How To Find The Best Jewelry For Your Boyfriend

Why Jewelry Is A Great Gift For Your Boyfriend

Some of you might think jewelry isn’t a good gift to get for your boyfriend – and I get that. But, since you already read this far, and maybe even googled for jewelry for the boyfriend, you might have an idea why jewelry is a great gift. Let me show you all the reasons. 

Jewelry To Surprise Or To Acknowledge Him

First, there are two options for how your boyfriend may think about your jewelry gift in the first minutes he opens the gift. Either he is going to be surprised. He may not have worn jewelry before or just very minimally and you catch him off guard. But this can be a totally good thing!

Especially in long-lasting relationships, gifts might turn into conveniences and not about the gesture anymore. By surprising your partner, you can bring something new to the relationship.

And it’s not just the relationship part, you show him new opportunities to style an outfit, new ways to express himself, and you just let him know that he can change and try new things around you.

And all of that by gifting jewelry! Of course, just if you want to express that. But if you do, let him know.

On the other hand, your boyfriend might already be interested in the jewelry cosmos. By thinking deeply about what piece of jewelry you show him how much you care about him and his interests and how much you do know him.

It’s also a type of support of what he’s doing and maybe experimenting which you show him here. You’ll find out how to find the perfect jewelry piece for him later in this post or click here if you can’t wait.

The Magic Of Jewelry

You might think now that all these emotions and thoughts can be expressed also through other objects and gifts, why should I get him jewelry? Jewelry has something special. And diamonds are not just a girl’s best friend.

But for real, when you gift jewelry it expresses a certain safety, a feeling of wanting a long-lasting and durable relationship, and an admiration of how meaningful the other person is to you. Jewelry can transport a strong feeling if you want it to. 

Let’s recap for a second. In the first option, I’m telling you to gift him something new and surprise him, and right after, I’m telling you to gift him something he knows and that is familiar. How does this go along? Well, when you’re in a long-time relationship, or you just like gifting a lot, you will have a lot of days or events where you need or want a gift for your partner. And in what category your gift will be, can differ every or almost every time.

Let me show you what I mean: For next Christmas, you have a gift that you know he will love because you either have gifted it before or you had wished for that thing. For his next birthday, you are getting more creative and you get him something surprising and fun and a bit riskier, if he likes it or not. At the next event, your boyfriend gets another kind of gift, and so on.

Ok, this might seem a bit stressful to you, but of course, you don’t have to change the type of gift every time. I just wanted to give you this tip on the way for a more fun and special way of finding new gifts.

Jewelry For Your Boyfriend – The Jewelry Experience Scale

To find the best jewelry pieces for your boyfriend I created the Boyfriend Jewelry Experience Scale. The scale is separated into four levels: very inexperienced, rather inexperienced, rather experienced, and very experienced.

In my scale, I mean with “experienced” not just if he has worn jewelry before or not. Does he like jewelry for men generally and what is his opinion about it? Is he open to trying out jewelry?

You can find out these things by asking casually what he thinks of this man’s outfit on Instagram, or telling him a story about a guy friend that recently complained about men’s jewelry and asking for his opinion. I’m sure you find something to secretly rank him on the Jewelry Experience Scale.

Before and during these next paragraphs, think about where your boyfriend is on this imaginary scale. But, two little disclaimers first.

First, ask yourself this question: Would my boyfriend wear jewelry if I gifted it to him? And be honest here. Some men don’t like jewelry on themselves or don’t feel the need or don’t have the interest to style jewelry pieces for their outfits. And that is alright. Just think about it, so later he won’t feel pressured to wear the pieces you got for him. 

The second thing is that you shouldn’t take this scale too seriously. The scale just should give you a rough direction into thinking what jewelry your boyfriend might like.

If you say your boyfriend is rather or pretty experienced with jewelry, you can get him also pieces that I recommended for inexperienced men. These are just general guidelines from which you can make your decisions for a specific person.

Jewelry For The Very Jewelry-Inexperienced Boyfriend

The very jewelry-inexperienced boyfriend has never worn jewelry before and maybe has a rather basic or simple wardrobe. He is not averse to wearing jewelry but he wouldn’t know what pieces to wear or how to style them. It might also feel weird or unusual to him at first. 

For this type of guy, I recommend a couple of jewelry types. A great piece for jewelry starters is a watch. You can gift him a good-looking watch that doesn’t have to be super expensive but that gets him used to the feeling of styling and wearing a maybe shiny accessory. If you notice how much he likes his new chic watch, maybe you get him a simple necklace or bracelet the next year. 

The next possible jewelry piece is a necklace with a cross or another religious symbol. In case your boyfriend believes in a religion, you can think about if he’ll like a jewelry piece that connects his beliefs to his everyday outfit.

This meaningful gift also shows how much you care and support him in his values. It might be easier and more comfortable to wear his first jewelry piece if he has already a deeper connection to it.

Jewelry For The Rather Jewelry-Inexperienced Boyfriend

The rather jewelry-inexperienced boyfriend has potentially not worn jewelry before but he is open to trying out new styles and also trying out jewelry. He maybe is a bit interested in fashion and knows some latest trends. Wearing jewelry might be unusual for him at first but he would know some ways to style it and potentially like wearing it. 

If you put your boyfriend in this category, minimalistic and simple pieces are good first jewelry starters. Several materials next to silver or gold metals are often seen in men’s jewelry, such as wood, leather, or beads. Maybe a rustical leather bracelet or one with clear or black power beads might be good options.

Look here for simple pieces with neutral or dark colors. Don’t go for statement pieces right away. We’ve also seen simple and thin gold or silver chain necklaces that can be styled in many ways and are good jewelry starters.

Choose here either thin or chunkier necklaces, depending on how present the necklace should be. You can find these pieces in many shops and also for affordable prices. 

Jewelry For The Rather Jewelry-Experienced Boyfriend

The rather jewelry-experienced boyfriend has worn jewelry before and also styled it with his outfits but he hasn’t built a jewelry collection so far. He is probably interested in fashion and has fun experiencing trends or new fashion pieces. He is open to new types of jewelry but he still wouldn’t feel comfortable in too extravagant pieces. 

If you recognize your boyfriend here, chain bracelets and necklaces are good gifts. You can go here for thin chains but also try out thicker and more special chains. Maybe you find a rather simple chain necklace with a fun and pretty pendant that is still rather simple and not a statement piece.

Bracelets are a good option since their simple and good everyday jewelry wear. You can go here also for small details in the bracelet or chain bracelet that your boyfriend might like. 

Another great jewelry gifts are promise rings. Yes, also women can gift their boyfriend rings! Rings are small and so often rather simple and not statement jewelry pieces. They have become quite popular in men’s fashion in the last few years as well.

Decide whether or not your boyfriend would prefer very simple and clean rings or if he would also wear them with some stones or special details. Maybe an engraved ring? But more about that later.

A necklace with a gemstone as a good jewelry gift for the rather jewelry-experienced boyfriend.

Lastly, I want to mention birthstones. Basically, everyone has a specific stone or has stones that are connected to the month they were born in. You can get him a jewelry piece with a small gemstone that is your birthstone for example, or from the month you both started dating, or what else comes to your mind.

The gemstone might be the pendant of a necklace or a part of a bracelet. This pop of color might not be for everyone which is why I put this idea in this category. However, it’s a nice way to give a deeper meaning to the jewelry piece and let him think of you or a special moment every time he sees the jewelry. 

Jewelry For The Very Jewelry-Experienced Boyfriend 

The very jewelry-experienced boyfriend has worn jewelry before and has probably a big interest in fashion. He has a jewelry collection and likes styling it for his outfits. He is open to new jewelry pieces while also knowing what pieces he likes and what style he follows. 

For this type of guy, you probably have to do some more work. Think about these questions to find out the best jewelry pieces for him:

  • What style of jewelry does he follow? Are there certain materials, colors, designs, styles, shapes, or other aspects that are repeating in his collection?
  • What style inspiration does he have? What are his style icons or influencers that you can get some ideas from?
  • What brands does he love or wear the most? 
  • What types of jewelry does he like the most? E.g. necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc.
Statement bracelets and necklaces as a good jewelry gift for the very jewelry-inexperienced boyfriend.

Find out the answers by going through his jewelry collection, paying more attention to what he wears the most, looking what kind of people he follows on Instagram, or maybe asking indirectly some questions that help you in the process.

In the end, you can decide whether you want to stick to his style and get him something that is very similar to his current pieces, or if you want to get something more special, more unusual to his current collection. This totally depends on your and his personality. But just being aware of his style and his favorite pieces is a big help in finding the perfect piece.

Personal & Special Jewelry For Your Boyfriend 

Now that I showed you these four types of jewelry experiences your boyfriend can have, I want to show you jewelry gifts that you can gift your boyfriend no matter the level of the scale. I’m talking about personalized jewelry pieces, couple jewelry, and universal symbols.

Personalized Jewelry

A special gift is always a personalizable one – this also goes for jewelry gifts. There are many options on the wide internet where you can get customized jewelry. From engraved rings and pendants to customizable pendants and lockets. There are a lot of jewelry brands out there which create special jewelry pieces for you and your boyfriend. 

Couple’s Jewelry

Another cute idea is to get your boyfriend a jewelry piece that is connected to yours. For example, you can directly buy a matching jewelry set for you and him. There are a lot of brands that offer a necklace or bracelet set with a similar pendant or details, for example.

Another way is to get him a jewelry piece that is matching to a jewelry piece that you wear all time. Maybe you wear this ring with a ruby gemstone, so a necklace with a ruby stone would be the perfect matching gift. In case you don’t find anything matching here, what about a jewelry piece with your favorite gemstone?

Or your favorite chain style or favorite pendant motive? These can be jewelry pieces that might seem all normal but are actually specifically connected to you. 

A special way for couple’s jewelry is getting permanent jewelry. These are often thin and simple chain bracelets or anklets that are specifically welded around your wrist, so you can’t just easily take it off. This represents for many people a way of showing endless love and commitment to their loved ones.

Universal Symbols

As mentioned earlier, gifting jewelry can have a special meaning. You can show your emotions and explain the meaning of the relationship to you. This can be created even more through gifting jewelry that has a specific symbol as a pendant or as part of another detail. Check out what those symbols can be, next to a heart or a crystal.

Getting Jewelry For Your Boyfriend – Last Tips

Before I leave you out in the world of men’s jewelry, I want to mention some last things. It’s going to be very short, I promise.

In case your boyfriend has never worn jewelry before, it might be possible that he won’t wear your gifted piece often – it might be! Still, I’m recommending you get a piece of good quality. It would be just too bad if your partner loves your gift and can’t take it but, but due to the quality it tarnishes or gets damages after a short time.

Maybe invest some money to get a good-quality jewelry piece. Of course, it should still fit in your budget and you probably shouldn’t go too high on it if you can’t!

Next to the actual jewelry gift, your presentation is very important as well. And what doesn’t make a better impression than a unique gift package? There are tons of easy ways to wrap your jewelry yourself.