80s Jewelry – Your Ultimate Guide

80s Fashion

The fashion of the 1980s was inspired and influenced by maximalism and capitalism. The economy in the USA was booming and people felt a type of independence. In the 80s, more women than before started to work, getting into businesses. Women were adapting to men’s wear with suits and shoulder pads but could show and express their personality truly with jewelry. 

But of course, next to the business look, many other trends were created in the 80s. Fashion in the 1980s was loud, bright, and large with wild hair, neon colors that call for attention, eccentric aerobics wear, and fun geometrical pattern and shapes. Madonna and Cyndi Lauper were great fashion icons, as well as Princess Diana inspired some 80s fashion trends. 

80s Jewelry

As well as 80s clothing, jewelry was loud, bright, and eccentric. You can see in 80s fashion and jewelry in many colors, including neon and pastel. And yes, hoops, bracelets, and rings were also in all colors. The 80s had a thing for geometrical pieces, triangles, rounds, and squares, which you saw in clothes and as patterns or shapes in jewelry.

Statement jewelry pieces are a total must-have. Earrings with long and big pendants, robust designs, large gemstones, pearls in many shapes, colors, and sizes, glitter, and much more. Next to many colorful and bright looks, in the 80s punk scene, people wore leather and black jewelry pieces, asymmetrical ones, chunky necklaces, and loud patterns. 

However loud and big 80s jewelry is, monochrome jewelry sets are always a match as well gold was the most worn metal. Almost everywhere, you can see a gold jewelry piece with a small colorful detail inside, for example, an emerald stone. 

80s Motifs

Such as in many other fashion styles, there are some symbols are motifs that you see more than others in 80s fashion. Here are some of the motifs that were also popular for 80s jewelry.

  • animal prints 
  • moon and star
  • dices 
  • teardrop
  • cross
  • guitar pick (necklace pendant)
  • flash of lightning

80s Necklaces

A gold necklace and white and pink pearl necklaces as typical 80s necklaces.

Long Pearls & Beads Necklace

A very long beaded necklace is an 80s essential. The necklaces have pearls and beads that are either dark or colorful. The pearls can be very big or small. There are also wooden pearl necklaces. They often build the base of layered necklaces. Next to the long necklaces, shorter necklaces with big pearls are more of a statement piece. 

White and pink pearl necklaces, a stone and a silver necklace as typical 80s layered necklaces.

Layering Necklace

The influence of maximalism in the 80s gave the trend of layered necklaces. All kinds of necklaces can be worn together: beaded necklaces, necklaces with pendants, pearls, and more materials and colors. They don’t have to fit perfectly together. 

A colorful crystal necklaces as a typical 80s necklace.

Chandelier Necklace

Another trend that expressed wealth and elegance. Chandelier necklaces from the 80s were often triangular, long, and with diamonds or crystals. A matching pair of earrings is a perfect fit for a beautiful chandelier necklace.

80s Bracelets

Gold and silver bangles as typical 80s bracelets.


In 80s fashion, bangles are everywhere. They can be big, wide, and rounded off with potential crystals. You see them in gold and darker colors or in neon. When wearing 80s bangles, you should wear stocks of several bangles at once. For younger girls, plastic and jelly glitter bangles were very popular. 

Colorful friendship bracelets as typical 80s bracelets.

Woven And Friendship Bracelet

Although we find the woven and friendship bracelet trends most popular in the 1990s and 2000s, the trend started in the 80s. The bracelets are mostly worn by young girls, that’s why they’re very colorful. 

Several colorful swatch watches as typical 80s watches.

Swatch Watches

Swatch watches are a typical 80s essential. The watches could be in any color and with crazy patterns. At the same time, swatch watches are quite dainty and could also be in black or white shades.

80s Earrings

For the 80s fashion, earrings were everything. In front of wild hair, huge bright statement earrings can be seen in many 80s looks. And since these are such a big part of 80s fashion, I‘ll show you several kinds of popular statement earrings. 

Plastic hoops with pink and white patterns as typical 80s earrings.
Gold chunky hoops as typical 80s earrings.


Hoops are an absolute 80s essential. They are worn in all kinds of shapes, colors, sizes, and materials. Popular were colorful plastic hoops, but also big gold hoops. Typical for the 80s are big hoops in neon colors. They could also be with or out of pearls, as well as flat or chunky. 

Gold square earrings with a leave patterns as typical 80s earrings.
Purple triangle earrings as typical 80s earrings.

Geometrical Shapes

Geometrical shapes and patterns are total 80s fashion and jewelry trends. Triangle earrings, big round studs, or rectangular pendants. As with most other earring trends, geometrically shaped earrings are often very colorful and can be in plastics. 

Gold round studs with colorful round pendants as typical 80s earrings.

Stud Earrings With Big pendants

Huge earring pendants were in all kinds of shapes. Flowers, geometrical, crosses, hearts, diamonds, crystals, or gemstones. The pendants are often connected to a big stud earring. The stud earring is often a gemstone or in a round or triangle shape.

Either there are a ton of shiny crystals and stones, or the stud earring and the pendant is in bright neon colors. Very often seen are big rounded pendants in bright colors. 

A big blue stud earring and a gold round stud with a colorful round pendant as typical 80s earrings.


A trend that also fits the wild hair is different earrings worn at the same time. Women such as Cyndi Lauper wore on one ear a bigger stud earring and on the other side a colorful hoop. This is also often seen with a star and a moon earring. 

Silver chandelier earrings with rhinestones as typical 80s earrings.

Chandelier Earrings

As we’ve talked about chandelier necklaces before, chandelier earrings were a matching trend. Seen in gold, with diamonds or crystals, chandelier earrings can be quite elegant while being eccentric and big.

80s Rings

The most worn rings in the 80s are big cocktail rings. Many of these statement pieces have a thin ring with gold details and a big gemstone or crystal. The colorful stone at the front is often quite high.

The rings can also have diamonds and are often very shiny. The crystals can be big or smaller, as well as in any color.

80s Jewelry Trends

The Edwardian Amethyst Pendant from Maejean Vintage as a possible brooch from the 80s.
Edwardian Amethyst Pendant by Maejean Vintage


Brooches made their comeback in the 80s from their actual trend in the 1940s. Women wore powerful suits for their business roles, which were accessorized by beautiful brooches. These brooches have big gemstones or a huge crystal. 

A green plaid, a pink and a white scrunchy as typical hair accessories from the 80s.

Hair Accessories

Next to the elegant brooches, hair accessories were a big thing in the 80s. Small or big hair bands, colorful scrunchies, or hair clips, e.g. banana clips, became quite popular. 

A white and green scarf as a hair band as typical accessory from the 80s.


In the 80s fashion, you can see a lot of scarves. These include mostly thin fabric scarfs that are used as headbands, wrapped over the head or around the neck. It gives off a sweet and fun atmosphere, especially in bright colors and patterns. 

Where To Buy 80s Jewelry

The best way to buy authentic 80s jewelry is to get vintage pieces. First, ask your family members, friends, neighbors and the neighbors‘ friends if they have old jewelry pieces from the 80s.

In case you haven‘t been successfull, take a look, or two, in second-hand and vintage shops. Really great are also online shops such as Etsy, eBay or Depop where you can find good and authentic 80s jewelry pieces. Maejean Vintage is another online store which offers great 80s vintage jewelry pieces, some of them you have seen in this post.

If you want to buy new 80s jewelry, you might want to think about what you want it for. If you want very typical jewelry and accessories for an 80s costume, 80s Fashion Clothing leads you to possible 80s jewelry pieces from Amazon. Often you also find 80s jewelry for a costume in costume stores near you.

For getting brand new 80s jewelry, Vinty Jewelry has some good 80s inspired pieces. You find here especially gold and more elegant 80s jewelry pieces. For finding single 80s pieces that has been listed here, you often find good inspired fashion jewelry pieces in online and actual stores like Zara, ASOS, or H&M.

80s Jewelry – Conclusion

80s fashion is loud, bright and wild – characteristics that you see in 80s jewelry as well. 

In the 1980s, you can find many kinds of jewelry pieces that have tons of color in them: neon hoops, crazy patterns on swatch watches, beaded necklaces, brooches with a beautiful gemstone, or colorful Scrunchies. 

However, elegance and femininity were also a part in the 80s, talking about long chandelier earrings and necklaces, bangles or brooches. 

80s fashion includes many styles and trends. In all of them, you see the positivity and freedom the 1980s brought.