Funeral Jewelry – What Is Appropriate To Wear? 

Funerals are tough. Many emotions and overtaxing. And the question that is often in the room is probably here too: What do I wear? And what do I wear to show respect and compassion? 

For those difficult times during grief, this post should help you the jewelry to wear to a funeral. So you don’t have to struggle with that. 

What Jewelry Pieces You Can Wear To A Funeral

Funerals are in most Western cultures sad and more serious celebrations. That is why we’re looking at those funerals now. Since those are more conservative, we should dress in that style. Subtle and modest jewelry pieces show the deasent’s family respect and compassion. 

Possible jewelry pieces for a funeral are made of sterling silver, gold or platinum. However, good-quality-looking pieces in black can also work well. Details such as pearls, jewels or gemstones are also possible, as long as they are elegant and subtle.

Religious symbols in your pieces can be a good choice for your outfit to a funeral. They should fit the deacesed or deacesed person’s family’s religion, though. 

Make sure you wear “quite” jewelry. Pieces that swing around and make sounds should be avoided.

What Earrings To Wear To A Funeral 

A small pair of earrings with a pearl in it as a good example of earrings for a funeral.

Stud or dainty small earrings are the best options for wearing earrings to a funeral. They’re simple and small and so optimal for a funeral. A pair of gold and really small hoops can also be appropriate.

What Necklace To Wear To A Funeral

A thin golden necklace with a small heart pendant as a good example of funeral jewelry.

Your necklace should be subtle and not special. Necklaces with simple chain or a small pendant are good options. The pendant should have a simple motive and not conspicuous. Good examples are hearts, simple lines or a locket.

What Bracelet To Wear To A Funeral 

A golden necklace with some blue stones as a good example of a bracelet to wear to a funeral.

When picking a bracelet to a funeral, look at the factors for a necklace. Bracelets should really not make any noice when wearing one or severals at the same time. Good bracelets for a funeral are tennis bracelets in gold, silver or platinum. 

What Jewelry Not To Wear To A Funeral 

As you might figured from our last tips, any jewelry that is extraordinary, colourful or puts the center on it, is in most cases a bad jewelry choice. The jewelry pieces for a funeral shouldn’t be fun. For example, you should better leave your plastic and beaded jewelry pieces at home.

It’s better to wear good quality jewelry to a funeral. And those pieces don’t have to be expensive

In contrary, diamonds are mostly not colorful, but they might seem too flashy and special. Gemstones can also be a bad choice, in case they are too big or too colorful. 

For picking the correct jewelry for a funeral, there is one important rule: It is not about you. It is about the deceased and their family. 

And that leads us to our next point. 

What’s Special About Funeral Jewelry

One way to make your jewelry choice and your outfit not about you, includes wearing subtle and conservative jewelry pieces. The other possibility is to wear a jewelry piece that is connected to the deceased.

That can be a style of jewelry piece they loved to wear. Always a special piece that you instantly connect to them. But the connection can come from everywhere: The deceased loved roses? Wear a necklace with a rose pendant. You wore those earrings when you two had a special moment together? These connections can be in any form.

Don‘t worry if the pieces are old and maybe broken or damaged. There are easy tricks on how to rewear your old jewelry pieces.

Gold hoops with a golden star hanging on it as an example of personal funeral jewelry.

Another personal jewelry piece to wear to a funeral are pieces that was a gift to you from the deceased person. These have a special meaning to you and can give you a closer feeling to them. 

If you pick such a personal jewelry piece, make sure that you don’t exaggerate and wear too much, if possible. Maybe not everyone understands your connection to a certain piece. Always check before wearing your pieces, if it’s appropriate to wear it or rather not. 

A gold ring, formed in words at onepart, as an example of personal funeral jewelry.

Another option is to create or customize a jewelry piece for or after the funeral. You honor the deceased person and always have something to remember them.

This could be a special design, engraved names, dates or quotes in a jewelry piece. You can also customize the style or motive of your pieces as well as pendants with a picture in it are often used. 

As said before, gold jewelry is a great choice. You might feel like gold is too bright and it isn’t as appropriate as silver.

But, metaphorically speaking, the gold can shine through the darkness of grief and so the hope for happiness again. This might sound cheesy to some of you but can actually help you in a sad event such as a funeral.

Other Families, Other Traditions

In this article, we looked at good jewelry pieces for funerals in western countries. However, whether or not the deceased person or their family comes from one of those countries or from another one, every funeral can be different. I just gave you general guidelines that work well for a funeral.

But, you are the one who propably knows the deceased person’s family and knows how serious or casual the funeral is. If you don’t, just ask them. Or their friends and acquaintances.

What is the family’s background when having funerals? Are there any traditions that are differet? How do they celebrate a funeral? 

Don’t hesitate to ask family members or friends about your jewelry choices if you are uncertain.

Choosing What Jewelry To Wear To A Funeral

Before picking your jewelry to wear to a funeral, you should think about the traditions of the deceased person’s family and how they see the funeral. Choosing the appropriate jewelry pieces is now way easier. In case the funeral is in western countries a traditional celebration, you should go with subtle, conservative and plain jewelry pieces.

Gold, silver or platinum pieces are great, such as simple necklace pendants, small dainty earrings or tennis bracelets. Jewelry pieces that are typical for the deceased person, connect you with them in their style, motive or kind or were gifts from the deceased person are also possible jewelry pieces to wear at a funeral.

However, make also sure your jewelry isn’t too much and that you don’t put yourself in the focus by wearing them.