Cottagecore Jewelry – The Ultimate Guide

What Is The Cottagecore Aesthetic?

The aesthetic has grown in recent years and has become popular in fashion and lifestyle choices. In the cottagecore aesthetic, the English countryside and farm life are romanticized. Away from modern life and rather a life with nature, calmness, pausing to breathe through, gardening, and farming.

In cottagecore-designed houses, you see a lot of green plants, especially ivy, neutral and earthy colors, fun designs with mushrooms, flowers, fairies, self-made pastries, and knitting needles.

The cottagecore fashion includes natural and soft colors, floral prints, simplistic yet chic dresses, denim overalls, and puff sleeves all about simplicity and comfort while enjoying nature and the countryside.

For a typical and easy cottagecore outfit, just throw over a flowy pastel dress – and add these jewelry pieces of course – and make a picnic in the field, while eating your self-made cake and reading a Jane Austin novel.

Cottagecore Jewelry Trends

Green beaded necklaces, a brown and orange necklace pendant, and pink earrings as typical cottagecore jewelry.

Earthy Tones

In the cottagecore aesthetic, we see a lot of colors that you also see in nature. Earth tones like brown shades, beige, green, and orange, but also pink and red, blue, or yellow are very popular in the style. Strong and bright colors are not often seen in cottagecore outfits. 

A gold half moon pendant as typical cottagecore jewelry.

Natural Shapes & Motives

Following the nature theme, the pendant shapes are often in form of things you simply find in nature as well. While there are several popular motives you find often in cottagecore jewelry, the pendants or jewelry pieces themselves can be shaped in natural objects. This can be for example a celestial design.

A shiny crystal pendant as typical cottagecore jewelry.


Crystals are typical pieces for cottagecore jewelry. They can be wire wrapped as necklace pendants or in smaller shapes in rings or earrings. Spiritual crystals have a deep connection to nature and so are a must for the cottagecore vibe. 

Two rings with natural stones as typical cottagecore jewelry.

Natural Stone

Natural gemstones are quite similar to crystals. They can also be in a small or larger part in cottagecore jewelry pieces. You can find them basically in every piece. They give the outfit a natural and earthly look while also looking really pretty. 7

A white long hair bow as typical cottagecore accessory.

Hair Bows

In the cottagecore aesthetic, you see a lot of hairbands. These can be wrapped around your head or create a big bow through your ponytail or a half up – half down hairstyle. All you need is a thicker ribbon with a matching color to your outfit wrap it around a part of your hair and you’re good to go with your cottagecore outfit!

Cottagecore Motifs

In the cottagecore style, you see a lot of cute motifs again and again. Especially you see these little objects as part of necklace pendants, earring studs, bracelet charms, and more.

  • Fairies 
  • Dragonfly 
  • Butterfly 
  • Flowers 
  • Leafs 
  • Mushrooms 
  • Berries 
  • Hearts
  • Celestial designs 

Cottagecore Necklaces

Beaded Necklace

In many cottagecore outfits, you can find any beads and pearls. Of course, they do should be in typical earthy and natural colors. Clear beads or sea pearls are pretty popular, while a beaded necklace with a pendant is also always a good accessory to a cottagecore look. The beads and pearls can also be shaped in cute natural motives for a special touch. 

A long gold necklace with a round big pendant as a typical cottagecore necklace.

Long Necklaces With Pendant

Long necklaces are a typical accessory to long flowy dresses which gives off total cottagecore vibes. The long necklaces often have rather thin chains and are connected to a cute pendant. You can wear round pendants or ones that are shaped as a typical cottagecore motive.

A thin chain necklace with a long pendant as a typical cottagecore necklace.

Thin Chains And Big Pendants 

While big or small pendants can be relative, you do see a lot of thin necklaces in the cottagecore aesthetic. They go well with the minimalistic and simple style while are great with their bigger pendants to the fairy and magical side of cottagecore.

A necklace with a black ribbon and a round big pendant as a typical cottagecore necklace.

Black Necklace Ribbon

As we’ve seen this trend also in the 90s, it’s going for a comeback in the cottagecore aesthetic. The pendant can be any shape. However, the black necklace ribbon breaks out from the actual light and pastel colors in the cottagecore style. That’s why you should not wear too many black necklace bands at once and it probably shouldn’t be too long either. 

A thin gold choker as a typical cottagecore necklace.

Thin Chokers

Thin chokers match great in the cottagecore aesthetic. When creating a cottagecore outfit, you can wrap it up with a thin chain choker, either with a pendant or cute motives and shapes in between the chain. Since cottagecore is romanticizing nature, it just makes sense to not wear too much jewelry while also looking cute. A light choker is a perfect choice.

Cottagecore Earrings & Rings

Silver drop earrings with shiny rhinestones as typical cottagecore earrings.

Earrings With Small Pendant

Cottagecore earrings have many similarities to other jewelry pieces. Earrings with small hanging pendants are a popular option in the cottagecore aesthetic. The pendants can be out of crystals or stones but also have cute motives.

Several different silver rings wearing at the same time as typical cottagecore rings.

Stacking Rings

In the cottagecore style, you will see a lot of fun and special rings. While a lot of the outfit pieces are rather soft and simple, you can pimp up your outfit with some motive rings. Natural stones, fun details, or big motives in your rings can be good options, as well as wire-wrapped rings.

Cottagecore Styles

Because the cottagecore aesthetic has become so popular, several different styles grew out of the cottagecore style. You can either choose one specific style, two or more styles, or just mix the styles the way you like them.

A young woman with a violet shirt, a silver dainty necklace, and a bunch of flowers as a girly cottagecore style.


In this cottagecore category, people wear a lot of fluffy and white dresses, floral prints, and a lot of pink and pastel colors. For this, gold and simple jewelry pieces work the best in most cases. For example, adding a thin necklace with a simple heart or flower pendant to a cute flowy flower dress. Elegant jewelry with no crazy motives is perfect for a girly cottagecore look. 

A floating woman in a sunny field inside a forest as a vibe of an earthy cottagecore style.


The earthy cottagecore look can also be called the fairy cottagecore look. For this style, fairy motives in necklaces or earring pendants, glittery makeup, and all kinds of nature-inspired motives, such as leaves, mushrooms, animals, and more, are very important.

In this category, you can go all in. Layer necklaces, wear statement earrings, stack a lot of rings, or express yourself through unique jewelry pieces.

A young woman with a loose beige dress and a bucket in her hand in front of a field as a vibe of an old-fashioned cottagecore style.


 Old-fashioned cottagecore outfits. Here, silver jewelry pieces work the best, as well as necklaces with a black ribbon. Here, simplicity is key. Simple motives, neutral colors, and not wearing too many pieces at once.

Velvet chokers, possibly with a small pendant, necklaces with white pearls, or with a locket as a pendant. These are great jewelry pieces that look good to an old-fashioned cottagecore.

Where To Buy Cottagecore Jewelry

Now that you know the jewelry pieces that fit the cottagecore aesthetic, you probably want to know where to get them. 

One way is to buy new pieces from cute jewelry brands. The first brand that I want to show you is Selenichast. The brand creates adorable jewelry pieces that have detailed flowers, leaves, berries, or animals. They give off total cottagecore vibes and their nature-inspired pieces are just beautiful with so many details. 

Our next jewelry brand is FamjoBoutique. The brand offers a lot of pretty clay earrings and necklaces with adorable motives. The bright colors, the sweet designs, and the unique shapes make FamjoBoutique a great option for your next cottagecore jewelry purchase.

The last jewelry brand for pretty cottagecore jewelry is Nysion. Here, you can find a lot of cute beaded necklaces and bracelets. The handmade pieces have unique beads and beautiful arrangements.