All The Jewelry Tips & Tricks You Need

When it comes to jewelry, we want to be careful. They can be very expensive and we don’t want, or can’t, just throw money around us for new jewelry pieces every month. 

In this guide, you will learn all the secret tips and tricks for fashionable and affordable handling with jewelry. You are right here if you want to know more about how to style jewelry, what you should look out for when buying jewelry, or how you keep your jewelry as long as possible.

Additionally, we tell you some easy hacks with which your working with jewelry gets easier.

Jewelry Hacks
Jewelry Styling Tips
Jewelry Advice
Buying Jewelry – Tips And Hacks

Jewelry Hacks

In our first category, I show you some great jewelry hacks. You might think, you don‘t need any tricks with jewelry – until you read these hacks! Some of them just make your life with jewelry easier, some might actually really help you in difficult situations. Curious?

Bracelet Closing Hacks

Who doesn’t know it? You’re in a rush and quickly want to put on your favorite bracelet but you just can’t do it with one hand. Luckily, there are two easy closing hacks.

For the first hack, you only need a bobby pin or paper clip next to your bracelet. Before putting your bracelet on, thread the bobby pin or the clip through the jump ring near the clasp of the bracelet. Take then the pin or clip in your hand, hold it, and wrap your bracelet normally around your wrist. You can now easily close the clasp.

Tape your bracelet to your wrist to easily close the bracelet.

Another method is to tape one part of the bracelet to your wrist. And it’s as easy as it sounds! Take a strap of clear or washi tape and tape the bracelet part with the jump ring to your skin, wrap the bracelet around your wrist, and close the clasp. Rip off gently the tape and you’re good to go.

Layering Necklaces Hack

Layered necklaces have become a huge trend again and it is a really nice jewelry styling type. But, especially when two necklaces have the same length, it often can look messy when they just lay over each other.

For this hack, lay your necklaces open around your neck, and have both clasp parts in front of your chest. Do this hack in front of a mirror for some help. Close the necklaces again but close one part of the first necklace with the other part of the second necklace, and vice versa. You now have a long chain necklace wrapped around your neck.

Gently move your necklaces, so the clasp is at the back again. You now can easily, and gently, pull down the necklace that you want to have lower, while the other necklace is pulled higher. Your necklaces with recently the same length are now movable and have the exact lengths that you want them to have. 

Want to know more about how to layer necklaces? You find here all the tips and tricks to style your set of layered necklaces.

Nail Polish Hack

Jewelry tarnishes. That‘s normal. It is also normal that certain jewelry materials with a bad quality turn your skin green or black. To avoid this coloration, this nail polish hack might help you out.

A clear nail polish on the inside a gold ring to prevent it from tarnishing.

Put clear nail polish on the insides of your ring, or on the sides of the jewelry that touches your skin. This may prevent your skin from turning green. However, it must be said that this hack doesn’t necessarily mean your jewelry won’t tarnish.

You should also be careful since every skin reacts differently and you don’t know for sure that the clear nail polish does harm your skin. So, in case you notice anything weird on your skin after using this hack, be careful and talk to your doctor if necessary. 

Earring Organization Hacks

There are many jewelry organizing options that can help you a lot in having a clean jewelry collection. With earrings, it can get a little bit annoying since they are so small, especially stud earrings.

And if you do find one part of the earrings that you’ve been looking for, you might not find the other part in your messy jewelry box. To solve this problem, here are two hacks. 

Stud earrings stabbed in a colored paper to keep it well organized.

For the first hack, all you need are your earrings and a piece of thick ribbon, paper, cardboard, or whatever else you find. Separate the earrings from their ending part and stick them in the ribbon or material that you chose.

Stack the ending part back on the earring and it’s secured and stuck on the ribbon. Do the same with all of your earrings. Stud earrings work here great but you can also make a little hole in the ribbon, and thread other earrings inside, as well. Try out which of your pieces work, but be careful and gentle.

Now, you have an organized ribbon, cardboard, or something similar on which you see all your earrings at once. You can put your new earring organizer back in your jewelry box, hang it on the wall, or let it stand in your room. 

In this hack, you don’t need anything else but the earrings and the box they’ve been laying in. The hack only works for stud earrings this time. Separate one earring of the earring pair from its back.

Thread the actual earring part through the holes of the earring back from the other earring. Put the back again on the first earring. Now, you have both earring parts connected together, as you can see in the picture.

Loose Ring Hack

Maybe your loved ones bought the wrong size, the ring was just in one size available, or you lost some weight. There are many reasons why your ring is too loose. But with this simple trick, you still can wear your loose ring.

All you have to do is wear your loose ring on one finger and stack another ring just on top of it. That’s it.

If the second ring isn’t too loose too, then your first loose ring won’t do any problems since another fitting ring is over it and will stop the ring from falling off. The extra ring can be a very simple one so it doesn’t distract from your possible statement ring that is too loose.

There are also simple and clear ring adjusters that you can buy, in case you really don’t want to wear a second ring on top of your loose ring. These are often small plastic or silicone pieces that you put between your ring and your finger. This is one possible adjuster if you’re interested.

Stuck Ring

Let’s look at the other ring problem: the ring is too tight. It’s one thing if you know your ring is too tight and you can’t wear it, but it’s another thing if you just noticed that your ring is too while you are wearing it!

So, in case your ring is stuck on your finger at this very moment, or if this might happen to you in the future, here is an easy trick to get you out of it.

All you need is a thicker ribbon or string. First, thread your ribbon or string from the top down through your stuck ring. Pull the ribbon down a bit and wrap the ribbon that is above the ring around your finger several times.

Now, pull the upper part of the ribbon up, so your ring moves upwards your finger and through the wrapped ribbon. It might hurt a little bit, but with this method, your ring can come off easily.

Secure Necklaces Hack

Our last hack is for all our necklace people. For special events or just for everyday outfits, we don’t want our look to look weird because our necklace moves and it might happen that the necklace clasp is at the front and not our beautiful pendant. This can be very annoying.

But, as you might figure by now, we have an easy trick for your necklaces to stay the way they should. Wear your necklace the way you want it to stay. Ask someone if they can help you with the next step. Put your hair to the side, hold your necklace clasp up, and put a little bit of eyelash glue at the spot where your clasp should be.

Let it cool for some seconds and put then the necklace clasp on the glue spot. Let this also dry for a few minutes before you put your hair over it again. With this little trick, your clasp should hold that space while moving and that for the rest of the day.

Jewelry Styling Tips

Next to the outfit colors, the clothes, the style, and many more aspects to consider, styling your jewelry the best can be difficult. Here are some quick tips you can use anytime that just make sense.

The 2-1-1 Rule

The 2-1-1 rule or the 1-1-2 rule can be interpreted differently. For example, you can use this rule when wearing rings. Wear on the one hand two rings and on the other hand one ring. This creates a feeling of balance.

A simple ring, a fancy ring and a statement ring represent the 2-1-1 styling rule.

Here, it can look really good if you match a statement ring with a simple and clean ring on the one hand and a fancy but not too big ring on the other side. Another way to go for the 1-1-2 rule is when wearing jewelry in general.

For example, wear one necklace, one bracelet, and one ring. Or what about one ring, one bracelet, and two necklaces?

This very simple “rule” makes your outfit look fit together, gives it a balance, and spices it up with jewelry pieces while not being overloaded. While creating your daily outfit, you can always check the 1-1-2 rule to not accidentally wear all your favorite pieces at once.

Mixing Metals

This jewelry styling tip doesn’t need much explanation. While some jewelry materials look amazing on warm skin tones and others on colder skins, everyone should wear every metal if they want to. And it even looks good too!

A gold bangle and a silver necklace as good matching metals.

Mixing gold and silver jewelry has become very common and trendy in fashion and can look good in almost every outfit. It makes your outfit special and unique. However, make sure to not exaggerate. Already colorful outfits or looks with big patterns or shapes might look chaotic with even mixed jewelry materials.

So, be aware that some looks work better or some might look messy with mixed jewelry pieces. A simple white shirt with blue jeans is for example a great look to wear with both silver and gold jewelry. 

Mixing Styles

 Next to mixed materials, we can’t get away from mixing different jewelry styles, too. You’ve seen it in many fashion trends before: laces with chunky boots, skirts with oversized pullovers, or classy dresses with sneakers. Styles are always mixed, why not do the same with jewelry styles?

A beaded bracelet, a thicker silver chain necklace and a thin gold necklace as a styling tip.

Creating new style genres, breaking expectations, and just having fun with mixing and changing jewelry habits. Great style breaks are for example dainty gold with chunky gold chains, popular in the gold jewelry aesthetic, colorful beaded bracelets with an elegant ring, or big hoops with a simple and small gemstone necklace pendant.

You don’t have enough of styling your jewelry perfectly? Find out how to style your rings to your outfit or your necklaces.

DIY Body Chain

This last tip is more like a jewelry styling hack than an actual tip. Body chains are a fun jewelry accessory for the summer or spring. But who really has waist chains at home?

To make your own body/waist chain, all you need are two or three chain necklaces. Unclasp the necklaces, close several ones together to one big chain, wrap it around your waist or body part, and close the clasp. Maybe you have one necklace too much or you need another one.

Adjust it as much as you have to. And don’t worry if the necklaces don’t work perfectly together, as we just learned, mixing styles and colors is fun. 

Jewelry Advice

When wearing jewelry regularly, we want to make sure that we treat our jewelry well – as well as we treat ourselves well. That‘s why I want to remind you of some aspects that are important when wearing jewelry often.

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning jewelry reminds me of dentists telling me to floss my teeth or doctors reminding me to exercise and eat healthily. It’s difficult, okay? But for real, cleaning your jewelry pieces regularly isn’t that difficult. Every time you take off your jewelry after a long day, wipe your pieces with a soft cloth before putting it in your jewelry box.

This takes only a few seconds and is so helpful right away! A monthly or weekly jewelry clean day is also a great habit to include in your life. You don’t need much things and time to clean your jewelry properly, cleaning your gold-plated jewelry, for example.

Make it as comfortable as possible, watch your favorite show during your cleaning session, listen to music, or reward yourself after the cleaning with some great food. It might be an effort to start the routine and clean your pieces regularly but your jewelry will love you for that.

Organizing Correctly

Of course, organizing your jewelry is very important to have a clean jewelry collection, don’t let your jewelry tarnish, and not let it get tangled. But it also makes you feel happier about your jewelry pieces.

Necklaces hanging on a picture frame as a DIY necklace organizer.

And whatever jewelry organizing method you use, a good tip is to organize your jewelry in a way that you can actually see the pieces. Don’t put it all away in bags or paper. If you see all of your jewelry, it’s more likely that you actually will wear the pieces.

In case you don’t see your pieces, you might not remember what you have in your collection and so will not wear all of your pieces. 

Jewelry During Sleep

Lastly, I want to remind you of an important aspect of wearing jewelry. Since jewelry can be so full of memories, feelings, or connections to people and moments, that we never want to take it off. Or you just really like your pieces and you probably wear them tomorrow too, so why should you take them off for one night?

Sleeping with your jewelry on can become quite dangerous. Wearing long earrings, chunky chain necklaces, spikey detailed pieces, chokers, or other tight or big jewelry pieces might hurt you in your sleep. You don’t know how you move and exactly what you do. You don’t have control over your jewelry pieces either.

They might fall off or get stuck on your pillow or blanket. The best thing to do is to take off every jewelry piece during your sleep. But at least take off the jewelry that might hurt you if you don’t have control over yourself or the pieces.

Buying Jewelry – Tips And Hacks

It‘s probably no surprise that you can do several things wrong when buying jewelry, not even mentioning buying jewelry online. That‘s why here are some great tips on what you just look out for before buying new jewelry pieces.

Jewelry In Children’s Area

Let’s start with a quick jewelry-buying hack. Check the children’s jewelry area! It might sound weird in the beginning, but if you think about it, it does make sense.

A kids‘ beaded necklace can be cheaper than in the women‘s section.

Of course, you can’t wear all the kids’ jewelry pieces, since it’s way too small, but you can look for their necklaces. You can wear kids’ necklaces as thin chokers or maybe wear them as bracelets or anklets. Cute and simple earrings can also work. As you might have assumed already, children’s clothes as well as jewelry are cheaper than the pieces in the women’s section.

So, next time you’re looking for cute and simple jewelry pieces, take a look at the children’s jewelry section from your favorite jewelry shop.

Building A Jewelry Wardrobe

It can be very satisfying to have a great jewelry collection with pieces that you love and that you all want to wear. To find these pieces and to create a great jewelry wardrobe, there are three aspects that you should consider. The three golden P’s, one might say. 

  1. Practicality: How well can you wear the jewelry? Is it practical for everyday life?  
  2. Personality: Does the jewelry fit my personal style? Can I identify with the value, motive, statement, or vibe that it represents? Do I like it? 
  3. Pass-down: Is it high quality? Does it have such a good quality that I might pass it down to my children? 

Every time you purchase a new jewelry piece, think about these three Ps. Is it practical? Do I like it? Is it high quality? 

But, we want to include one more important aspect: The priority of each aspect can differ. This means that one piece of jewelry might not be very everyday practical, but it really fits your personality and you really love it. Or, it’s a piece you normally wouldn’t get because it’s not your usual style, but it has a really good quality.

So, I’m saying that of course, you should consider these three Ps, but it’s also a scale and sometimes one aspect is bigger than the other aspects. 

A small shoutout to Heather from pigmami on TikTok for this awesome jewelry wardrobe guide!

Knowledge Before Investment

Some people find it alright to wear jewelry pieces that might not have perfect quality but are cheap and affordable. But if you do have the possibility to afford high-quality pieces, investing in some everyday jewelry pieces might be an option for you.

High-quality jewelry that is more expensive often has much longer durability and you can be sure to have good materials touching your skin every day. However, before you do put tons of money in your hands, think about what jewelry style you have.

And not just the style: What are your favorite jewelry types, materials, designs, or style directions and pieces that you would really wear every day? Of course, your preferences can change throughout your life. But still, find the types of pieces, materials, and so on that you know you can very regularly.

And these are the jewelry pieces you could invest in. By the way, 14 k gold, next to other good jewelry materials, is a great everyday jewelry material.