What Is Permanent Jewelry? + Interview With A Permanent Jeweler

Maybe you have seen the viral TikTok video from Truly Blessed Jewels or you know someone who has been talking about it a lot. Tattoos are out, permanent jewelry is in. But what is permanent jewelry exactly? Can it be harmful to us? These and more questions I’ll answer today in this post. 

All the pictures are from Finely Fused Permanent Jewelry. The pictures are photographed by Shot By T.

What Is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry pieces are firstly not very different from normal chain bracelets, chain anklets, and rings. The difference is that permanent bracelets, anklets, and rings don’t have a clasp to open and close the piece. 

Your chosen chain bracelet, for example, is welded around your wrist. The jeweler welds the chain perfectly fitting, as loose or tight as you want it, to your wrist and closes the bracelet often with a jump ring.

How To Do Permanent Jewelry? – The Process

Since permanent jewelry is welded around your wrist, you cannot do it at home and have to do it at a jeweler. Check on the internet or call your local jeweler if they offer permanent jewelry. If you found a place, you often can make an appointment since the whole procedure can take a bit of time.

There are also some jewelers who open pop-up stores for permanent jewelry, as well as you can book some jewelers who come directly to your party or to your home. 

First, you can choose your bracelet, anklet, or ring. In some jewelry stores, you can also purchase a body chain.

The chain is very often 14k solid gold or gold-filled, a high-quality material so the permanent jewelry is waterproof, tarnish-free, and doesn’t lose its shine and color quickly.

Sterling silver is also in some stores an option but the material isn’t as resistant as gold is. You can pick your piece from different chain types and often also add a little gemstone or pearl. The chains are very simple and dainty.

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A range of permanent jewelry chains from Finely Fused.

After you chose your favorite chain, the jeweler measures your wrist, finger, or ankle and cuts the chain to your wished size. With a laser and a welding machine, the jeweler welds both ends of the chain together and connects them with a jump ring. This direct process isn’t harmful to your skin, doesn’t hurt, and is often quite quick.

How Long Does Permanent Jewelry Last?

Permanent Jewelry is usually made of 14k solid gold or gold-filled. Because of the gold, permanent jewelry can last for very many years.

Does It Hurt To Get A Permanent Bracelet?

No. The permanent bracelet is welded around your wrist and under that is also sometimes a protection cloth. With or without the cloth, getting a permanent bracelet does not hurt. 

Why Should I Get Permanent Jewelry? 

Permanent jewelry is for all ages and all genders. Thanks to the very often simple and dainty chain designs, you can wear the pieces on a daily basis and they match almost every outfit. 

But the reason why most people get permanent jewelry is that it is often connected to a special moment or person.

Best friends, family members, or partners can have a permanent jewelry piece together that lasts for years and always connects you to your loved ones. Many people also purchase a permanent jewelry piece to connect a special event or moment of their life to the piece.

You remember your wedding, a family event, a big celebration, or just a special time period of your life – and that simply with a piece of jewelry.

Since some jewelers offer to come to your house, you can create this special bond directly at the moment!

Why Should I Not Get Permanent Jewelry?

Now that we talked about many great aspects of this new trend, let’s take a look at some issues it brings. 

  • Seasonal Changes: Maybe you’ve experienced it before, in summer your ring fits perfectly but in winter it’s too tight. Your body changes when it’s hot and cold. Having a permanent ring can cause problems: Either you bought it in December, then it doesn’t hold tight in the summer anymore, or you bought it in July and it’s too tight in winter. 
  • Body Changes: Our body is a very complex system and it goes through a lot of changes during our lifetime. In case of weight loss or gain, whether it’s intended or not, our sizes and our body changes, and some pieces might not fit us anymore. If you wear a permanent jewelry piece, you might feel uncomfortable with it or have to take it off. It might give you pressure about thinking if you should keep it, and fit into it again, or throw it away. Of course, this is very individualistic, but it’s an aspect to keep in mind before getting permanent jewelry. 
  • Strict Workplace: Not in every job you are allowed to wear jewelry that can be seen, because of medical or other reasons. Permanent jewelry might be no problem for you at the moment, but in case of a professional change or stricter regulations at your current job, you should think twice about getting permanent jewelry. 
  • Sports: The same goes for sports. For some sports, it can be risky and dangerous to wear jewelry all the time, for example, kickboxing. In professional group sports, there might also be regulations that prevent you from wearing jewelry.
  • Airport Security: In most cases, people wearing jewelry don’t have problems going through airport security. You usually don’t have to take it off. However, there have been exceptions in some airports in which passengers had to take off their jewelry. As said before, these are not the usual cases but it is not 100% safe that your airport security check also goes smoothly.
  • Allergic Reaction: Maybe you already know about certain allergies you have, maybe you don’t. In case you get a strong allergic reaction, your wrist or finger might get swollen and you have to take off your jewelry quickly. A permanent jewelry piece can cause dramatic problems here.
  • Medical Emergencies: Having talked about allergic reactions before, medical emergencies might cause problems. In case of a car accident, a permanent bracelet can get stuck in the car or have to be cut through by doctors. In times of emergency, cutting through your permanent jewelry can take the time that the doctors don’t have. Of course, these are just rare situations but in case they do happen, can cause major problems. Whether in an emergency or not, jewelry pieces can’t be worn during an MRI or other medical procedures.

Is The Criticism Justified? 

It’s important to look at things from different angles and perspectives. That’s what we do now with our criticism of permanent jewelry.

Workspace: It is clear that for some professions, you just can’t always wear jewelry. For those people that have jobs where you just shouldn’t see the jewelry – what about permanent anklets?

Permanent anklets are often covered, as well as thin. Your beloved ones or memories can be in this situation and also close to you. 

A golden permanent anklet from Finely Fused.

Sports: If you do certain sports activities, you can often over-tape your jewelry pieces. This prevents you and others to get hurt. 

Medical Emergencies: The problems described are reasonable. However, they are not very different from “normal” jewelry. In case of a rapid emergency, permanent jewelry might have to be cut – but normal jewelry has to be too. When it has to go fast, the doctors don’t wait and look for the bracelet clasp, they cut it as well. Here, a critic of jewelry is the case and not permanent jewelry specific.

Body changes, airport security, medical procedures, seasonal changes: In those cases, you have to, or should take off your permanent jewelry. And yes, it is not really technically permanent then.

Since permanent jewelry pieces are usually very thin, you can cut your permanent bracelet yourself, either with scissors, pliers, or wire cutters. Some can even be ripped off by hand if you pull hard enough.

In most cases, you can bring the permanent jewelry again to your jeweler who welds the piece again together. Make sure you cut your piece at the jump ring. Ask your local jeweler before getting the permanent piece, if they offer this service.

With this opportunity, you can take off your piece before an operation or medical procedure or before a flight. In case of body changes, you can cut your jewelry piece and get it resized.

If you know you have trouble wearing the same jewelry pieces in winter and summer, you can cut your pieces in winter and get them welded together in summer again!

A jump rings holds together the gold permanent necklace from Finely Fused.

Should I Get Permanent Jewelry?

To sum up our little debate, let’s look at the most important things. In case of medical emergencies, permanent or “normal” jewelry doesn’t make a big difference. When your body changes, you take a plane, you have medical procedures or your body is different in each season, you are able to cut your jewelry and take it off. This “permanent” thing is really just marketing. If you want and your jeweler offers it, you can get your permanent jewelry welded together again. 

However, permanent jewelry is not for everyone. If you work in specific jobs or are a professional athlete, permanent jewelry may not be the right thing for you. Since it is not the cheapest, you should consider if your body changes quickly. Of course, you can never be sure what happens in the upcoming future, e.g. if you get pregnant for example, but have it in mind when you get your permanent jewelry.

BONUS: Interview With Hannah From Finely Fused Permanent Jewelry

Finely Fused is a jewelry company that offers permanent jewelry pieces and services. The team from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada has pop-up stores, is at events, and has a studio to book appointments there. All the pictures you’ve seen in this article are clients and jewelry pieces from Finely Fused, by the way. I was glad to have a little chat with the Finely Fused owner Hannah.

How did you come to the idea of making permanent jewelry?

Hannah: I saw it online and loved the idea! I looked around to get it done locally but couldn’t find anywhere so I decided to open a business myself!

What age do the customers have to be to get a permanent bracelet?

Hannah: No age limits! Lots of babies, toddlers, and kids have gotten pieces.

How much does a permanent bracelet cost at Finely Fused?

Hannah: Prices vary based on metal type and type of jewelry. They range from $20-$90.

Can permanent jewelry break?

Hannah: Yes. Like all jewelry, there is a risk of your chain breaking. These chains may be dainty but do fine with day-to-day use living! I offer free repairs and I’ll do my best to fix it.

Do you think permanent jewelry can cause any issues or danger? E.g. during sport

Hannah: I think that each person needs to weigh the risks of wearing jewelry while participating in sporting events. These pieces can be cut off and welded back on as needed.