Coconut Girl Jewelry – All You Need For 2023

Staying in one aesthetic and fashion style is hard—and boring. The internet today gives us so many inspirations and trends of new styles and fashion genres. So, either you’re here to continue mastering your coconut girl wardrobe or to look at what the latest fashion and jewelry style has been. 

What Is The Coconut Girl Aesthetic?

The TikTok fashion and aesthetic trend is all about beach girls and boys, colorful clothes, salty hair, sunshine, and warm weather. The warm weather style has influences from the VSCO girl area and Y2K fashion and goes to a rather natural style. The typical coconut girl or boy is always around the beach and lives a chill and fun life. At least from the outside. 

Coconut Girl Jewelry Trends 

Bright Colors

The coconut girl aesthetic is a very fun and lively fashion style. You’ll see a lot of clothing and jewelry pieces that have bright colors and colorful beads. The aesthetic romanticizes living the beach life and having fun, what fits more to that than bright colors?

One Blinging Wisely lifehack on the way, look in the kids’ jewelry section. If you’re lucky, you find cute colorful bracelets that are cheaper than for grown-ups.

Natural Materials

A value that will come up here and there in the coconut girl aesthetic is the connectedness to water and to nature. That’s why natural pearls and shells are a coconut girl must-have.

In many matching jewelry pieces, you’ll see pearls that aren’t perfectly round shaped or clear white, that looks more natural and imperfect. The pearls are parts of a beaded necklace or worn as a pendant, for example.

Shells are one of the most characteristic materials in the coconut girl and beach aesthetic. Necklaces or chokers can be covered by cowrie shells as well as a cowrie shell is a gorgeous pendant. Seashells are also an often used motif in many coconut girl jewelry pieces. 

Gold Jewelry

For a coconut girl outfit, wear rather gold than silver jewelry. The aesthetic romanticizes being out in the sun and in nature, the gold color in your jewelry can represent exactly that sunny feeling. Gold is also a warmer color than silver which is also why it works so great in this beach aesthetic. 

High Quality

If you’re not just styling but living the coconut girl life, and you wear metal pieces while swimming or at the beach, buy high-quality jewelry. Several materials can tarnish easily when having contact with water. Get good materials for your jewelry pieces if you wear them regularly and for everything.

Coconut Girl Motifs

The coconut girl aesthetic has a lot of fun and colorful symbols that can be seen in many jewelry pieces and clothes. These are some motifs, used as pendants, on patterns, or in any other shape and color: 

  • flowers 
  • Cowrie and seashells
  • The globe
  • Heart
  • Starfish

Coconut Girl Necklaces

Beaded Necklace

If you want to wear only one jewelry piece to your coconut girl outfit, wear a beaded necklace. A longer or shorter necklace with many kinds of different beads with different colors, shapes, and styles is the perfect fit for a coconut girl. Colorful beaded necklaces create that fun and young look to your outfit, which is why it works great for a rather simple outfit.

Next to common beads, cowrie, or seashells on your necklace are a classic coconut girl piece. You can also never go wrong with several beaded necklaces stacked over one another. However, more than three different beaded necklaces might look a bit messy. By the way, the perfect coconut girl beaded necklace looks like you just bought it at the beach.

Beaded Necklace With Chain Necklace

To create a more elegant and everyday-suitable outfit, you can add a gold necklace to your fun beaded necklace. The chain necklace looks cute with a small pendant, as one of the typical motifs, for example. The colorful beaded necklace creates a new layer with the added chain necklace and a beautiful yet goofy coconut girl outfit is built.

Knotted Cowrie Shell Necklace by Tahlia Jewels


The choker that you see in the coconut girl aesthetic is, who could’ve thought, mostly a beaded choker. Yes, it’s all about the beads. As a coconut girl, a choker with fun and colorful beads is a great choice. However, a choker made out of cowrie shells is a classic piece that every true coconut girl must have.

Longer Pendants

Although you will probably mostly see shorter necklaces, cool and fun long pendants can also spice up your coconut girl outfit. Maybe a simple necklace with a big seashell, or a cute beaded necklace with a long flower as a pendant?

Remember that the coconut girl aesthetic is a free and fun fashion style in which you can wear whatever looks fun and pretty to you. And covers what you would wear to the beach. 

Coconut Girl Bracelets

Summer Beaded Bracelet by Tahlia Jewels

Beaded Bracelets

Next to the must-have beaded necklace, the beaded bracelets are a perfect accessory to your coconut girl look. Similar to the beaded necklace, the beaded bracelets for your coconut girl outfit can have several kinds of beads with different colors and shapes. You can also combine several beaded bracelets. 

Thin Ribbon Bracelets

The typical coconut girl doesn’t over-accessorize her outfit and wears minimal silver or gold jewelry. Thin ribbon bracelets are therefore a good choice for your look. A colorful ribbon with a small pendant and pendant in between, or just the ribbon itself, is a cute little accessory to your coconut girl outfit.

Friendship Bracelets

The coconut girl aesthetic is a cute and fun fashion style that often shows rather young girls. The braided or crocheted friendship bracelet, coming from the 90s and Y2K styles, is a good accessory for the coconut girl to show their youth, fun, and friendship with others. 

Festival Bracelets

Similar to the friendship bracelet, festival bracelets create the perfect vibe of freedom, fun, and a summer’s day to your outfit. Since you don’t always have easy access to a festival bracelet, they are no essential coconut girl pieces but can add something less “girly” to your outfit. 

Coconut Girl Earrings

Earrings aren’t the most important piece of jewelry for your coconut girl outfit. However, if you do choose to wear some nice earrings, these are the best options for your beach look.

Small Hoops

Small gold or silver hoops are a good addition to your coconut girl look. Since the coconut girl aesthetic is mostly represented by teenagers, huge and elegant hoops don’t fit well. Smaller and simpler hoops however can match well with your beaded necklace or shell bracelet.


Stud earrings are also simple and dainty earrings that can round up your coconut girl outfit. The studs can be a small pearl or another simple motif. Here, you can play around with colors, cute symbols, crazy-looking pearls, or any other studs that fit well to your outfit and the rest of your jewelry.

Gold Vermeil Palm Tree Charm Huggies by Tahlia Jewels

Short Dangling Earrings

For a cute and “girly” outfit, you can never go wrong with short dangling earrings, so as for a coconut girl outfit. Simple gold or silver earrings with a small pendant can make a good addition to your look, for example with a pretty symbol pendant, a dangling single pearl, or a fun-shaped pendant.

Coconut Girl Rings 

Beaded Rings

A material that follows us everywhere: beads. Yes, even on rings. Rings with small one-colored and multi-colorful beads and pearls are a great match to your coconut girl outfit.

Starfish & Seashell Ring by Tahlia Jewels

Simple Band With Front Motif

Next to the rather fancy beaded rings, simple rings that have a stone or a cute motif at the front are another good choice for a coconut girl ring. Go minimalistic here and wear a maximum of two simple rings at the same time. Remember that the coconut girl aesthetic is a style for the beach, and rings aren’t always the most needed or suitable for that situation.

Coconut Girl Trends


As a fashion style for the beach, sunglasses are an absolute must-have for your coconut girl look. Wear sweet cat-eye sunglasses or simply brown and modern glasses. 

Hair Accessory

For a sunny and warm beach day, putting your hair away in a pretty manner is key. In the coconut girl aesthetic you’ll see a lot of small hair clips, scrunchies, or bigger claw clips. The claw clip trend goes beyond the coconut girl style but just works perfectly for your outfit. Especially, a clip in a flower shape has become a popular choice for a coconut girl.

Tote Bag

A tote bag with a cute motif or quote on the front rounds off your perfect coconut girl outfit. The classic tote bag is simple and useful while carrying a cute message—and you have to put your sunscreen and your water bottle somewhere!

Where To Buy Jewelry As A Coconut Girl

Since many of the typical coconut girl jewelry pieces are trendy and popular in many styles, you will probably find most pieces easily. However, here are some cute little shops that can give you all the jewelry pieces you need for your perfect coconut girl outfit this summer. 

The first store that I want to show you is Crush PB. Here, you can find tons of options for beaded necklaces and bracelets, often built with different kinds of beads. What I love about Crush PB is their love for details: Many pieces have the typical coconut girl motifs that just match so well with the other beads. 

Another great coconut girl brand is The Salty Gem. While Crush PB gives you fun and colorful pieces, you can find more elegant and classy jewelry from The Salty Gem. I love their dainty gold earrings or rings, combined with a cowrie shell or a pretty gemstone. The pieces are definitely beach suitable and create a pretty coconut girl outfit. 

The last shop I want to show you is Tahlia Jewels. Similar to The Salty Gem, Tahlia Jewels has pretty beach jewelry that looks cute and elegant at the same time. You already saw some of their lovely pieces here in this post, for example, the cute starfish and seashell ring. I especially want to recommend their Beach Statement collection which has some pretty and unique seashell necklaces and earrings. 

Lastly, I do want to give you a Blinging Wisely lifehack: You can easily make coconut girl jewelry yourself! All you need are some basic gold jewelry pieces and real or fake sea and/or cowrie shells. Now, glue your extras as a pendant, to your earrings, and just be creative! For some inspiration, see Skylar Williams’ TikTok.