How To Style Rings – The Ultimate Guide

Although rings are just a rather small accessory, they can make a huge difference to your outfit. And since there are so many rings out there, you don’t have to limit yourself and just wear one ring for each outfit!

But before you go nuts and just wear any ring you have in your collection, there are some fashion rules that you can follow to make the best out of your look and your rings. 

In this guide, I show you many ways how to style rings, what basic rules there are, what you should consider before buying rings, and so much more.

Before Styling Your Rings

Styling and stacking your rings is often fun. But, before getting to this part, we must think about what rings we should get. Finding a ring that looks pretty is good but finding a ring that matches our personality is even better. And no, not every ring has to be this special. But here and there a cool statement ring that expresses our personality is very unique.

Another aspect is the ring size. Rings usually have different ring sizes for different sizes of fingers. Although there are also many brands in the market that offer one-size rings, adjustable rings or rings in different sizes are actually the best.

Finding Your Ring Size

For finding out your ring size, you have to measure your finger first. You can do this by either using a flexible measuring tape or, if you don’t have that tape, using any flexible paper string or whatever you have near you.

Wrap the tape around your finger and mark where it overlaps. Measure the length with a ruler. Now, look at the ring size chart and find out your ring size.

Circumference cmCircumference inchRing size EURing size UKRing size USA
Ring size chart. Data sourced from Goudkat

How To Style Rings – The Basics 

When styling rings, there are two concepts you have to have in mind. First, you should know that there are many different kinds of combinations of your rings.

Wear different ring materials, different textures, sizes, gemstones, and colors – all at the same time! Styling rings can be fun and diverse. But, you should also always have this other aspect in mind: It’s all about balance. 

A simple silver ring and a silver statement ring with a diamond as a good balance of combined rings.

As in many life arrears, yes, caring about balance also matters in styling rings. When talking about balance in jewelry styling, we mostly talk about the combination of statement and simple pieces. When wearing several rings simultaneously, don’t wear only statement im pieces. Look for a great balance between simple and statement pieces. 

An outstanding balance with your jewelry wearing also includes not over-accessorizing your outfit.

By trying out new styles with your rings, you can easily get into adding more and more new rings that match the others or balance out other rings. But this can quickly get messy. Rings are special. Treat them like so. In most occasions and situations, at most two to three fingers, on one hand, should be covered with rings. 

How To Style Multiple Rings 

Continuing with the balance concept, let’s look at the 2-1-1 rule.

Using this rule, you can wear one statement ring on the one hand, and one very simple and one rather simple but also more detailed ring on the other hand. You combine statement and simple rings here while balancing the jewelry on two hands. 

Another aspect of styling your rings is finding perfect matches for several rings. You can combine rings that have similarities in some way. This can be, for example, matching patterns, motives, colors, metals, or small details.

Complimenting gemstones in your rings with or without the same colors can also make great matches. This can be a big gemstone on both rings or one big gemstone on one ring and several small gemstones on the other ring. 

The art here is to find rings that have small detailed similarities but aren’t too similar and therefore can create not a boring but an interesting match. The rings should be similar but you see the similarities only when looking at the details, hence their many actual differences. This makes your ring styling interesting while also being put together and connected.

Now that we know that simple and statement rings should be paired, let’s take a look at where to stack them. In most cases, you want the focus to be on the statement rings. For that, wear your statement rings on your middle or your index fingers. On the index finger, a big gemstone ring stands out the best.

Of course just next to wearing it on the ring finger, hence its name, but this might lead to misconception or you feeling uncomfortable. So, the index finger is a great alternative.

If you want to stand out with a colorful ring, wear it on the pinky finger. This option might not be a thing for everyone but it is noticeable for sure and your ring stands out. 

Another fun thing for you to try is stacking rings over one another. Maybe two simple rings from your ring collection would look so cute when you put them over another on one finger. Just try it out and have fun with it! A statement ring with a simple ring combined might also work for you. 

Pointed tip rings, also called wishbone rings, are great rings for stacking. You can wear these either over another simple or statement ring, underneath the other ring, or from both sides and so having the special in between two wishbone rings. All these ring combinations on one ring can create a special look and might make your look even more exciting and unique. 

How To Style Rings To Your Outfit 

The rings that you wear should match your outfit. This might be something you found obvious and clear – but is it so clear? 

If you want your rings to match your outfit, think about the point with the balance again. Is your outfit bright with statement pieces, loud colors, and big patterns? Then you should probably wear rather simple rings and don’t mix too many pieces.

Is your outfit simple with basic pieces, neutral colors, and simple patterns? Then you can be a bit bolder with the rings. Wear statement and unique rings and don’t be afraid to wear several rings at the same time. 

​While trying to create a balance between your rings and your outfit, also think about the style. And to be honest, there is no correct match of styles. Find rings that you think have a similar or the same style as your outfit. It’s often connected with a certain vibe. 

In case you struggle with finding the same vibe from your outfit and your rings, here are some parameters that might help you find your perfect matches. 

  • Matching Colors: Do you have a specific color in your outfit that can be accentuated through the same color in your ring? Are there any other colors from your outfit that match a different color in your ring?
  • Gold Or Silver: Does your outfit look better with silver or gold? → Here is some help to figure out what metal to take.
  • Matching Style: In what category would you put your outfit and your ring? Find here some help for finding your style.

Next to the clothes you’re wearing, other jewelry pieces also play a part in your outfit. So, how can we find matching jewelry pieces for our rings? 

  • Matching Colors: Do the other jewelry pieces and the rings have similar colors in them? 
  • Matching Gemstones: Are there similar or the same gemstones? Do the different gemstones match well and look good together? 
  • Matching Materials: Are the different pieces and rings made of the same metal? Do they have other similar materials, such as gemstones, diamonds, rhinestones, or plastic parts? 
  • Matching Patterns & Motives: Do the jewelry pieces and the rings have similar patterns or details in them? Is there a specific motive that the pieces have? 

Of course, not all of the points that I mentioned have to be fulfilled, neither with the matching clothes nor the matching jewelry pieces. I just want to show you aspects that can create a great match between your outfit and your rings. And that doesn’t have to include having all the same parameters. Because sometimes, opposites attract too. 

Styling Rings – Last Tips

Before you run off with your set of combined rings, let me give you some last tips on the way. First, think about comfort. The rings you choose to wear should be comfortable, and that is in every life situation, ok almost every.

You should be able to work and live normally while wearing rings. That includes not being distracted by your rings, for example by playing with a movable detail which is just so more exciting than your work. 

For that aspect, it helps if you look at what hand you use more. If you practice a specific hobby or work for which you mostly need your right hand, wear rather simple and basic rings on this hand and wear your statement and specially formed rings on the left hand.