90s Jewelry – Your Ultimate Guide

90s Fashion

Fashion in the 1990s brought many styles. From Hip Hop and grunge to classy and elegant vibes. People in the 90s wanted to turn back to minimalism, contrasting the brightness to the 80s fashion. That‘s why street wear was celebrated again and denim, layering, oversized clothes, or overalls became trends.

90s fashion was very influenced by pop cultural icons, such as music groups and artists, like Spice girls, rappers, or several boy bands. Movies and show also created trends in the 90s, naming only a few like Frech Prince of Bel Air, Clueless, or Friends.

Many 90s trends set popularity for the next decades. In the last years, we‘ve seen tracksuits, crop tops with baggy pants, slip dresses, plaid skirts, graphic tees, or ripped jeans in our streets. However, some trends, like bleached hair, neon windbreakers, or tie-dye outfits, luckily stayed mostly in the 90s or remained popular in the 2000s, also called as Y2K Style today.

90s Jewelry

In the 1990s, jewelry was an option to express yourself, still it became a smaller part than it was in the 80s. At least, it was simpler and more comfortable to wear.

Little motives as parts of pendants or of the actual jewelry piece, thinner chains or elegant accessories showed a contrast to the years before. However, chunky and many layered necklaces, colorful friendship bracelets or hair clips, or big rings and big stud earrings play a role in 90s fashion jewelry.

For younger teens, several pieces came out that looked fun to wear and to play with.

90s Motifs

In the 90s and 2000s, motifs that are printed on clothes and shaped as jewelry pieces were there a lot. As stud earrings or pendants on necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, the motifs were everywhere. Some motifs, like the dolphin or smiley face, were a more teenager thing, while other motifs, such as the cross or hearts, were worn by many generations. 

Here are some of the most popular jewelry motifs in the 90s:

  • Cross
  • Hearts
  • Flowers 
  • Sun with face 
  • Smiley face
  • Aliens 
  • Dolphins 
  • Ying & Yang symbol

90s Necklace 

A black tattoo choker with a sun pendant and a thin gold choker as typical 90s necklaces.


The most worn jewelry piece in the 90s style is the choker. You see hem as tattoo chokers, in velvet in all kinds of colors, in leather, as well as with puka shells. Very popular in the 90s were black chokers with a small charm but also very subtle chokers with pearls for example are a cute way of wearing a choker. 

Four different gold chains as typical 90s necklaces

Gold Chain

Although many kinds of necklaces were worn in the 90s, gold necklace chains became quite popular. Big and chunky or simple and thin, in the 90s style, people wear gold necklaces in all kinds of forms alone or layered. You see the tons of layered necklaces especially in 90s streetwear and in Hip Hop style.

A gold necklace with the words „sexy & single“ between the chains as a typical 90s necklace.

Letter Necklace

You were probably waiting for this one. A gold or silver necklace chain with a word or name in between was quite popular, especially in the Hip Hop style. 

A necklace with a black ribbon and a round pendant as a typical 90s necklace.

Black Ribbon Chain

In this trend, the 90s comfortable fashion can be seen again. People started to wear black ribbon chains instead of metal chains. In comparison, these are more comfortable. People wore black ribbon chains with a pendant that was either in gold, silver, or a gemstone or crystal in a darker color. 

A beaded necklace with white, gold and colorful beads and pearls as a typical 90s necklace.

Beaded Necklace

What became very popular in the 2000s fashion, started in the late 90s. Beaded necklaces are made out of beads in different colors and shapes. You can also see often in the beaded necklaces white cubes with letters on it that then create a word. The necklaces were very colorful and so mostly worn by young teens.

A thin silver necklace with a dainty heart and circle pendant as a typical 90s necklace.

Short Dainty Necklace

Similar to the choker, a short dainty necklace was also trendy in the 90s. This was a specifically more feminine trend and a more subtle and simpler way to wear a fun or cute pendant. 

A black ribbon with a rice inside a glass pendant as a typical 90s necklace.
Grain of rice necklace, Filip Maljković, CC BY-SA 2.0

Rice Necklace

This trend might give you a huge nostalgia slap. The necklaces had a small glass vial as a pendant. For the rice necklace, the young people wrote a word or name on a small grain of rice and put it in the vial. Especially teens wore the rice necklaces to have their favorite friends, for example, nearby them. It seems like, in the 90s, people were obsessed with having words in their jewelry. 

Best Friends Pendant

This is the counterpart to friendship bracelets. Very close friends, in the 90s and mostly girls, wore both a necklace that had each a half heart as a pendant. If you hold both together it would connect the heart pieces and it would say “Best Friends”. The necklaces may look cheezy in the 2020s but they were popular for teens in the 1990s. 

You can find typical best friends necklaces on Etsy, for example these gold best friends necklaces.

90s Bracelet 

Two colorful braided friendship bracelets as typical 90s bracelets.

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets were mostly made out of colorful ribbons and braided into fun patterns. Especially young teens made these bracelets themselves, by braiding them and making knots with the ribbons, to celebrate their friendships.

They were also good for young people since either the materials for a DIY or the already-made bracelets were quite cheap. Friendship bracelets had a comeback in the last years during the pandemic and the rise of Y2K.

A purple and a black with red hearts slap bracelets as typical 90s bracelets.
Slap Bracelets! by jyllish, CC BY-SA 2.0

Slap Bracelets

Another fun jewelry trend for young teens. If you can even call it “jewelry”. Slap bracelets were sticks made out of flexible stainless steel bands and covered with silicone or fabric over them. If you slap the stick on your arm, it would form the shape of your arm and stick on it as a bracelet.

Slap bracelets are a combination of a toy and an accessory. Coming in all different colors and many patterns, they were a huge hit in the 90s. 

A turquoise digital watch as a typical 90s watch.

Baby G Watch/ Digital watch

In the 1990s more and more technology was invented. The decade of the beginning of the internet for everyone, people loved digital watches. Baby G is one of the brands that were very popular. Those watches were big and chunky, not considered elegant. This trend shows us again that a lot of 90s fashion trends are based on comfort and not elegance. 

Two silver and two gold bangles with small details as typical 90s bracelets.


A trend that not even teenagers were wearing was bangle bracelets. Bangles were either out of jelly and silicone and more for the younger kids. Or they were classic gold or silver bangle bracelets. For a typical 90s look, several kinds of bangles are worn at the same time and hanging down your arm. 

Several kinds of pearl bracelets, also called power beads, in different colors as typical 90s bracelets.

Power Beads

Power beads are bracelets that have an elastic band and crystal beads. The beads could be in clear and very bright colors or were darker and had a crystal shine. Some bracelets also had a pendant in between the beads. 

90s Earrings

Gold hoops with rhinestones as typical 90s earrings.


The most popular earring trend in the 90s was hoops. Wherever you look, hoops always fit into a 90s look. Hoops in the 90s could be in any shape, size, and color. You can go for the classic big silver hoops, thick and weird-shaped purple hoops, small but chunky gold hoops, or whatever else you can imagine.

They can be covered with diamond stones or have a word in between or a pendant hanging out. 

Blue big stud earrings as typical 90s earrings.

Big Stud Earrings

For a night out in a 90s look, big stud earrings are a win. Especially at 90s red carpet events, women wore diamond stud earrings that were shiny and big. Next to a simple dress, silver or gold, big stud earrings with diamonds, gemstones, or little details are a total eye-catcher. 

Mid-long earrings with small blue and white crystal pendants as typical 90s earrings.

Mid-Long Earrings

But of course, these are not good everyday earrings. As seen in film & TV, small mid-long earrings were often worn. The earrings were more subtle or had a popular motive as a pendant. However, in the 90s, these were mostly out of silver, gold, or other material.

90s Rings

A mood ring that is in gold material and turqoise in the middle as a typical 90s ring.

Mood Rings

A toy and a jewelry piece again? Mood rings were normal rings with a big crystal in them or metal rings that were surrounded by colors. The crystal’s color would change along with your mood. You can argue about the scientific background of the actual mood change, but the rings were just a total trend in the 90s. 

A bigger gold ring with green in the middle as a typical 90s earrings.

Big Rings

Another jewelry trend is the big rings. Often, they are in silver or gold and have a motive in the front. Instead of a motif, there could also stand a word or letter. The big rings, especially many at once or several words and letter rings, were often worn in the 90s Hip Hop style.

Lucite rings were also popular in the 90s. They are clear big colorful rings that look fun. 

90s Other Trends 

A blue, a pink and a purple butterfly clip as a typical 90s trend.

Butterfly Clips

In 90s fashion, butterflies are a popular motive. You see them especially often in form of hair accessories, such as butterfly clips. Add them to a higher ponytail, to clip away your first strands of hair or just add them to another hair style.

A gold chain secured on black pants as a typical 90s trend.

Chains On Pants

Chains on pants could be seen a lot in the 90s. Especially on wide and baggy pants, silver or gold chains were often worn. You can were usual necklace chains that are chunky but also thin. The pant chains represent often the Hip Hop style and are part of typical street wear.

An elegant silver ring around the upper arm as a typical 90s trend.

Arm Rings

A more elegant fashion trend is arm rings. The rings are often thin and look elegant. Since they aren‘t the most practical jewelry pieces, arm rings were often worn by celebrities and on stage. To a cropped top or a silk dress, arm rings give you total 90s vibes.

A gold anklet with several charms hanging from it as a typical 90s trend.


Another trend that has lost its popularity since the 2000s is anklets. 90s anklets are often charm anklets, so a main chain and many pendants and charm connected to it, often cute 90s motives.

A bigger white naval piercing as a typical 90s trend.


Naval piercings have been a trend in the 90s, at one point because of the popular low jeans and cropped tops. There, especially longer naval piercings were often worn. Next to that, other piercings in the face area were often seen, for example as a part of the 90s street wear, grunge or in the punk scene.

90s Hip Hop Jewelry

Two chunky gold rings as typical 90s Hip Hop jewelry.

Gold Rings & Necklaces

Gold jewelry is the 90s Hip Hop essential. Very chunky gold necklaces, big rings or gold chain bracelets. You saw it shining everywhere. For 90s Hip Hop style you can wear one chunky necklace or gold ring, or wear several rings at once and layer several gold necklaces. The gold is here to be noticeable.

A pearl and a diamond necklace as typical 90s Hip Hop jewelry.

Diamonds & Pearls

Another trend is wearing diamonds and pearl necklaces and pearls. You saw this on men’s and women’s style. As well as the gold jewelry, the diamonds and pearls is often worn as a sign of fortune and success. Many 90s rappers grew up in poor neighborhoods. Wearing eccentric and big gold jewelry pieces with diamonds and pearls bracelets shows that the rapper has made it and stopped out of the poverty.

A gold ring with words in between as typical 90s Hip Hop jewelry.

Letter Necklace & Ring

A typical 90s jewelry piece is the letter necklace. Gold necklaces with a letter, words or a year in between the chain is often seen in the 90s Hip Hop style. The are also big rings with words at the front, in gold or in silver. These rings are mostly supposed to be provocative.

A silver cross pendant with black dots inside as typical 90s Hip Hop jewelry.

Cross Pendant

On chunky necklaces can be seen several pendant motifs in the 90s Hip Hop style. However, a cross pendant has been a very popular one, if not the most popular pendant. The cross could be in gold, as a necklace, and with or without diamonds on top.

Where To Buy 90s Jewelry

As a decade fashion trend, such as 80s jewelry trends, the best way to get 90s jewelry is second-hand and vintage. Ask first your friends, family members, neighbors and everyone around you if they have old jewelry pieces that they don’t wear anymore.

Another idea for getting authentic 90s jewelry pieces is thrift stores. Go to your local thrift, vintage and second-hand shops and look for 90s jewelry. If you’re lucky, you’ll find very cool pieces.

In case you’re less lucky, great 90s jewelry pieces are also on Etsy, eBay and Depop. They can be cheap and authentic and pretty at the same time.

For the people who want to buy brand new 90s inspired jewelry pieces, there are also good online stores. At Junction, you find beautiful chunky gold pieces. Some rings, bracelets and necklaces give you a real 90s feeling. Vinty is another online store that offers some 90s inspired jewelry pieces.

Of course, at other fashion brands such as Zara or H&M, you can find here and then good 90s fashion jewelry since it’s always a bit in trend.


For wrapping up 90s fashion jewelry, let‘s look at the most important trends.

Gold necklaces and rings, hoops and chokers are absolut 90s essentials. 90s fashion is formed into several categories that were inspired by the music and pop culture.

For “girly“ elegant 90s vibes, you need mid-long earrings, dainty chokers, butterfly clips, and a thin or beaded necklace.

90s Hip Hop boys and girls were big and chunky gold necklaces, several golds ring at once, cross pendant necklaces and diamond bracelets.

For a edgy and grunge 90s look, were tattoo chokers, chains at your pants, power beads and a necklace with black ribbon and a crystal or round pendant.

And lastly, a 90s typical teens outfit is only fulfilled with a rice necklace, friendship necklace and bracelets, a mood ring, a digital watch and a slap bracelet.