How To Store Necklaces Without Tangling

We all know it. Being in a rush and throwing our necklace in the jewelry box. The next time we want to wear that necklace, it’s in a big tangle with all the other necklaces and full of knots. Sure, we can untangle them with some tricks, which is actually not that difficult. But still time-consuming. 

To prevent our necklaces from getting tangled in the first place, I show you today the best ways to store necklaces without tangling and properly. 

How To Store Necklaces In A Jewelry Box

Two paper straws are threaded in a silver necklace with a pendant to show how the necklace won't get tangled.

#1 Plastic Straws

Cut your straws shorter. Place your opened necklace in the straw and close then the clasp. The straw should be long enough that your necklace doesn’t tangle but also not so long that you can’t close the clasp. If you don’t have plastic straws, clear drinking straws out of glass also work well. Simply do here the same thing, with the difference that you shouldn’t cut the straws.

A silver necklace is pulled through two slices in cardboard to show how the necklace won't get tangled.

#2 Old (Business) Cards

Another great hack is using your old unused cards. Those can be expired business cards, credit or other sorts of cards. Cut two lines in your cards, so the two ends of your necklace can be placed through the lines. It should look a little like the package you bought your necklace in. This method works great for thin and rather short necklaces. By the way, if you don’t find old cards to use, take cardboard.

A necklace with a back ribbon is wrapped around a toilet paper roll to show how the necklace won't get tangled.

#3 Toilet Paper Rolls

If you want to store long and thicker necklaces, you should listen to this method. Simply wrap your opened necklaces around your toilet paper cardboard. Close now the necklace clasp and put the pendant into the roll. That’s it. You can also wrap several necklaces around one cardboard.

A silver necklace is wrapped in a tissue paper to show how the necklace won't get tangled.
A silver necklace is wrapped in a tissue paper to show how the necklace won't get tangled.

#4 Wrap It In Tissue Paper

For very detailed and fragile necklaces wrap your necklace in tissue or toilet paper. Lay your necklace straight on one side of your paper and roll it gently more and more into the paper. For a more secure way, wrap your necklace-in-paper in a small sandwich paper bag or plastic way. However, if you just want to store your necklace in your jewelry box, the tissue paper works well enough.

A silver necklace is put into a plastic baag with the clasp outside to show how the necklace won't get tangled.

#5 Little Plastic Bags

In this easy method, you simply pack your necklace in a small plastic bag. Even though it’s put away from other necklaces it could get tangled with, your necklace can get a knot just by being with itself. To provide that, there’s an easy trick: Put the necklace clasp outside of your plastic bag, as seen in the picture. With that, your necklace is very less like to get tangled AND is stored away great.

You can put those wrapped-up necklaces next to your other jewelry pieces in your jewelry box, or lay them in extra boxes.

Store Necklaces On A Necklace Holder

Another great and useful trick to store your necklaces and keep them from tangling is a necklace holder. I do believe that necklaces were made to be stored on holders. A necklace stand is such a great way because

  • Your necklace falls down naturally, due to gravity, and gets tangled in a difficult way with other necklaces next to it
  • You can grab your necklaces super easy and fast, as well as put them away after wearing 
  • You can show off your beautiful necklaces in your room

Of course, there are many necklace holders to buy in several stores. But, since this is a Blinging Wisely post, we’re going to look at Do It Yourself necklace holders. No skills are needed. 

Why DIY And Not Buy One?

If you just look on the internet, you can find in five minutes a regular necklace holder. They’re often very cheap as well. So, why make the effort and make one on their one? After reading this post, you’ll see that for making a necklace holder you don’t need very many materials.

In some cases, you just need two materials and your necklace. It’s even very likely that you have these things already in your home. So, of course, buying a necklace holder is easy and cheap but making one themselves can be for free or costs less. Adding to the price aspects, a DIY necklace holder has more advantages.

  • It can be fun. Creating a new piece, decorating it, and finding new ideas along the way. All of that can be fun, meditating, and creative.
  • You’ve got a personalized and unique jewelry holder in your room. Sure a new clean and simple necklace holder that you found on amazon can be nice. But a self-created, unique necklace holder, with a personal connection to it, is something special. 
  • Speaking of being special, making a necklace holder can be a great gift for a friend or partner. {LINK} Gifting a pretty necklace with a personalized, unique necklace holder seems like a very thoughtful and sweet gift to me. 
  • It’s environmentally friendly. This one is quite obvious. Using and recycling old materials that you don’t use anymore and making a new object out of is a lot more convenient for the environment than buying a new plastic holder, possibly with shipping, that you might rebuy in some years. 

Creative And Cheap – DIY Necklace Holder

Just a quick internet research and you notice that there are many ways on making a necklace holder on one’s own. Today we show you the best, i.g. the prettiest and easiest methods of building a necklace holder. In every case, you need something to let your necklace fall. Whether it’s hooks and a wall, or a stand. But, don’t worry. In the next steps, you find the necklace holder that works best for you.

Do Your Necklace Holder Yourself

#1 The Background Material

For the first step, you need a long piece of … well … something. You need this as a background on what you hang your necklaces on. These are some examples of what you can make the necklace out of: 

  • A big piece of wood, more like a slice of wood 
  • A canvas
  • An old piece of art, hard material 
  • A cardboard  
A piece of wood as an example of background material for a DIY necklace holder.

You can look around in your, your family’s, or neighbor’s home if you find a good piece that you can use. If you’re not successful, thrift stores or craft stores can be an option too, as well as Etsy or eBay. When choosing the base of your necklace holder, consider the necklaces that you want to hang. If you use a canvas, be aware that heavy necklaces might not hold well. If you want to make sure, your holder works perfectly, a long wood plate.

#2 The Background Decoration

Here, it’s time to be creative. You can leave your base the way it is, or paint it. Black, white, gold, or silver/grey are great options for soft and good background color. Spray paint is very helpful and not expensive. You can also look at your necklaces and see if a specific color or color pattern works well. If you want you can add flowers, glitter, and more decoration tools. For the very creative people out there, a beautiful soft background painting might be a cute option. 

#3 On The Hook

Two coat hooks as an example of possible hooks for a DIY necklace holder.

In the next step, you need your hooks. There are a lot of different kinds of hooks or knobs that you can buy online or in craft stores. Simple or more creative ones can be found in many crafting stores or online for cheap prices. But before doing that, look around your room and home and see what you have laying around. You can use anything that works with the board that you picked. Very popular are “S hooks” or cup hooks.

DIY Necklace Holder Ideas

It would take way too long to explain to you all the different ways to build a necklace holder. That’s why I am just showing you some ideas for a necklace holder. Hopefully, you get some inspiration out of it and create a necklace holder that is unique to you!

DIY Necklace Holder Picture Frame

For thumbtacks are put onto the pictureless frame to hang necklaces on them.
For thumbtacks are put onto the pictureless frame to hang necklaces on them.

Maybe you’ve seen this method already on TikTok. All you need is a picture frame with the back still attached and pins or thumbtacks. You can decide now whether you want your necklaces to hang on the front of the picture frame or on the back. Both works. The frame can be simple, so your necklaces pop out, or a fancy frame with details that adds elegance to your necklaces.

After choosing your frame and side, simply pin your pins or thumbtacks on your board at a regular distance. And your DIY necklace holder is done. Just hang your necklaces on your pins, the picture frame on the wall and you’re. 

A paper roll hangs on the wall as an example of a necklace holder.

Branch/Roll Necklace holder

This is what I found in my home. I found this cardboard roll behind a couch and had this rope left over. I simply hang my necklaces over the role, thread the rope through the role, and knotted the rope. Just arranged it quickly, set the necklaces nicely together, and hang them on a pin on the wall.

Another similar trick used @vanedmatty on TikTok. She cut a branch, put hooks in it, and hang it on the wall. Maybe got some unused branches as well?

@vanedmatty on TikTok
@salma_kekhia on TikTok

Cardboard Necklace Stand

Another creative idea had @salma_kekhia on TikTok.

She basically just used cardboard and an old paper bag. Add some glue and scissors and you have a beautiful necklace holder. This method is special since the holder doesn’t fully “hold” the necklaces. Salma builds a sort of picture frame and cut creases it.

With this holder, the necklaces can hold easily in the creases and you can present your necklaces perfectly.  

Inspiration Still Needed?

Still haven’t found the best necklace holder for you? Don’t worry. Here are some websites that I found had the best DIY necklace ideas.

Erika from Fashionlush shows you a very simple and minimalistic but still gorgeous necklace holder. It’s quite similar to our role and branch method and you should check it out if you still do not know what to do about your unstored necklaces.  

I really liked the necklace holder by Mey Lynn. She shows you on YouTube how you can create a wall necklace holder for over 2o necklaces. This method has for me a lot of potential to personalize it and make it very special. You should take a look at it. 

A very special necklace holder can be built with the help of A Crafted Passion. The creators used copper piles to build an industrial-looking necklace stand. Although you might have to be a bit handier for this method, you get a unique and classic necklace that stands out from it. Read the article here

How To Store Necklaces For Travel

If you look back to our tips on how to store necklaces in a jewelry store, you find already there helpful tricks and how to travel with necklaces. Storing your necklaces in a jewelry box is always a good idea when traveling. Your necklaces don’t fall out of your suitcases or lay loose somewhere. 

Adding to our necklaces in box hacks, we have some tips and methods on how to store necklaces for traveling. 

#1 Jewelry Box Organiser

As just said, jewelry boxes are great for living out of the suitcase. In a specific jewelry organizer box, you have several units for each piece. Because there is one thing that you have to remember if you want to avoid having tangled necklaces: Store each necklace individually! A jewelry organizer gives you exactly that. In many organizers, you can also put in some rings or other pieces. 

You find these jewelry boxes in many online stores or you make one yourself out of a lunchbox. But, it would be great if you upholster the box so your jewelry won’t damage. 

Three silver necklaces lay separated in a plastic bag with the clasp hanging outside to show how the necklace won't get tangled.

#2 Plastic Zip Bag

Yes, we had this one earlier as well. So, put your necklace in a plastic zip bag and leave out the clasp and a little part of your necklace. For traveling, put two other necklaces, or more, depending on the bag size, in the bag so that they have a distance to another. Roll the bag now in itself. With that, you can easily store your bag in your suitcase or backpack.

Two silver necklaces with each a paper straw in them to show how the necklace won't get tangled.

#3 Plastic Or Paper Straws

This method works great for traveling too. Cut your straws in half, thread them on both sides of your necklace and close the clasp. For Traveling, you can put several of the necklaces with straws in one jewelry box and it’s less likely that they will get tangled. Use two normal straws for a long necklace.

#4 Twists in a box

For long and big necklaces, this hack is great. You need a small box, for example, an old watch box works well. Open your necklace and twist it. Twirl both sides gently in opposite directions. Wrap your necklace now around your finger or hand so it’s all tight up and small. Drop the bundle into the box carefully. Make sure that one necklace ending is on the very top so you can take it out later easily. Then you will see that it’s barely tangled and was all secured.

A silver necklace is wrapped in a towel to show how the necklace won't get tangled.

#5 Towel Roll

Another super easy trick is rolling your necklaces in a towel. Who doesn’t take a towel when they travel? Simply lay out your necklace on one side of the towel and arrange it gently. Roll now your towel slightly into a roll, so your necklace is tight and safe. You can also use a plastic bag if you want, lay your necklace in the bag, and do the same thing. If you use the towel, remember your necklace before taking it out of your suitcase and throwing it around. Can happen easily.


Storing necklaces has a lot of facets, literally. You can store it in a jewelry box while having straws around your chain, putting it through old cards, wrapping it in tissue paper, or having it in plastic zip bags.

However, a necklace holder gives you a great alternative to show off your necklace and your creativity. And it’s super easy to make them your own. All you need is a board, a.k.a. a background, and hooks. Be creative here. Go through all your stuff at home and look for something like a wood piece, cardboard, a picture frame, old nops, thumbtacks, or anything else that works. 

But when it comes to storing jewelry, we can’t look over traveling with jewelry. There are tricks that are similar to storing necklaces in a jewelry box but you have to pay more attention to having everything secure. Whether you store them in a jewelry organizer or zip bag or wrap them around themselves or in a towel, make sure to separate each necklace from another. 

Wrapping everything up, and storing necklaces is totally durable for everyone and can be so different. You can be the simple or creative type and still find the storing method that works for you. But, in case your necklaces do get tangled, you already know all the tricks on how to untangle those easily …