70s Jewelry – Your Ultimate Guide

70s Fashion

In the 1970s, mass production in the fashion industry caused affordable clothing for everyone. That’s why individuality became a big part of the 70s. 

Short printed tees, mini skirts, wide-legged pants, and denim over denim were some of the very popular style pieces you saw in the 70s’ streets. But, just like in many other decades, different kinds of styles were formed and influenced by pop culture. 

On the one hand, disco, with Saturday Night Fever, or glam rock, with David Bowie as inspiration, brought colorful and crazy printed flares and overalls to the dance floors and streets.

Next to that, the 60s hippie looks continued, including wide blouses, earthy colors and materials, maxi dresses, and flares. Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac could have been an inspiration for some. 

Naturally, you find many more 70s styles that represent freedom and individuality. 

70s Jewelry

As just mentioned, 70s fashion was about individuality which is also seen in the jewelry trends. Jewelry pieces weren’t worn as simple and casual accessories. The pieces were statement pieces that should complement and fulfill your look. 

In the 70s discos, people wanted to have fun while looking amazing. Gold pieces with sparkle and bling shined perfectly in the discos’ lights. Big and chunky pendants and rings surely brought attention.

On the other side, the hippie looks were fulfilled through natural material jewelry pieces, including bone, shells, stones, or wood, in earthy colors, such as browns and gold, jade stones, and in psychedelic or celestial design, i.e. stars and moons. 

Next to these two styles, there were of course other jewelry trends as well that can’t be left aside. Large colored gemstones, gold and white or gold and brown mixes, matching sets, silver or gold pieces with little colored detail, or rounded shapes were seen everywhere through the 1970s.

70s Necklaces

All kinds of beaded necklaces hanging down as typical necklaces from the 70s.

Beaded Necklace

As you can see this trend is probably in every decade, but it still has differences. The 70s beaded necklaces have often round colorful beads. They are often very long and are in plastic, glass, or wood. 

A gold necklace with a big round pendant as a typical 70s necklace.

Big Pendant

A typical 70s statement jewelry piece is a big medallion necklace, meaning, a necklace chain with a big pendant. You see often round or oval metallic shapes with or without a big gemstone in the middle. The pendants are often heavy, with ornaments and details, and connected to a chunky chain, but that later. Next to round shapes, you could also see suns, dream catchers, raindrops, or owls as possible pendants. 

A gold rope necklace with three chains as a typical 70s necklace.

Gold Chains

The gold chains in the 70s are special thanks to their textures and details. Next to classical rolo or cable-type chains, 70s gold necklaces can have thicker or special-looking chain types. (More to necklace chain types you find in this The Peach Box blog article.)

The necklace chains can also have swirls or curls in them. While often one chunky necklace seems to be enough, layering necklaces has already been a trend in the 70s. And even that much, that some designers sold necklaces that included around three different-sized necklaces in one. And not just three simple ones.

For a 70s look, you can wear one chunky necklace at a time, or just several ones altogether.

A gold coin necklace pendant as a typical 70s necklace pendant.
Victorian Love Token by Maejean Vintage

Coin Necklace

Another classical 70s pendant is the coin pendant. These pendants are often a bit smaller, are gold, and have a rounded shape. On these round pendants are pictures of roman gladiators engraved, which makes them look like old coins. The Bulgari Monete necklace is one designer piece that had big popularity in the 70s.  

A long gold necklace chain with a gold circle pendant as a typical 70s necklace.

Long Necklace

A trend that continued in the 80s, is wearing long necklaces. Sure, there were also short and dainty necklaces but long necklaces were still everywhere. Either chunky mid-long chains with a big pendant, that made the necklace long, or long beaded pieces that seemed even larger and brighter with some layered necklaces on top.

70s Bracelets

The Vintage Flower Bracelet from Maejean Vintage as a typical 70s bracelet.
Vintage Flower Bracelet by Maejean Vintage

Gold Big Bracelet

In 70s fashion, you see all different kinds of necklaces and bracelet chains. Popular in fine but also fashion jewelry from the 70s are big gold bracelets that have a unique chain. They’re often chunky and big to get your attention.

The bracelets can be quite large or just thick. Sometimes small details or stones are involved, too. Swirls or curls in the material create fun but also elegant gold bracelets. 

The Retro Scarab Bracelet from Maejean Vintage as a typical 70s bracelet.
Retro Scarab Bracelet by Maejean Vintage

Scarab Bracelet

Scarab bracelets have colorful stones around the bracelet and are often covered on the sides with gold. The stones were often in darker or earthy tones. A scarab bracelet makes your outfit an authentic 70s look. 

A beaded bracelet with light and dark and different shaped beads as a typical 70s bracelet.

Beaded Bracelets

As well as beaded necklaces were popular in the 70s, and so as well were beaded bracelets. Maybe not as often seen as big gold bracelets, bracelets with round pearls and beads had their time in the 70s. Sometimes one bracelet alone, sometimes paired, or even directly together set, and with bigger and smaller pearls. You could also see unique pearls on 70s people’s arms.

70s Earrings

White studs with white and brown oval pendants that have a hole in the middle as typical 70s earrings.

Big Round With A Hole Inside

The first thing that comes into your mind, when thinking of 70s earrings, might be these earrings. The earring pendant is in round shape and has a small hole inside. The earrings are often colorful or have patterns on them, such as stripes.

However, in the 70s hippie and earthy looks, these earrings are mostly in darker colors or brown to green shades as well as in thicker different material. The disco and fun kind of round 70s earrings are made of plastic materials. You can see the earrings also in a flower or similar shapes. 

A gold earring with a big black stone and gold around as the pendant as typical 70s earrings.

Long Earrings

In contrast to the big rounded earrings, we see long earrings. They are often stud earrings with a long pendant. The pendant can be for example a longer motive, like a moon, or a beaded chain. 70s long earrings can also have a mat or shiny stone in the earring’s pendant.

The Modern Gold Hoops from Maejean Vintage as typical 70s earrings.
Modern Gold Hoops by Maejean Vintage

Gold Hoops

In the 70s, the high popularity of gold hoops started. Popular were especially bigger and chunky gold hoops. However, this several decade’s long-lasting trend was just in the beginning, so you didn’t see gold hoops everywhere.

70s Rings

Rings in 1970s fashion are mostly in gold, sometimes in silver, and have a big stone in the middle. The band, meaning the ring base, is either bigger or thin.

At the front of the ring, there is either a big gemstone that is mat and with gold or silver material surrounded or a gemstone that is shiny and often with less material surrounded for a better focus on the stone.

Either way, the stones are often very big. The 70s ring might remind you of a mood ring that would be a trend in the 90s

Apart from gemstones, white sea pearls or birthstones can also be a part of a 70s ring. 

Round gemstones are often on 70s rings, as well as square-shaped stones can be at the front, possibly decorated with diamonds. For a hippie 70s look, wire-wrapped crystals and stones can be on rings.

70s Jewelry Trends

A thin black scarf with blue and white symbols on it as a typical 70s accessory.


Thin scarves and soft fabrics were often worn in the 70s. And not just as a normal scarf to keep you warm. Wrap your scarf around your neck and tie it together on the side. A cute collared shirt underneath and voilá, your cute 70s look. Jackie Burkhart from That 70s Show can give you many outfit inspirations.

The Genuine Opay Brooch from Maejean Vintage as a typical 70s accessory.
Genuine Opal Brooch by Maejean Vintage


Brooches were an easy way to make your outfit elegant and feminine. 70s brooches can have gemstones, birthstones, crystals, or just gold or silver motives on them. Brooches are a good way to represent your personality. A fun motive or an elegant stone would be options to choose from for a 70s look.

Where To Buy 70s Jewelry

Of course, for finding good and authentic 70s jewelry pieces you need to get them second-hand or vintage.

Ask first all your friends, family members, neighbors, or the neighbors’ friends if anyone has some old 70s jewelry boxes at home. It might take some time to find some good pieces but maybe you’re lucky and after some untangling, you have your new favorite 70s jewelry pieces.

Another way is to look in second-hand and vintage shops. It might be that you don’t find many pieces in thrift stores and that great 70s pieces are quite expensive in vintage jewelry stores. For that, Etsy, eBay, and Depop are great alternatives. You can find either pretty second-hand 70s pieces or you get retro 70s-inspired jewelry.

If you’re looking for new 70s-inspired jewelry, Central Soul Jewelry is one good store. The online shop offers pretty jewelry pieces that match your 70s hippie look perfectly. Another very cute store is Kiden Studios. The small business has unique jewelry pieces that have totally 70s vibes, especially earrings.

70s Jewelry Conclusion

Jewelry in the 70s was worn to be noticed. Big and chunky pieces were the normality.

Gold worked perfectly for the disco era, while silver pieces were optimal for the hippie look, as well as natural materials. For a 70s hippie outfit look you can never go wrong with long necklaces, beaded bracelets, and a classy brooch.

For a more elegant 70s look wear gold chains, partially with a big metallic pendant, gold hoops, a ring with a big gemstone, and a chunky gold bracelet chain with special details.

The 70s jewelry is classical due to their extravagant and big gold pieces, the long and chunky pieces while also including fun beaded necklaces and bracelets, scarfs, and big hoops.