What’s The Best Jewelry For Prom?

Finding a good dress for prom can be difficult on its own. But trying to find jewelry that matches your look amazing and is affordable can be even harder. To find these perfect pieces you have to be aware of your clothing and how it should function with your dress.

What Do You Want Your Jewelry For?

The first question for you to answer is what you want your jewelry to do. For that, you’ve got to “analyze” your dress.

  • Is it glittery?
  • With a lot of pearls?
  • Do you have laces?
  • Or is it rather simple?
  • Is your dress quite big with tulle or does it fit closely?

You have to pose yourself the question of deciding if you want your jewelry to match your dress or if you want it to stand out. Maybe this question has been on your mind since you bought your dress, but if not, it is necessary for your following thoughts.

The Piece

So, you know now how your jewelry and your dress should work together. Of course, the actual part of the jewelry is next in line.

Whatever function your jewelry should have, make sure that it matches your dress style. A flowy boho dress probably wouldn’t fit with an elegant pearl necklace. What about color? Colored dresses match the same-colored jewelry. 

But you can also try to analyze what metal would match the best. Okay, or you just check my list.

The Perfect Necklace

A necklace can be the perfect piece of jewelry, to round off your outfit for the night. But, to have this massive effect on your outfit, you must first find the perfect necklace. That can’t be so difficult. If you do have struggles, check out our little guidebook on how to find your perfect necklace.

These three gold and silver necklaces are a good match for a gold prom dress with a v neck.

Shopping Affordably

Because we also want to bling wisely on prom night and not just in daily life, we’re going to take a look at how to find something cute AND cheap. Prom night is special. And for a special night, we want special jewelry. 

One way, and the cheapest way, is to take a look at what you already have at home which includes asking your mum, grandma, sister, or others what they have in their boxes.

Maybe you find an old vintage piece that works well or a piece that the person never liked but works perfectly with your dress. But don’t worry, there are easy tricks on how you can recycle your old jewelry. 

If you weren’t successful there or you don’t want to, buying new jewelry works always. When you are capable of doing so, prom is a great excuse in buying jewelry that is a bit more expensive.

You want to feel safe that night and focus on the people and the dancing. It might be that with some really good quality jewelry pieces you do feel better. If you still feel unsure, just click here for reading our great post on how to find cheap but good-quality jewelry.

A box full of potentially good jewelry pieces

What Jewelry To Wear When Going Out

When finding the right jewelry for prom, you do have to think about what night you want to have. I’m taking here dancing wildly or softly, being out till late in the night or ending it early.

You want your jewelry to be comfortable and something that you don’t have to worry about the whole time. Oh shoot, is my necklace at the right spot? We don’t want that. So, make sure that:

  • The clasps are in good condition. You don’t want to check your necklace or bracelet the whole evening if your jewelry is still there. Same with earrings.
  • Your pieces are nice to wear. Before prom, you should have tried wearing your jewelry at least for one whole day.If you didn’t mind at all wearing your jewelry, that’s great. But if you couldn’t wait to take it off in the evening, then you should reconsider wearing it for prom.
  • Is dancing safe? If you’re one of those people that you always see on the dancefloor you should test your pieces before too. Yes, I’m talking dancing your body off in your living room and checking if your jewelry is resistant.
The blue dress matches well with the silver bracelets.

What Metal To What Dress Color

Silver jewelry:

  • Black: The dark color creates a perfect contrast to the light shining silver tone. With that, your jewelry piece pops out well.
  • Dark and royal blue: The deep of these colors creates a great harmony with the light silver. Because it’s a winter color, the silver tone can represent the shining winter weather and atmosphere.
  • Bordeaux/Burgundy: The same works with burgundy colors. The warm purple works are great with silver pieces.
  • Grey and white: Although these are the opposite of the shades before, especially big statement pieces go well with a simpler and more elegant outfit in white or grey.

Gold jewelry:

  • Black: Yep, it’s black again. But you can’t do anything wrong with black.
  • Emerald green: this really warm color just works perfectly with gold. It has a deep tone and complements the yellow tone in the gold well.
  • Red: Another great warm color. Especially an intense red tone can shine great with a strong gold piece.
  • Yellow: A yellow outfit can be perfectly added with gold jewelry. But, be careful. Because gold and yellow have similar shades, they can easily look too much at once. Try to go here, depending on the dress, with less jewelry. White or lighter gold jewelry would also work well because it is lighter.

Well, these are just some rules that can help you. But more importantly, you can disagree with these suggestions. Mixing gold and silver has been in style for some time now and you can easily choose yourself what colors you think match with silver and gold jewelry.

Need some more tips on what jewelry to wear with your dress? Click here to see more matching jewelry pieces with more colors.

Are You Ready?

You made your thoughts and can finally go shopping for your perfect piece, wu! We put everything for you that is important to reconsider in a chart. But remember:

The most important thing is to find a piece that you feel happy and comfortable in. Of course, your family and friends can help you make that decision but you are the one wearing it to a night you probably want to remember. And I suppose, you don’t want to think of your annoying jewelry accident when you have thought of prom, or do you?

What does my dress look like? What style is it?Big and conspicuous or simple
What do I want my jewelry to do?Matching your outfit or standing out
How long am I going to stay out? Will I dance a lot?Clasps shouldn’t be damaged, pieces should feel comfortable, and moving and dancing shouldn’t ruin the jewelry.
What metal works with my dress color?Silver goes with: black, burgundy, dark and royal blue, grey and white
Gold goes with: black, green, red, and yellow
How do I feel about the jewelry?Comfortable and safe