How To Find Jewelry For Mom

Our moms need gifts. On mother’s day, Christmas and birthdays, we want to show our moms all the love by giving her something special. But, finding a good gift that expresses our gratitude can be hard. 

I show you today that jewelry is a great choice and all the options that jewelry gifts for your mom bring. And yes, there are more possibilities than just any bracelet from some store near you. 

Personalized Mom Jewelry

Jewelry pieces that are directly made for your mom, basically, can be a great choice. It shows that you made your thoughts and that your gift is special. 

“Mom” Jewelry Piece

There are a lot of brands that designed really pretty jewelry pieces that have “Mom” engraved or are into the design itself. Although some pieces can be a bit cheezy, there are still some cute ones. These can also be word necklaces or a pendant that has “Mom” written on it.

You find a lot of nice jewelry pieces for your mom specifically on Etsy or eBay. For example this personalized “mom” jewelry from Etsy. You can find many pieces in which you can personalize the letter or word.

Another cute shop is Label K. They offer affordable jewelry pieces with “super mom” or other empowering quotes written on them. Check it out here.

The Genuine Zircon Bracelet from Maejean Vintage to show a possible bracelet with a blue birthstone.
Genuine Zircon Bracelet by Maejean Vintage


Another idea is the birthstone. This is a great way to show your love to your mom but it’s a bit more subtle. Every month has one gemstone that is dedicated to the month. Therefore, the month that you were born gives you your birthstone. The gemstone can be as a necklace pendant or in earring studs, rings, or bracelet charms. GIA gives you a good guide on birthstones.

The Art Nouveau Brooch from Maejean Vintage as a good example of a birthday flower jewelry piece for mom.
Art Nouveau Brooch by Maejean Vintage

Birthday Flower

As well as there is a gemstone for each month, there are also birth month flowers. There are great jewelry brands that create flower designs on their pieces. A birthday flower jewelry piece is a great gift for your mom since it’s special and pretty and not very cheezy. And, flowers are just a great way for a mom’s gift.

The Vintage Libra Charm from Maejean Vintage as a good astrology piece for your mom.
Vintage Libra Charm by Maejean Vintage

Astrology Pieces

Another personal jewelry gift is a piece connected with your mom’s zodiac signs. If your mom has no interest in astrology, this gift isn’t maybe the best gift. However, if your mom is interested, there are pretty jewelry pieces that include your mom’s zodiac sign in their designs. 

The Vintage Photo Locket from Maejean Vintage as a good example of a locket necklace for your mom.
Vintage Photo Locket by Maejean Vintage


This jewelry piece can be either very cheezy or beautiful. It depends on your mom. But, I still wanted to give you this option. Put a cute picture of yourself or both you and your mom in a locket pendant. 

Jewelry About Her

Although cute personalized jewelry pieces are good options, they might not always be very personal to your mom specifically. For a really great jewelry gift, you have to do some digging. Getting a really personal gift. A jewelry piece that she could use and really like. 

Her Favorites

Are there some colors, jewelry pieces, necklace length, jewelry styles, or anything else, that your mom really likes? Any symbols or themes or interests? Try to look first at what jewelry pieces or colors your mom would like. Then, think about her interests. If she’s interested in going to the beach or surfing, get her a sea shell necklace. If she likes a certain celebrity or band, see if they have pretty jewelry merchandise and sets. 

Her Style

When finding the perfect jewelry piece, look at your mom’s jewelry style. You have two options:

  1. Gift a matching jewelry piece. The safest option is to gift your mom a jewelry piece that is similar to her style. In this case, it’s more likely that your mom will actually like the piece and will also wear it. 
  2. Gift a new style of the jewelry piece. When you gift your mom jewelry, e.g. a statement piece, that she hasn’t worn in that style yet, it’s more surprising and exciting. Yes, it’s more likely that she won’t like and wear the jewelry piece but in the best case, she’ll be thrilled and has a new favorite piece. Experimenting with fashion can be quite fun. 

Just you can decide how much your mom is open to a new fashion piece. If she only wears one style of jewelry and she hasn’t changed that for years, a completely new piece might be difficult. If you know your mom likes fashion or trying out new things in general, this might be an actual option. 

The Modern Jewelry Set from Maejean Vintage as a good jewelry matching set for your mom.
Modern Jewelry Set by Maejean Vintage

Matching Set

We’re going now a step further to gifting something from her usual style. Is there a necklace or ring that she wears all the time? Maybe you find a similar piece that is very good at matching it. If possible, see if you find out the brand of her favorite jewelry.

Look in the internet if there is an actual jewelry set, e.g. a necklace with a heart pendant and a pair of stud earrings with the same heart. If you don’t find a matching set, see if you can find a similar motive or design that would work. Maybe a gold ring with the same emerald stone as in her earrings. 

A gold necklace with a cross as a good example of a religious jewelry piece for your mom.

Religious Symbols

As talked about her interests before, a religious symbol on a jewelry piece can also be a good choice. Maybe you both share the same religion? Here, of course, it’s very specific to your mom and her beliefs. But, if it’s an important part of her life, it might be a good option for a jewelry gift. 

A mood ring as a good example of a vintage jewelry piece for your mom.
A mood ring is a typical 90s

Vintage/Retro Piece

A great idea is to gift your mom jewelry that reminds her of her youth. Maybe, you two talked about what pieces she wore in her past, you can check out her old pieces, or you can look at some of her old pictures. If some pieces are damaged or very old, or missing, you can take a look in the internet of you find jewelry that has a similar style. Thrift and second-hand stores are also good. This would definitely be a special and exciting jewelry gift for your mom.  [LINK zu 90s/80s]

Jewelry That Connects 

When thinking about a gift, personal gifts are one great option. Another one is a symbolic gift. This way is very popular as a jewelry gift. I want to show you that jewelry can be a great symbol of how you and your mom are connected to another. With simple things, i.e. with a good jewelry piece, your mom remembers you daily and has you always with you. It’s just very cute.

The Toi Et Moi RIng from Maejean Vintage as a good example of a family ring for your mom.
Toi Et Moi Ring by Maejean Vintage

Family Ring

A family ring is a very good way of showing your mom what you mean to her. In a family ring, or bracel, or necklace, etc., your birthstone lies next to your mom’s birthstone. Remember the meaning of a birthstone? [LINK] Your two pretty birthstones in a bracelet or a ring is a pretty symbol of your bond. 

The Estate Heart Earrings from Maejean Vintage as a good symbolic pendant for your mom.
Estate Heart Earrings by Maejean Vintage

Symbolic Pendant

Other symbols can also stand for your connection to your mom. There are simple motives such as hearts. A necklace with two connected hearts, for example, is a cute option. There are also other motives that you might like more that can symbolize a connection between you.

Engraved Jewelry

Two round pendants on a necklace which are engraved with your initials is a sweet jewelry gift for your mom. There are many online brands where you can engrave your both initials, dates or other words. In rings, bracelets or pendants, it might be a cute option for you. 

Very many jewelry pieces in which you can engrave words inside, you find on eBay or Etsy. One example is this necklace with a plate pendant from Jewelry Charlotte Shop.

Shared Interest

After thinking about what your mom likes and what could be presented in a jewelry piece, maybe you find something that you both like. Then, you’ve covered an interest of her AND created a connection to you. A two in one jewelry gift basically.

Connection To You

A shared interest that can be symbolized beautifully in a jewelry piece can be hard to find. Is there something you like that can be symbolized in jewelry or do you have an artist that has good jewelry merchandise? Giving your mom something that‘s special to you can create a new connection to you and your mom. 

Other Jewelry Ideas For Mom

A white jewelry box with several rings inside as a good jewelry gift for your mom.

Jewelry Box

A jewelry box is a great idea for gifting with a jewelry piece. Your mom opens your gift and sees the organizing jewelry box, then gets suprised by the beautiful jewelry piece inside the box. It’s also quite likely that your mom‘s jewelry pieces has been overfilled in her old jewelry boxes. 

The Antique Diamond Earrings from Maejean Vintage as a good diamond jewelry gift for your mom.
Antique Diamond Earrings by Maejean Vintage


Yes, also for your mom, diamonds are her best friend. Classic diamond stud earrings or a thin bracelet with a diamond is a, mostly, safe option for a mom jewelry gift. There are also some imitation diamond jewelry pieces, if you don’t want to spend a fortune. I’m sure, your mom won’t know a difference, and if she does, she’ll probably still be grateful. 

Jewelry For Mom – Last Tips 

Before letting you go buy jewelry pieces for your mom, think about these last aspects. 

  • What purpose? Do you want the jewelry to be worn at special events or everyday jewelry? This should be considered before buying the piece. If you know, your mom doesn’t wear jewelry on a daily basis but does for going out, maybe buy her something classy. Think about her daily and going out situation and include that in your decision. 
  • Gift Combination: It might be that your jewelry gift exceeds your budget but you really want that special piece for your mom. Get together with your siblings, your mom‘s spouse, friends or other family members and ask if they contribute to your gift idea. With this, you can buy the special piece that you wanted to give her without going bankrupt.

Now, that you found the perfect jewelry piece for your mom, hopefully, let‘s talk about the gift package. Surely, you can easily pack your jewelry gift in a normal paper bag or leave it in the jewelry box. OR you check out these 5 easy jewelry wrapping hacks for pretty and unique jewelry gifts!