How To Style A Pearl Necklace

Why Should You Get A Pearl Necklace? 

Before talking about all the things you can do with your pearl necklace, well it’s mostly styling them, you might be wondering why you just even have a pearl necklace. Maybe pearls aren’t really your thing. Or you don’t understand the hype about them. 

Pearl necklaces are pretty simple. They are often white and just look like dots. However, over many centuries they’ve always been something special and remarkable. It’s true. Even with a simple and basic outfit, jeans and a t-shirt, for example, a pearl necklace spices and dresses up your look so quickly.

The pearls give your look an elegant touch. Because of the pearls’ simplicity, you can wear your pearl necklace to many necklines and styles. 

What Pearl Necklace Should I Get?

Before you can start styling your pearl necklace perfectly to your style, you probably first need a pearl necklace. Pearls can be made out of many materials, in different shapes, and different colors. Cultured pearls can be from the distinct freshwater, saltwater, the South Sea, or Tahitian.

But of course, there are also affordable options for the not-rich girls out there, since real pearls can cost up to hundreds of dollars. ​Pearl necklaces can also be made out of glass and plastics. 

It’s important to know what materials you’re using for your jewelry since you wear these pieces for hours directly on your skin. Make sure you know your jewelry materials well.

What to make sure of when you buy a cheap pearl necklace: Buying a fake and affordable pearl necklace is fine. Probably most people won’t notice anyway! However, there are some things I want to give you on your way to finding a good and cheap pearl necklace.

First, the pearl necklace shouldn’t be too light. If the necklace feels almost like nothing when laying in your hands, this might be a red flag. Heavier pearl necklaces can lay better around your neck without moving around every time you move. 

Looking closely at your pearl necklace before buying it is always a good idea. Examining the potential necklace shows you if the pearls look good or if they give you a cheap feeling. The pearls shouldn’t be too close to one another, for example. If possible, take a look at how the pearls would look in the shape of how it lays around your neck.

Can you see the ribbon underneath, or do the pearls lay weirdly? Also, check the look of the pearls in different lighting. Of course, if you’re standing in a store when looking at the pearl necklace, running away and checking other lights might be a bit difficult. Work with what is possible for you. 

That’s why it’s also difficult to buy a pearl necklace online. Researching for reviews online can help, of course, but in the end, you’ll never know what exactly your pearl necklace will look like. Still, several tips help you shop online for cheap jewelry.

How To Style A Pearl Necklace Elegantly 

Big Pearls

For an elegant outfit, pearls are always a great accessory. To be more specific, big pearls are your best choice. As we learned earlier, pearls can be in any size and color. However, for a classy outfit, wear big white or beige pearls.

These pearl necklaces are more noticeable and more of a statement piece. Big pearls on a necklace can also give your outfit a classy and vintage vibe, pearl necklaces were a popular 60s jewelry trend for example.

Pearl Set

Pearl is an often used material in the jewelry industry. It just makes sense, there can be real pearls but you can also produce more affordable “fake” pearls out of plastics that make a great dupe to real pearls. No wonder, we see this beautiful material on a lot of jewelry pieces, whether it’s pearl necklaces and bracelets, or earrings and rings.

And because there is a lot of affordable pearl jewelry, we can build our perfect pearl jewelry set easily! An outfit looks more put together and well-thought-out when there are little details that match together. A matching pearl jewelry set makes your outfit look fancy and chick and as if you put tons of effort into it, although you didn’t.

You can either buy a pearl jewelry set or create your own set by combining your favorite pearl earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings. Of course, the latter is the cheapest and more individual option. 

Matching Necklines

To choose a jewelry piece for an outfit or an outfit for a jewelry piece, the neckline of your top plays an important role. A square neckline or a collared shirt are two great options to wear to a short pearl necklace.

With the square neckline, there is a great focus on your pearl necklace. While on the other hand, a pearl necklace to a collared shirt brings a contrast between the more elegant and “feminine” style of the pearl necklace and the business chic style of the collared shirt.

You can also wear a pullover over the collared shirt. A short necklace is key here because it has a huge effect on your look while also being dainty jewelry or not a statement piece. An off-shoulder necklace can also be a good option. You can also go with a short pearl necklace here or with a longer one but the necklace has to be either longer or shorter than your neckline.

Matching Outfit Pieces

Pearls can look great on several materials and on several outfits. For an elegant outfit, pearls work amazingly with a silk dress or silk top. Both materials are shiny and just complement each other so well.

Another matching outfit piece for an elegant style is the blazer. Blazers are classic business chic clothes that can look good but can also look too boring or “masculine”. A pearl necklace is a perfect accessory. A pearl necklace to your blazer spices up your outfit, brings the simple blazer alive, and also gives a feminine touch.

Lastly, I want to mention a hairstyle that looks great for a classy outfit with a pearl necklace. Sleek ponytails or buns are a perfect option for this look. The sleek hair gives a lot of focus to your outfit, especially on your neck and your pearl necklace. The hairstyle also has a very elegant and classy touch.

Monochrome Black

Mentioning other outfit pieces of your look, the monochrome black look is a total classic. You can never go wrong with an outfit all in black and also look classy and elegant, for most clothes at least. Adding a white or beige pearl necklace can spice up your outfit and make it special.

Just look at Audrey Hepburn. Her classic outfit with a black dress, up-do hair, big sunglasses, and a multi-stringed pearl necklace. White pearls stand out the most under a black top. Although Hepburn’s famous look is many decades old, the monochrome black and pearls mix is still popular and looks gorgeous.

You can wear a single or multi-stringed pearl necklace to your all-in-black outfit and create an amazing look. Black sunglasses are a great accessory to your outfit as well.

Classic Evening Gown

The last tip I want to show you is the match between a pearl necklace and a classic black evening gown. One of the things that come into our minds when we think about pearl necklaces is the classic black silk dress, a big pearl necklace, and red lips. Or maybe it’s just my first thought.

However, this look is a classic for a gorgeous evening gown and something you never can go wrong with. The combination of a simple black dress, white pearls, and red or colored lips is just a perfect combo.

How To Style A Pearl Necklace Casually 

That you can look elegant with a pearl necklace probably wasn’t a shocker for you. But what if you don’t feel like dressing elegantly, or it’s not the right occasion, or you just don’t like that style? Does that mean you have to leave your pearl necklace at home?

Well, as you might know the answer already, of course not. Here are some styling tips and essentials on how you can wear pearls casually.

Smaller Pearl

Let’s take a look at the pearl necklace itself first. To create a simple and casual outfit, you might want to go for a pearl necklace that has smaller pearls. These are less noticeable and simpler.

You can also go for pearls that aren‘t as round as usual, like in the picture above. For a casual outfit, you don’t have to take the classic white and round pearl necklace, but more on that later.

Smaller pearls on a necklace are more modern and so work better for a casual outfit.

Pearls With Other Necklaces

A great way to wear a pearl necklace but step the elegance a bit down is to combine it with another necklace.

For example, layer your pearl necklace with a chain necklace, such as in the first picture. First, these two materials work amazingly together. Secondly, the chain necklace dresses down the pearl necklace and so the necklaces make a great accessory to your casual street outfit. A necklace with a pendant can also be a good additional layer to your pearl necklace.

Speaking of a pendant, there are also pretty chain necklaces out there that have a pearl pendant. So, if a whole pearl necklace doesn‘t fit your style, what about a necklace with one single pearl? One cute option is the Lilian Necklace in Gold from the Swedish brand Edblad.

Another necklace-type also makes a great layer combo: beaded necklaces. Beaded necklaces with fun, colorful, or cute pearls and beads make your white pearl necklace look younger and more modern.

Fun Pearl Necklaces

Next to layering your pearl necklace with a fun necklace, why not turn your pearl necklace into something fun, too?

Ok, there are two ways for that. You can buy a fun pearl necklace right in the beginning. There are a lot of pearl necklaces that have colored pearls or different shapes of pearls, a bit longer or not perfectly round. Colored or weird-shaped pearls on a necklace still have the pearl necklace vibe but less seriously and elegantly.

The other, and more fun, option is to break your pearl necklace and create a completely new necklace. Yes, you heard me right, break your necklace. All you need is other pearls or beads and a plastic ribbon or something you can thread the beads on. Create now a unique pearl necklace that is made by you.

T-Shirt And Sweater

To style a pearl necklace for a casual outfit, there are a lot of clothing and other outfit parts that can help you.

Pearl necklaces can look amazing with any type of style. However, some styles look better when the pearls are more present and in the focus, as for other styles. Well, the casual style wants a subtle pearl necklace.

To help make your pearl necklace look subtle, wear the necklace under a light-colored top. The white pearl necklace doesn’t have a lot of contrast underneath a white t-shirt, for example, and seems more subtle.

In general, a pearl necklace can look great under a t-shirt or a sweater. With a pearl necklace, you can dress up your casual outfit while not having a too-elegant look that might make you feel uncomfortable. However, make sure that the necklace doesn’t lay directly on the beginning neckline of your shirt. It should be either over or under the neckline.

How Can I Style A Pearl Necklace?

There are two ways to style your pearl necklace.

For an elegant look, wear a necklace with bigger pearls combined with matching pearl jewelry pieces such as a pearl bracelet or pearl earrings. A square neckline, a collared shirt, or an off-shoulder top are great necklines for a short pearl necklace. You can create an elegant look with a pearl necklace and a monochrome black outfit or a classic black evening gown, a big pearl necklace, and red lips.

To style your pearl necklace on an everyday and casual basis, wear a necklace with smaller pearls that can also be colored and in a less round shape. Layer your pearl necklace with a chain necklace, a necklace with a pendant, or a beaded necklace to dress down the pearl necklace. A simple t-shirt or sweater works also great with a pearl necklace, for a subtle look, especially a light-colored top.