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Find out everything about how to shop and wear the best affordable jewelry, including the best guidelines for finding YOUR jewelry.

How to wear it

Not sure what jewelry to wear to your new shirt? You’re struggling with your latest jewelry matches? Don’t worry, here is everything you need from finding your jewelry match to your perfect styling tips. 

Questions and advise

In this category, I’m going to talk about everything around jewelry. Since it is a part of our daily life, questions and struggles show up sometimes, and I’m here to guide you through this mess.

Product reviews

Now and then, I review some famous, so less famous jewelry brands. Come with me to check out the pieces’ quality, price, and style. Got brands in mind that I should test? Text me here. 


Jewelry Gift Guide

Jewelry is an amazing gift for many occasions. In these guides, you find all the information you need to find your exact perfect jewelry gift, as well as how to gift it. 

Occasion Jewelry

Several factors decide your jewelry choice. The occasion is one of them. In this category, we look at several events and see which jewelry pieces work well and which work poorly for them. 

Fashion Styles

From extravagant to simple fashion styles, the jewelry should be adjusted to that style. Here, you find many fashion guidelines where you learn what jewelry works best with what style. 



One wrong move and your beloved necklace broke apart. It has always been the end for the necklace - since now! Try these easy tricks and your necklace will look amazing again.

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Finding the right jewelry for prom is just as important as finding the right dress. Because the preparation can be quite exhausting, we have the perfect guideline for your jewelry.

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However we try to avoid it, knots always find their way to tangle our necklaces. But, with the tricks we show you here, you can easily untangle every sort of knot in your necklaces.

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Wearing a precious gold ring and making money with it at the same time? Many believe in a jewelry investment and we're getting to the bottom of it.

A necklace with a pendant works great with a V neckline. The necklace however should leave place between the shirt and fall directly in it. Wide and asymmetric necklaces don”t work well with a V neckline.

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Cold-toned metals like silver, white gold, or platinum can work well with a cooler skin tone. 

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You should check the store’s whole website, reviews, the range of jewelry and more. 

Check out the details for online jewelry shopping

Light silver jewelry create a harmony with deep blue tones. Because it’s a winter color, the silver tone can represent the shining winter weather and atmosphere.

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