How To Pick The Best Jewelry Gift For Your Girlfriend

Although we all might want to forget it each year, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays always come back. And following that the returning question: What would be the perfect gift this year? I do understand all of you who think gifting jewelry is boring or a cliché. 

But let me show you today how you can pick the best jewelry gift for your girlfriend. Since jewelry can import a lot of emotions, you can find the best jewelry gift that is personalized to you and your girlfriend’s relationship. And yes, it’s a lot of thinking. But it’s going to pay off.

Why Jewelry Is The Best Gift

Jewelry is meant to last. Especially when it comes to more expensive, fine jewelry, the pieces are there to stay for a long time. Giving your girlfriend such a long-lasting gift shows that you want to stay for a long time. 

Adding to that, jewelry pieces are worn mostly direct on the skin. Your feelings and commitment are always very close to her. You can give her a feeling of security by giving her jewelry, maybe something you guys have struggled with before.

It’s the shiny metals or stones that create a sort of magic around jewelry. It’s just there. By gifting jewelry, you give this shiny magic that just gets a smile on your partner’s face.

How You Actually Find The Best Jewelry Gift

We are going to correct this cliché. Many people think jewelry is impersonal and usual. But those people chose the wrong jewelry before, meaning that they haven’t thought about it hard enough. I mean, of course, you can easily just go to a jeweler or jewelry store and get any sort of jewelry piece that you think she might like. But like in many situations in life, the easy way isn’t the best. Dig deep about what she might like and have those thoughts in mind:

  • What is her favorite style of jewelry?
  • Did she give some hints before about what jewelry she prefers? Or certain brands?
  • Does she prefer gold or silver jewelry?
  • Does she wear mostly necklaces, earrings, or bracelets?

If you want your jewelry to be even more special, you can think of symbols and elements that have special meanings for her:

  • Does she like a certain animal/flower/another object?
  • Is there one color she adores?
  • Have you guys had a special moment together that can be expressed by a symbol?

And don’t be afraid to buy the wrong piece. Yes, it’s the thought that counts. I’m sure that your girlfriend will be thrilled, to find out how much effort, thoughts, and interpretations you put into your gift for her.

When it comes to choosing a gift for a relationship anniversary, you should think about if it‘s a milestone anniversary. You can be special here and give her a jewelry gift that is just perfect for that anniversary. 

A Universal Symbol

While a very personal jewelry gift is great, it might be that not all of us have memories with our girlfriends that can be put into a necklace. But don’t worry! That’s why jewelry pieces can have a universal meaning on their own.

A gold heart necklace as an example of a great jewelry gift for your girlfriend.

Heart Pendant

I think we all know this one, right? A heart is a universal symbol of love and passion. Especially if your love is still new and exciting, a heart necklace, for example, can give your girlfriend a feeling of security in your relationship

A sapphire silver ring as an example of a great jewelry gift for your girlfriend.


Birthstone jewelry can be the perfect gift for a personal but not too complicated gift. The stone has often a specific color that stands for the month the person was born in.

A crystal pendant on a necklace as an example of a great jewelry gift for your girlfriend.


If your girlfriend is into connecting with Mother Nature or has just started, a crystal-connected jewelry piece can be perfect. Do some research on which is the best one for your partner. You can do the gift-giving with a little explanation about the crystal‘s meaning if you want.

A silver ring with graved details as an example of a great jewelry gift for your girlfriend.


When it comes to romance and love, a ring might be the best way to show those feelings to your girlfriend. Whether you see it as a promise ring or a pre-engagement ring, it might lead to the next level of your relationship.

A cross pendant on a necklace as an example of a great jewelry gift for your girlfriend.


Talking about spirituality, a cross necklace or earrings can show your support of your girlfriend‘s religion or the religion you‘ve been sharing.

A letter pendant necklace as an example of a great jewelry gift for your girlfriend.

Letters or words

Another personal but not simple gift is a necklace with your or your girlfriend’s letter or name. You‘re so happy with your partner that you want to show it to everybody while she also wears an even more direct symbol of you which can always remind her of you.

Not enough jewelry symbols? Check out my list of jewelry symbols and their meanings to find the matching symbol to your feelings.

Get Some Help

Still clueless or unsure? Don’t wait to ask her best friend, her mother, or a family member to give you some advice about what she might like. Maybe they have a different perspective than you and they can share their opinion. If you‘re doing good, you can also try to clear your decision by asking her hidden questions and tricking her. But this one‘s just for the pros of course.

Finding The Right Words

Picking the best jewelry gift is great but presenting it elegantly is just better. Of course, feeling eloquent about a present makes a good impression but showing how much more it is than just a piece of metal can be great. You can tell her what thoughts you had when picking your gift for her. For example, you wanted to find something as special and important as your relationship is to you. 

That’s why you thought a lot about it like you do think a lot about your relationship a great excuse for a delayed gift by the way. When talking about your jewelry gift, don’t hesitate to tell her all the thoughts and interpretations you have of your gift. This is your time to shine and show her your true feelings and hopes and wishes for the future.

But, Do Actions Speak Louder Than Words?

I‘d get it if you don’t feel able or comfortable talking explicitly about your feelings. Not everyone wants to hold long romantic, maybe even cheesy, speeches. But don’t worry, that’s exactly what the jewelry is there for. 

As we found out earlier, jewelry can be so much more than just an accessory and can so show your feeling while you don’t have to say a word. Especially if you have a more quiet and not extremely open personality, your partner will understand you and your message through your gift.

Don’t Get Stressed!

Jewelry can be the best gift for your girlfriend, no matter if it‘s Christmas, an anniversary, or a birthday. If you‘re talking you can give her a great speech about why you picked especially that piece and how much she means to you. And if you‘re not, the jewelry can already show very much effort you put into the relationship and the big meaning it has to you.

But … before going nuts and running to your bank account, don’t worry about your wallet bleed. Yes, some great fine jewelry can cost a lot and if you want and can spoil your girlfriend, don’t mind gifting a more expensive jewelry piece. But since there are so many jewelry brands out there, you can simply buy from affordable fashion jewelry brands that have good quality jewelry. 

Still, if you do want a long-lasting and amazing gift for your partner, maybe spend those few minutes more on the internet to check good jewelry brands and maybe get some opinions and experiences from others. Speaking of others, it‘s no problem to ask a friend for her opinion about your potential gift. Yes, gifting jewelry perfectly is a bit more work to do, but it pays out!

Now, that you found the perfect jewelry gift let‘s talk about the gift package. Surely, you can easily pack your jewelry gift in a normal paper bag or leave it in the jewelry box. OR you check out these 5 easy jewelry wrapping hacks for pretty and unique jewelry gifts!