last weeks, I wrote down my first impressions, conducted material tests, and examined the pieces closely. I definitely got several surprises along the way as well as some expectations have become real.

Have fun and go through the ups and dows that I had too through this SheIn jewelry review.

Is SheIn Ethical?

If you landed at this jewelry review, you probably know the fast fashion brand SheIn. Although this blog is all about jewelry, I can’t make this review without addressing the ethical issues, SheIn has faced so far.

SheIn lacks transparency in its supply chain and processes, which led to allegations of labor exploitation. As a very fast fashion brand, SheIn has a huge environmental impact. Those negative impacts come from immersive textile waste and excessive production.

Textile waste is a consequence of bad product quality, impulsive buyer behavior, bad product descriptions and sizing, and very cheap prices. All this can lead to consumer dissatisfaction and a return of products, which then leads to big textile waste. Many fast fashion brands dispose of their returns rather than making them available again. The list goes on. 

For more details and explanations about SheIn’s impact and values, read the articles on Good On You, Your Sustainable Guide, or The Cut.

I’m doing this jewelry review from the perspective of a jewelry expert and a consumer. Before you buy one of the pieces, please consider the consequences that might come when buying from this fast fashion brand.

Jewelry Tests

For this jewelry review or reviews, I conducted four jewelry tests:

  1. 36 h in clear water 
  2. 36 h in water mixed with dish soap 
  3. 24 h in water mixed with body lotion 
  4. 24h leave and sprayed with hairspray and deodorant 

Metals, especially bad quality metals for jewelry {LINK}, react to different materials. That’s why many jewelers tell you to avoid your jewelry pieces getting in contact with lotions, sprays, perfumes, and water. Of course, through our daily life, we can’t totally avoid that our jewelry touches those materials. But, the better the quality, the less likely it will tarnish. 

So, with these rather extreme tests, I’m trying to find out the longevity and quality of SheIn jewelry. And well, did I get surprised by these results.

SheIn Ring Review

6 Silver Rings Set From SheIn

A silver 6 ring set from Shein with simple rings and rings with gemstones.

This ring set has 6 pretty silver rings with a different detail at each ring. I’m going to review them by each, but one thing that I noticed when trying them on my finger is that they’re not the same size, although it says ‘one-size’. You might say that this is the first red flag.

Our fingers are different big compared to others as well as our fingers are different from another on the same hand. If you want to have perfectly well-fitted rings, you should buy rings that are described with a specific ring size, or adjustable rings such as our gold rings from SheIn, but you know how that ended.

Back to business. Let’s start with the clean and simple silver ring. Since it’s just a plain silver band, there’s not much to do wrong. I liked the look quite well and the ring actually looks as if it’s made of good material, contrary to the plastic look of some other rings of this set.

However, I could see a thin line at which the band has been built together. It’s not a dramatically big mark and you can turn the ring, so the line is in the inside of your hand, but it’s still something that did bother me. 

The same problem I had with the other simple ring with no stone but with small details. The ring is alright but I can see very clearly where the band has been glued together. 

Let’s talk about the ring with the big blue stone at the front. First, the ring looks alright, maybe a clearer plastic look of the band. But already at the second look, you see that there’s something wrong with the stone—or rather more with the way the stone is placed on the ring.

The stone is glued badly on the ring’s platform. If you look closely, you can see that the stone doesn’t sit directly on the platform and you can even see the glue underneath. The stone is just too big for the ring and doesn’t fit correctly on it. Not pretty to look at.

A silver SheIn ring with a bad pearl preparation.

I noticed something similar with the ring with the pearl. At first and from one direction, the pearl sits correctly on the little platform and it’s pretty. However, from any other perspective, the pearl is not glued well to the ring.

The pearl is shifted to one side and you can see clearly a part of the platform where actually the pearl should be. I mean, it’s not dramatic and you can’t see it from afar, but it’s still not pretty and doesn’t show a good quality.

For the last two rings, there’s not much that I haven’t said yet. The light-colored stone from the one ring looks pretty good and alright but I didn’t like the plastic look from the band. The ring with the rhinestone has no huge flaws but here is a rather big opening of the band at the back. 

Although I had some quality issues with the rings, I must say that they survived my tests very well. After the 36 hours water and the 36 hours water with dish soap and body lotion tests, the rings looked just as new. Pouring some water over the SheIn pieces after being sprayed with hairspray, and the pieces looked good again.

Alright, do I recommend this silver ring set from SheIn? The durability of the rings is quite alright because of the plastic as the main material. Still, there is a good chance that your rings may have those production mistakes as well. And I really can’t recommend these.

If you’re fine with possible problems with your stones and pearls but get them for a cheap price, then these rings might work for you. However, if you don’t have a regular finger size (whatever ‘regular’ means?), check out rings that are available in different sizes.

Gemstone Silver Ring From SheIn

A silver ring with a gemstone from SheIn.

The silver ‘diamond’ ring was one of the SheIn pieces that I didn’t have much negative to say about. When I opened the package for the first time, the rhinestones as well as the band looked all right. There’s an adjustable function at the back which I liked pretty much. And even after the four tests and several times of wearing, there is nothing that bothered me. 

If I had to recommend something from SheIn, considering the quality of the jewelry, this gemstone ring would be it. 

3 Gold Rings Set From SheIn

A gold 3 ring with different details from SheIn.

When I opened the package of the three gold rings for the first time, they looked all right. I ordered the rings because I liked the combination of the styles. Looking at the rings a bit more specifically, they looked fine to me, little to know what was going to happen soon.

I did see a little part of the gold that had already come off, which I didn’t find very pretty, but other than that I was quite content with my order. I also must say that I liked the idea of a little split on each ring. The rings were not fully closed, so you could customize the sizes to your finger. 

Well, only a few days later and I realized why the pieces don’t cost a fortune. I wore all three rings for three days for a couple of hours each. When putting off the ring in the middle with the little details, I noticed two little thin lines, pulled the ring’s ends gently outwards and a second later I had two parts of the ring in my hand.

And by the way, I didn’t take a picture of the rings before I wore them around three times. That’s why my ‘proper’ product picture already has some flaws.

A gold-layered broken SheIn ring.

What happened? All three rings are open at one side and are adjustable, at least I thought they were. Wearing the rings, I sometimes played with them by making them tighter to my finger and looser again.

I don’t say I had absolutely nothing to do with breaking the ring, but I simply used its feature. The ring broke very quickly and the material felt so soft since I could so easily bend the ring

Unfortunately, I cannot say much positive about the other two rings either. I wore the rings a couple of hours longer but noticed some flaws soon as well. The rings lost their gold layer at some points and got some scratches.

A gold-layered SheIn ring that started to rust on the inside.

More importantly, bronze marks showed up on the inside of the rings, especially on those parts where the water fled when washing hands. Slightly, but still noticeable, my fingers where I had the rings turned greenish

I definitely was surprised by how fast the rings rusted and reacted to water and air, as well as I definitely didn’t see the very bad and soft material from the first ring. While on the other side, the set only cost around €1.50, and maybe the rings have a bad zinc alloy combination that makes them rust fast.

The rusted ring gave me the opportunity however to try my nail polish against bad jewelry quality – test. For more details for this helpful trick, take a look here.

As you haven’t noticed from my review yet, I clearly can’t recommend this SheIn jewelry set. The materials were very soft or rusted very quickly. Probably the worst pieces I had from this SheIn order.

SheIn Earrings Review 

Gold Stud Earrings From SheIn

Heart-shaped studs with small gemstones from SheIn.

I was surprised by the gold studs, not by how the heart looks but by how you’re supposed to close them. The back is a round nut that I first didn’t know how to use as a closing tool for my earring. But luckily, I turned the round nut and could open the earrings.

Here, I noticed that on the inside at the nut and at the end of the earrings, there was only clearly a thin gold layer and that it was a darker and not good-looking metal underneath.

The thing is, I am probably not used to those kinds of earring nuts, which is why it was pretty difficult for me to close them behind my ear at first. Ok, I did get used to it after some time. 

The heart motif looked alright at first and there was nothing conspicuous. The rhinestones on the heart were pretty small and it didn’t have any damage. 

A heart-shaped stud that rusted after a while.

After wearing the gold heart studs and after the first two water test, you could already see some marks where there were scratches or where the gold layer came off slightly. Since the studs are so small, you didn’t see those dark spots so clearly from away, but l still think it made a big difference.

From away, the earrings didn’t look really gold anymore but silver either. It was a dark goldish bronze tone that the studs adapted. Didn’t love that. The darkened zirconia gemstones at the front of the studs didn’t help with that.

I personally cannot recommend this earring pair. I bought the studs because I actually liked them, and I did wear them several times when going out.

However, after my testing and just wearing them here and then, I couldn’t get over the darkened look. I felt like I couldn’t match the earrings with other gold jewelry pieces anymore, nor with different warm colors in my outfit.

Gold Hoops From SheIn

The gold hoops were bigger than I thought but still looked alright when I first opened them. I only noticed a small spot on the inside where it lacked some gold. But you wouldn’t notice this from afar, I thought. 

I had some difficulties opening the hoops with the clasps. Although this difficulty was mostly in the beginning, I still didn’t like those big clasps. Once you open the clasp, the hinge is super loose and dangling around. When I put the earrings on, you can see parts from the clasp that just doesn’t look elegant and pretty.

The hoop per se felt pretty light, and you could definitely tell they were out of plastics. All these aspects and first impressions left me with a weird feeling. The earrings cost under €2 and you could tell. 

After my tests and after wearing them several times, to be honest I didn’t want to wear them often since I just didn’t like the way they looked, I noticed some marks. The gold layer came off from the spots around the clasps and especially from the hinges.

I also noticed some darker marks on the soft edges of the hoops. Yes, those marks are just tiny and you probably wouldn’t even see them when wearing out. However, if you wore the hoops more frequently and regularly, the marks are going to be bigger and more noticeable. 

If I recommend these hoops to you depends on your preferences. If you don’t mind having earrings that look and feel cheap and will turn darker when wearing, but that were cheaper, then these hoops are probably nice for you. For all those people that said ‘no’ to the latter description, these gold hoops from SheIn are not optimal for you.

SheIn Necklace Review

Silver Chain Necklace Set From SheIn

A silver set of two chain necklaces from SheIn.

To be honest, the silver chain necklace set didn‘t stick in my mind when I bought this piece. However, I couldn’t say anything awful when I opened the package of the necklace. There were no damages or flaws. I felt like the clasp was a little tricky to open. But other than that, the chain necklaces made a stable impression on me. 

The chain necklace set was, like all the other pieces, for 36 hours in clear water. During the first hours, the silver chain looked alright and as if the water didn’t affect the necklace.

However, when I looked in the glass of water after 36 hours, there were brownish marks in the water and on the side of the glass. There were no marks on the necklace, but I can imagine that if I wore the necklace, my skin would turn brown or green at some points after much contact with water.

A silver SheIn chain necklace set that started to rust.

The other three test showed again the brown marks in the glass. But in addition, I also saw brownish and goldish marks and discoloration on the chain itself. Because of the long water connection and the added dish soap, the chains made out of zinc alloy started to rust.

The jewelry pieces have been in the water for a long time all at once, but wearing a jewelry piece over a longer period means having a lot of water contact. 

The chain necklaces look alright, have a stable material, and work well as a well-paired necklace set. However, I can’t recommend this silver necklace set as a jewelry piece to wear long-term and regularly. It’s not an everyday piece.

Pearl And Chain Necklace Set From SheIn

This necklace set was one of the pieces that were different from what I imagined. The colors of the pendant were different from what I saw in the online pictures. The pearls looked alright, and didn’t have any clear damage, but I did notice the weight of the pearl necklaces.

They were pretty light. The pearls are made of plastic as well as there’s a plastic string underneath the pearls, not a cotton string. Those aspects led to a rather cheap and light first feeling. I wasn’t surprised that the pearls and the necklace were made of plastic. I just don’t want it to feel plasticy, if you know what I mean?

Another negative aspect that I noticed is the weird shape of the pearl necklaces. I don’t know if there are too many pearls or if it’s material, but the necklace isn’t normally round and doesn’t fall into a completely round shape. There is always some sort of bump in it.

Coming back to the pendant necklace. As mentioned before, the colors looked different from what I saw online, as well as I didn’t like the heart’s shape. The pendant hangs loosely on the chain and is not secured. Luckily, there are bigger jump rings on the ends of the necklace, so the pendant can’t fall down. 

A feature that I noticed on all three necklaces is the big clasps. The clasps to open and close the necklaces are relatively big to the chain and pearls. It’s not a big problem since it’s mostly in the back, but I still noticed it and didn’t love it. It kind of takes away the elegance of the jewelry piece. 

Right after my several tests, I didn’t really notice a big different, I thought the necklaces were quite good. But recently, I did notice that the ending chain from one pearl necklace was different to the other pearl necklace. I did in fact only tested one of the pearl necklaces.

The chain that was in water for hours and had contact with other materials, rusted, got darker and less shiny. Not by a big surprise though. Still, it‘s disappointing that the back chain looks rusty and old now, compared to the very light and still good-looking pearls.

All in all, the necklace set is okay, but I wouldn’t buy it again or recommend it. I could’ve worn one of the pearl necklaces a couple of times, but I just couldn’t get over the weird shape the necklace is creating. Probably also better for my skin since the relatively quick rusting process. The chain necklace with the pendant is pretty alright and wearable on the other side. Still, in combination with the two pearl necklaces, I’m not happy with this set. 

Crystal Pendant Necklace From SheIn

A gold necklace with crystal pendant from SheIn.

Lastly, let’s take a look at this gold necklace with a crystal. I didn’t notice any marks when I opened the package of the necklace. The necklace and pendant looked quite alright from the quality, my only issue was the loose pendant´ again.

Contrary to the necklace with the heart pendant, there was no big jump ring on the one side of the necklace, so the pendant can easily fall off from the necklace. This is good if you want to wear the pendant with another chain, but still gives me a cheap impression. 

A gold SheIn necklace with a dirty-turned crystal pendant.

After my tests, I did notice some differences on the necklace eventually. The chain didn’t look much different but now there are some brown marks on the crystal pendant as well as a bit of sediment from the dish soap around the metal parts that hold the crystal. The brown spots might come from the chain as it started to rust and touched the crystal. 

To be honest with you, I can’t say much against this necklace. The crystal made of stone doesn’t look exactly like a real crystal, but the necklace looks good.

Is SheIn Jewelry Good?

When I decided to make this SheIn jewelry review, I expected several pieces to rust or break apart or something like that. And I definitely got some of these aspects. But can you really expect high-quality products with so low prices?

Probably not. So, is SheIn’s jewelry quality good? From huge disasters to okay but not good jewelry to quite good jewelry, I had everything in this review. All in all, I can’t say, SheIn’s jewelry has good-quality. And although some pieces are okay, I don’t necessarily want to have okay-jewelry, but great jewelry!

So no, it’s not great quality. While on the other side, most people probably don’t expect a good quality piece that lasts for ages when buying from SheIn.

If you have already bad jewelry at home but some parts of it are okay, why don’t you try to recycle them and make new jewelry pieces out of it? Definitely a more sustainable way of our jewelry consumption.