Jewelry Aesthetics – Gold, Pink And Baddie Jewelry

Jewelry can be a huge part of an outfit. Adding the perfect jewelry pieces to a good-looking outfit can change so much.

That’s why I show you today the matching jewelry pieces to your favorite styles. First, we talk about the gold jewelry aesthetic and what pieces fit into that category. Then we continue with the pink jewelry aesthetic that adds more cuteness to your daily outfits. And lastly, I show you how to boost your confidence with these baddie jewelry pieces.

Gold Jewelry Aesthetic
Pink Jewelry Aesthetic
Baddie Jewelry Aesthetic

Gold Jewelry Aesthetic

Gold jewelry has always been in the trends. Whether it was the 70s, 90s, or today, gold jewelry can almost always spice up your outfit. No wonder the gold jewelry aesthetic has become so popular and many want to know everything about it. 

Well, basically you just wear gold jewelry pieces. Thanks for reading this article, see … Ok just kidding, obviously. I‘ll show you today which pieces to match, what the essentials are, and how to rock a plain outfit with the gold jewelry aesthetic.

Essential Gold Necklaces & Bracelets 

For a pretty gold jewelry aesthetic, gold chains are a must-have. Get yourself many different kinds of chain necklaces and bracelets: thin ones, chunky, long, short, midi-long, and different types of how a chain can be.

More to necklace chain types you find in this The Peach Box blog article.

The different kinds of necklaces give you the chance to layering. A gold chunky midi-long necklace combined with a thinner short gold necklace chain works just great together.

Another great look is to wear a matching bracelet to your necklace. Of course, since they‘re both gold they are kind of matching already, but having the same type of chain is even cooler. You create harmony with a pretty matching set. 

Two thin gold necklaces, one with a heart pendant, a chunky gold chain and another gold necklace.
A very thin gold necklace.

Next to plain necklace chains, don‘t forget necklaces with a pendant. Simple pendants are the best for this gold jewelry aesthetic. Geometrical forms, a round or rectangular plate, work great as a plain gold necklace pendant, but also small motives and shapes can make a great pair.

Because yes, here the layering comes back again. A gold long chunky chain together with a midi-long thin necklace with a cute pendant and a short thin chain is a very pretty combination. 

Essential Gold Earrings & Rings 

When looking at earrings for your gold jewelry aesthetic, you can‘t keep out gold hoops. They can be chunky or more elegant and thinner, bigger or smaller, but you need gold hoops for your gold jewelry aesthetic wardrobe. 

If you have several piercings at your ear, it‘s the perfect time to combine several ones together. Go here, similar to the necklace layering, with different kinds of gold earrings.

For example, gold chunky hoops, dainty small gold earrings, and small pearl stud earrings. This creates a very cute look while not being too much. 

Two thick but small gold hoop earrings.

Essential gold rings in the gold jewelry aesthetic are either small and dainty or small and chunky. The perfect size and style of your rings depend on the jewelry pieces you are already wearing. 

If you want to wear several layered necklaces with a matching bracelet and some chunky earrings, a dainty ring or two might be your best choice. If you wear just a thin necklace with two gold earrings, a chunky ring can optimize your outfit even more. Here, you should really trust your gut and wear the ring or rings that you find the best match to the rest of your jewelry. 

As pretty as a matching necklace and bracelet set is, as well you can do the same with matching earrings and ring sets. Maybe you find a cute set online or you just wear similar pieces that have a similar kind of design. Either way and although it‘s just a small detail, it can look pretty cool and give you a bigger feeling of elegance.

Gold Jewelry Aesthetic – Simple Or Fancy

The gold jewelry pieces that we have talked about so far are mostly very minimalistic jewelry pieces. Simple jewelry is great for stacking and mixing the pieces while working well with almost every outfit. They are just the essentials for a clean gold jewelry aesthetic. 

However, for a fancier outfit, you can also wear gold jewelry pieces that are not just plain and simple. Gold jewelry that has a pop of color, for example, because of a gemstone or small detail, looks great for an elegant outfit. Yes, gold jewelry already has elegance itself, but a small color detail, that matches a piece of your outfit in the best case, can make your outfit even fancier. 

Another way to make your gold jewelry aesthetic look a bit more luxurious is to wear gold jewelry with diamonds and rhinestones. Shiny and glittery jewelry, of course not too many pieces, can dress up your outfit and can give you a luxurious and elegant vibe.

A simple dress with a gold necklace that has a diamond pendant, a tennis bracelet, and two gold rings with one being covered with rhinestones, for example. Doesn‘t this just sound pretty?

Where To Buy Jewelry For The Gold Jewelry Aesthetic 

Of course, almost every jewelry store, or shop that sells jewelry, has gold jewelry pieces. But, I want to show you three jewelry brands that offer many very pretty jewelry pieces that are just perfect for your gold jewelry wardrobe. And they are all very affordable brands, by the way. So, don‘t feel so bad if you have to get several pieces all at once. 

The first jewelry store is Gorgigi. Gorgigi has many beautiful gold jewelry pieces that are gold-plated over sterling silver or a stainless steel core. These materials are perfect for jewelry, unlike other jewelry metals that tarnish easily. I love here the combination of chunky gold bracelets with a freshwater pearl bracelet. 

Ten Wilde is another gorgeous jewelry store. They offer many classical and basic gold jewelry pieces that are just essential for your jewelry box. You should definitely take a look at their minimalistic gold hoops and thin gold necklaces. 

The last shop I want to show you is Sixty Stax. Another brand that has basic but beautiful gold jewelry aesthetic pieces. While Sixty Stax offers thin and minimalistic earrings and necklaces, you can also get yourself unique hoops and cute rope necklaces which are all gold-plated with a sterling silver core as well, by the way. 

Pink Jewelry Aesthetic

Let‘s talk about the pink jewelry aesthetic. Yes, we could say here as well, ‘just get pink jewelry’, but that’s not what we’re doing. The pink jewelry aesthetic does have some trends and styles that we want to show you. 

Trends In The Pink Jewelry Aesthetic 

For this aesthetic, we obviously want to have a color in our jewelry pieces. As you might know from our what jewelry with what color guide, baby pink works great with silver jewelry and bright pink with gold. And that’s the case we have in the pink jewelry aesthetic most of the time. A silver necklace chain with a pink gemstone pendant for example. 

Next to these color coordinations, we see a lot of motives in the aesthetic, in contrast to the gold jewelry aesthetic for example. Hearts, butterflies, and roses are shapes that are very popular in the pink jewelry aesthetic, no wonder since they are all connected to the color pink. 

Next to the color and motive combinations, diamonds, rhinestones, and pearls also work great in the pink jewelry aesthetic. This connection can take place on layered necklaces, fun beaded bracelets, or tackled earrings. 

The pink jewelry aesthetic often represents a “girly” and sweet image, as you can see by the amount of baby pink shades for example. 

Essential Pink Necklaces & Bracelets

A great pink jewelry aesthetic necklace is a silver necklace chain with a pendant that has a pop of pink in it. This can be in the form of a bigger or smaller gemstone or a colored motive pendant, a pink heart for example.

There are also pretty gold necklaces with a brighter pink colored pendant that can fit well with your outfit. 

Bracelets can also have small details of pink inside. In the pink jewelry aesthetic, you also see bracelets made of rhinestones that are slightly pink.

The shiny bracelets are pink but just slightly, so you don’t have a pink overload if you add more pink jewelry pieces. As you probably noticed now, in this aesthetic, pink is often just slightly a part of the outfit but still very present. 

A completely different approach to the pink jewelry aesthetic is beaded necklaces and bracelets. Following the cute and sweet vibe, many beaded necklaces and bracelets have pink and other colors, such as white, silver, or green, pearls, and beads.

In combination with cute pendants, you can create a pretty pink jewelry aesthetic look. 

As well as in many other fashion and jewelry trends, you can’t pass layering here either. A long silver necklace with a big pink gemstone pendant, a silver chunky midi-long necklace, and a short beaded necklace with silver and pink beads might be a possible layering choice.

Of course, the same works with gold necklaces or even gold and silver mixes.

Essential Pink Earrings And Rings

Earrings and rings can be very matching and similar to pink necklaces and bracelets. Potentially a silver earring with a shiny heart pendant or a stud earring with a pink gemstone. The earrings look often cute and adorable. Hearts and butterflies often are the earrings‘ pendants and are colored pink. You can also see other fun motives as stud earrings.

However, for a maybe already pink-colored jewelry set that you‘re wearing, silver stud earrings, thin hoops, or white pearl earrings are very matching for a pink aesthetic look.

Two silver stud earrings with pink gemstones inside.
Three gold butterfly stud earrings in white, pastel green and pastel pink colors.

Rings with many small pink rhinestones, with one big pink gemstone, or with a cute motive at the front are pink jewelry essentials. You can match these as well by wearing one pink statement ring and a gold or silver simple ring.

A gold ring with a big pink gemstone and rhinestones around at the front.
A gold ring with pink and white gemstones on the outside and a pair of matching stud earrings with pink gemstones.

Where To Buy Jewelry For The Pink Jewelry Aesthetic 

After reading about all these possible pretty pink jewelry pieces, you obviously need to know where to get some great affordable pieces yourself. 

A great pink jewelry aesthetic shop is Bijoux La Sotita. Here, you can find adorable beaded necklaces and bracelets with pink flower beads and white pearls. They are great to add a little piece of pink to your jewelry set or just add more pink. 

I have found for you also two nice stores on Etsy. One of them is Mia x Mina. The brand has some gorgeous mid-long gold earrings with pink gemstones, for example. You can also find adorable hoop earrings with small pink details at affordable prices. 

The other pretty Etsy brand for your pink jewelry is Adria Jewelry. On this Etsy page, there are tons of beautiful longer rhinestone earrings, as well as bracelets and necklaces. They have several pieces with different pink shades that just look classy and adorable.

Baddie Jewelry Aesthetic

The baddie aesthetic has become super popular in the last few years and grew through Instagram and TikTok. The aesthetic gives you a feeling of being the bad b****, feeling sexy, strong, and self-confident.

Long nails, the color pink, hair and makeup on fleek, and often on social media are just some baddie associations. For more baddie aesthetic inspiration check out this article from the Aesthetic Design Shop by Lu Amaral.

Trends In The Baddie Jewelry Aesthetic

For your baddie jewelry wardrobe, statement pieces are a must-have. Chunky and shiny jewelry pieces with diamonds or rhinestones are very popular and have the baddie vibe. And not just for a little detail: Baddie jewelry pieces have shiny stones or diamonds everywhere. You want to represent the attitude of being the baddest and coolest – how to do that better than with shiny statement pieces? 

But yea, just rhinestones everywhere could be boring. There are also several motives that you see often as pendants. Those can be snakes, butterflies, crosses, or celestial symbols, such as a moon or a star. 

Another style that plays a part in the baddie aesthetic is the inspiration to some Y2K and 90s trends, specifically the 90s Hip Hop style. The butterflies, the short necklaces, and just the shiny pieces give off totally 2000s vibes. But we also see some 90s jewelry influence in the big hoops, the chunky necklaces and bracelets, and in the sort of brag of weakening expensive pieces, similar to the 90s Hip Hop style. 

Essential Baddie Necklaces & Bracelets

There are two pieces of necklaces that are essential for your baddie jewelry aesthetic. At least, of course. First, you need a silver chunky chain necklace, such as a Cuban chain. It fits the baddie vibe even more if it‘s iced out, or at least looks like it is. The necklace doesn’t have to be a chain necklace, it can also be a shorter necklace that has many rhinestones or diamonds on it.

Next to the silver shiny chains, silver or gold necklaces with a pendant are a must-have. You see everywhere letter or word necklaces, with words like angel, baby girl, or your zodiac sign.

Popular is also silver or gold necklaces with a gemstone, motive, or rectangular plate pendant. A silver necklace with pink gemstones and rhinestones around it, a shiny snake pendant, or a gold plate pendant are some examples. 

A big silver Cuban chain in iced out.
A silver necklace with a big diamond pendant.

These two, or three, types of necklaces build the perfect base for layering. Chunky chain necklaces and thin necklaces with a pendant are just the perfect fit for a layered look, for a baddie outfit as well. 

On the one hand, bracelets for your baddie wardrobe can be very similar to baddie necklaces. Rhinestone or diamond bracelets, chain bracelets, or thin bracelets with a motive in between give you a total baddie vibe.

However, beaded bracelets have become popular in the baddie aesthetic, too. But not just every beaded bracelet, of course. Baddie beaded bracelets have round, often, clear beads that can be crystals or out of plastic. The colors can verify and depend on your look and your preferences.

A silver bracelet with a line of diamonds on the outside.
A beaded bracelet with brown clear rounded beads and silver plates between them.

Essential Baddie Earrings & Rings

For baddie earrings, hoops are a total must-have. Very popular are big silver hoops, but they can also be smaller, in gold, covered in rhinestones, or have a word written in the hoop.

Next to hoop earrings, drop earrings are also often worn. These are often silver or gold earrings with a pretty pendant, like a snake, a heart, crystals, or rhinestones. 

Rings also play a part in the baddie jewelry aesthetic. Very popular are shiny diamond or rhinestone bands.

The rings can be simply with rhinestones or have a big gemstone or diamond at the front. They‘re often quite big and statement rings.

As well as layered necklaces, you can wear several rings at the same time. For a good combination, wear simple and plain gold or silver rings, one big gemstone ring, potentially in color, and one or two shiny bigger rhinestone rings. 

Where To Buy Jewelry For The Baddie Jewelry Aesthetic 

Now that you have all the information you need to create your perfect baddie looks, you need to know where to actually get these pieces. Well, I’ve got you. 

The first store is Bling Ring Jewelry. The brand has so many baddie aesthetic essentials, including rhinestone bracelets and necklaces, Cuban bracelets and necklaces, diamond rings, and much more. At Bling Ring you get several iced-out-looking pieces for your baddie looks, that you can actually afford. 

The Pink Vault is another great shop for baddie vibes. Next to many chunky and shiny necklaces and bracelets, the brand also has necklaces with cute pendants. What I really like about The Pink Vault is the opportunity to personalize your own name necklace. 

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