How To Choose The Best Anniversary Jewelry Gift

Having anniversaries with your loved ones can give you great excitement. Still, there might appear an unpleasant problem: the gift. It should be special and big, but also occasion appropriate, since you don’t want to give too much. But, what do I buy? Where do I get it? Will my partner like it?

Today, we will show you exactly why jewelry is a great anniversary gift and also how to choose the best anniversary jewelry gift. You’re maybe already a bit late to your gifting … So let’s go!

Why A Jewelry Gift?

Jewelry can be more than just an accessory. Sure it’s a practical gift that your partner can wear and use. But it shows them your true feelings. Jewelry as a gift can show your partner your commitment to them and how much they mean to you. Why jewelry specifically?, you might ask. Long-lasting materials, precious diamonds, and pearls, the uniqueness of each piece. Can be great symbols for your relationship, right?

And speaking of symbols, you find here even more great symbols and ideas for your next jewelry gifting. 

Milestone Anniversary Gifts

Throughout many years, some milestone anniversary jewelry gifts have been established. The following metals and gemstones can represent you and your partner’s marriage and relationship. If you have no clue how to choose the best anniversary jewelry gift, this is the best list to look at.  

A gold necklace with a small heart as a great example of a first-year anniversary jewelry gift.

1st Year: Gold

The first year of marriage, or of a relationship, is exciting and special. A gold jewelry piece can represent the preciousness of this first year together. It is something special indeed.

You can buy gold jewelry in many variations, such as in a yellow, rose, or light gold color, as well as any kind of jewelry can look great in gold metal.

A sapphire ring as a great example of a fifth-anniversary jewelry gift.

5th Year: Sapphires

The traditional jewelry for the 5-year anniversary is the sapphire. Sapphires represent truth and loyalty in the relationship. You can see this in the gemstone’s durability. Sapphires are available in many colors but most are worn in blue.

A diamond ring as a great example of a tenth-anniversary jewelry gift.

10th Year: Diamonds

The decade of your relationship or marriage can be celebrated through diamonds. You and your partner are together for a long time now and a diamond jewelry piece represents this strength and longevity. Classic jewelry pieces are here rings or earrings.

A gold bracelet with rubies as a great example of a fifteenth-anniversary jewelry gift.

15th Year: Ruby

The best 15th-anniversary jewelry gift is the ruby. A jewelry piece with rubies signifies the love in your relationship. On the other side, the ruby represents your growth and health too. The gemstone should preserve your physical and mental health and shows like this, how long your relationship should last.

A silver necklace with an emerald pendant as a great example of a twentieth-anniversary jewelry gift.

20th Year: Emerald​

The colored gemstone emerald is the perfect jewelry gift for being together or married for 20 years. It’s the traditional gift for being together for so long. The green represents hope and loyalty that still exists in the relationship.

A silver necklace with a snowflake pendant as a great example of a twenty-fifth-anniversary jewelry gift.

25th Year: Silver

You probably know that 25 years of being married is celebrated as the silver jubilee. SIlver is a very strong and durable metal. The silver represents the marriage’s healthy and strong togetherness. It also shows the long-lasting nature of the silver and the relationship as well as the more years of strength together to come.

Anniversary Jewelry Gift Ideas

Of course, our milestone anniversary jewelry gift list is just a recommendation. So, don’t worry if you didn’t find your perfect jewelry gift yet. Or aren’t inspired yet. Here are some great anniversary jewelry gifts that you can gift on any anniversary. 

  • a jewelry piece with the birthstone of the month you got married or when your children were born 
  • a piece with your initial letter 
  • jewelry with color or stone your partner loves 
  • engraved jewelry pieces with your name or wedding date, engraved locket with pictures of you or you both 
  • a vintage or antique special jewelry piece 
A gold letter necklace as a good anniversary jewelry gift

Getting The Best Anniversary Jewelry Gift – Last Tips

Before deciding finally on your jewelry gift, you should consider some aspects. If you want to get the correct gift, which you do if you’re reading this post, then you should ask yourself these questions:

  • What is her jewelry style? A great partner doesn’t just get any piece they get. Does she prefer more elegant jewelry or statement pieces? Think about what she might like, and look at other pieces that she often wears or likes. Don’t mind asking her friends and families about what they think about the jewelry.
  • Does it match her wedding ring? Getting a jewelry piece that she can wear perfectly to her wedding or engagement ring is amazing. Try to look for a similar style or matching details. This one might be a bit more difficult. Go to a jeweler or a jewelry store where they can give you professional advice and help you out. 
  • What were my recent jewelry gifts? Since we are obviously recommending you to gift her jewelry, we are saying that you can gift jewelry more than once. However, if you decide to have several jewelry gifts over the years, look at what you gifted. Can you get her a matching necklace to her gifted ring? Have you gifted her earrings ever before? Thinking about spicing up your normal jewelry pieces can be great. Have you thought of gifting her a brooch, watch or body jewelry? 

Now, that you found the perfect jewelry gift let‘s talk about the gift package. Surely, you can easily pack your jewelry gift in a normal paper bag or leave it in the jewelry box. OR you check out these 5 easy jewelry wrapping hacks for pretty and unique jewelry gifts!